What awaits us in 2022

Predicted by Dieter Kok

Divinatorum Dieter Kok
Contact: 076-190-9895

Taking a peep to see what 2022 has in store for us, I drew 3 tarot cards and 3 runes. This is what they say

The first third of 2022: Ace of Cups and Ehwaz – It’s time for transformation and moving forward, allowing for change and newcomers. The end of last year was a slap in the face with the appearance of Omicron and other related kakkies, but the current period, the first third of this year, now warns us and guides us towards opening up for the necessary changes we’ll all face individually.

The second third of 2022: Ten of Swords and Lagu (the Lake). The Lake is marked as holding the fluidity of change, (feminine) intuition, but paired with the ten we see loss and sorrow regardless of the choice made – a necessary sacrifice. This then clears the way for…

Last third of 2022: The Knight of Wands and Geofu, the gift. Looking at the Knight and his relation to abandonment, I see good times ahead where he is concerned. Geofu’s gift is an opportunity, partnership, teamwork. The only way to move forward is to work with or have the necessary support of, others.

2022 will start with change and transformation, leading to adjustment to the necessary changes as we adapt to a new way of life, ending on a sweet note of growing and expanding together towards 2023.

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