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I Learnt

Written by Olivia Britz

Do not allow anyone to steal that which you value. Do not allow anyone to cloud your thoughts about anyone or anything. Lean hard on your heart’s honesty and learn to discipline the mind for it is the mind and not the heart which causes us the hurt. The heart is the true centre being of love. Do what makes your heart happy. Spend time tending to your heart so that it may be your own happy space and place.

Seek comfort in the Lord, spend time with God and look out for the signs of the life that God wants for you. Do not chase after man and material things, instead find the glory that God has provided and seek refuge in that.

Give no power to man to control your happiness and your moods.

Stand firm like an oak and do not flutter in the breeze by an opinion of one who does not know the true content of your heart.

Become strong and exercise your own discernment. Be your true self, self-reflect and grow strong in the perfect soul that you are – loved exactly as you are.

Be okay with that, while growing to love yourself each day.

Me Time-Myth or Reality

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to all our wonderful readers. I have been quiet for a while but back into the swing of things. This week Im exploring quiet time which I don‘t get enough of. I`m sure many of us have such hectic lives that to sit and do nothing is one of the scariest activities – to me almost priceless

As everyone knows I`m a nurse at an old age home and take care of my paraplegic partner. The highlight of my day is when I leave the back door and see my beautiful garden. I then start my work for the day and I hope that I can eventually just sit in my garden and smell the beautiful fragrances of my garden.

I also help the gardener to clean the garden I don`t get time enough to appreciate all our hard work. I help fix my partners’ car, clean the pool, do the household chores and am his constant companion wherever he wants to go. We have a good relationship but in turn, we have our own interests regarding hobbies.

I emotionally support my partner and all my other patients at the home. All I need sometimes is a breather and time to recharge. Even a few moments of silence is a luxury – as I start to worry if my partner is alright. His left leg is off under the knee so it gets a bit difficult at times.

My situation tests my confidence regarding the care of my partner and keeping him healthy and getting his left leg healed. I lose track of myself and I need to retreat and decide what is good for me to stay clear-minded.

Living on a plot and having nature on my doorstep should keep me grounded if I take the time to embrace what Mother Nature has blessed me with but life has decided that touching ground is a bit out of reach for me now. My happy times and spaces are the times when it is quite early in the morning and I have a cup of coffee at the pool and just breathe. It happens too little, these moments of euphoria.

We then get the people that have the luxury of quiet time in overload but all they do is complain how bad their lives are and moan about things most people would pay to have. These leeches aka humans that are ungrateful -don`t know how lucky they are to have precious quiet time to do what they love without a doorbell ringing or a phone ringing. The universe gives them what she knows they need to explore yet they shrug it off and just complain. These people are narcissistic and selfish. How nice would it be if we all had the opportunity to have downtime and find ourselves?

On a parting note – love yourself, take a breather and appreciate Mother Nature for the beauty she bestows upon us to appreciate and take care of.

A Tulip, that’s Me…

Written by Ada den Hollander

Has she gone mad?’ You may think when you read this headline. Read on and you will see that it is not too bad and that you may also be a tulip or a daffodil or a violet for example.

I can get quite upset about a lot of different things. To name a few:

The injustice in the world

The growing gap between the haves and the have-nots

That people don’t have anything to eat, something that is no longer limited to the children in Africa

Corruption of government leaders, something that is no longer limited to Africa or South America

Destruction out of helplessness or out of anger

The idea that war offers a solution and is justifiable

Lies that are told and which we easily take for granted. If you repeat a big lie often enough, it will automatically become the truth. This phenomenon is called the “illusory” truth in cognitive psychology. Adolf Hitler introduced the term The Big Lie, but the term is also attributed to Joseph Goebbels

The extreme control bordering on tyranny. By politicians, by your boss, by religions or by any authority

Child abuse and the ever-expanding paedophile network

Domestic violence

and…. the fact that I don’t do anything substantial about it. I am not founding an organisation or joining a group that stands for something, I am not on the barricades. I admire people who do, who fight injustice with all their hearts in whatever form it takes. I sometimes feel guilty about that.

It should be clear that my ego plays a role here. Hadn’t you better, shouldn’t you, what are you doing anyhow, the ego whispers in my ear.

That’s their life path and not yours, my wise friend Loraine said to me recently. If you are a tulip, you are not a rose. Both are equally unique, equally beautiful, but different. Accept who and what you are, you are good enough. Don’t bend over backwards to be somebody you’re not. It is what it is. Everything happens as it should. Being agitated changes nothing and is bad for your health. Let it go. The world has always been in chaos. That makes absolute sense and of course, deep down I know it, but it’s good to hear it again.

Humanity has a lot to learn, which is why we are here on Earth. We have to wake up from the dream, the illusion, become aware, know that we are spiritual beings, that we are one collective consciousness, with different aspects.

It always comes down to love, love for another and to start with, especially love for yourself. If we realise that, everything will be fine.

Only love is real, as the American psychiatrist Brian Weiss so brilliantly tells us in his book. Something to remember over and over and to apply to your life, whoever you are.

Who are you?

Macro vs Micro – Global Dust Bunnies

written by Vanessa Anderson

While I was vacuuming dust bunnies, fur and lost hairs from the corners of my in my home – it suddenly struck me. I was contemplating a particular situation the details of which are both secular and complex, an inner turmoil with roots grounded in exclusion and isolation and something I have been researching bubbled to the surface. It is the concept of the micro and the macro. In the natural order of things there is an organisation of things, a sacred geometry that appears in the micro and mirrored in the macro. (There is a fantastic series called “What on Earth Happened” that offers some great examples of this in our world today – still on Youtube).

For example – and it is a very literal example for a reason. The hexagonal compound eye structure of bees (micro) mirrored in the honeycomb structures (macro) within their hives.

Does the how of how they see, impact the how of how they build?

Interesting thought – but I digress.

Micro and macro, the small and the big of it. Very often the world we live in mirrors the world within. Which brings me back on point.

The world (macro) we are living in now is a hive (see what I did there?) of activity that in recent years has been driven to almost a frenzy. Panic, fear, dissent, confusion, chaos…

Inside us all (micro) we find ourselves recently alone, distrustful and confused.

So in my contemplation around narcissism and abusive relationships, it occurred to me that what we are currently witnessing around the world at the moment is an absorption of the macro sphere (the global reactions and game plans that have been set in motion) into our micro sphere (our personal relationships and belief systems). In my experience, this is where I fear many people are currently, unknowingly, victims of narcissistic relationships both in personal relationships, friendships etc and likewise with their organisations and yes, even their governments.

So what exactly led me to this conclusion, well here are some typical manipulation tactics that can affect our belief systems. I am leading you on a though trail directed at our current situation, simply because I believe many may not even be aware of the parallels. It remains yours to dissect.

• In an attempt to persuade you to a particular position, the manipulator will bring in a mutually supportive participant. This person agrees with me, therefore I must be right. (Triangulation)

Examples: Trust the Science (Science is universally accepted, – no argument there – if I speak for Science you cannot question me, to question me is to question Science)

• Also known as the Mandela effect, we tend to remember things in a slightly different way. This leads us to doubt what actually happened and therefore accept a different truth.

Example: They never said that it would stop transmission or prevent serious illness…….

Yes, yes in fact they did. There are countless documented interviews and even marketing information stating these very promises. (Gaslighting)

• As the world sat in terror, awaiting an apocalyptic wave of disease, we got offered a life raft, a solution. A solution that proved inadequate and when its failure was apparent and it started to lose its following as fast as it was losing its efficacy, we were introduced to;

For example: Boosters. Come back, let us try again, we promise it will be different this time. (Hoovering)

• In a world of disconnect, where wars are rife and hatred feeds like an impoverished famine, the world awakens and scores of people rise to reclaim their sovereignty. United for humanity, there is a humble surge of love, a fever broken that should render us all in awe.

Yet is it met with silence. A calculated, methodical and deafening silence that is meant to perpetuate your feelings of isolation. (The silent treatment)

• Don’t look up, I am your friend not your enemy, look around you to the others, the ones who don’t comply, the ones who question. They are dangerous, they spread dis ease for the common goal. (Scapegoating)

• Hesitancy, a slow uptake, riddled with scepticism for a golden solution. Your reluctance to embrace the Science will result in the failure of our efforts. (Passive aggression)

Do any of these things feel familiar to you?

Like a dull aching sensation you have grown accustomed to, a security blanket you cannot shake and yet you are starting to feel confronted with at every turn.

Make no mistake the impact of the macro on our micro and vice versa.

In our designed isolation grew the seeds that have driven dissent into our conversations. Let us break that silence.

The best of us, the empathic, trusting, honest people became ardent supporters of the macro, reinforcing its message, watering the seeds, nurturing the dissent and internalised the war – unknowing victims.

Let us break that silence. What are we afraid of, if we have been wrong I pray it is not too late to take a different path.

I never anticipated the weighty task of housekeeping. A dust bunny in a corner of my mind drawn into the tubular vacuum. Discard it as you will or offer it a place to mull in a dark void for a while until it makes sense to you.

God Resides in Everyone

Poem by Neshni Naidoo

Where are the days of brotherhood
In God above the fatherhood
When we look around, we can see
War and disunity

The solution it is clear to see
Lies within you and me
If we open our hearts and free our minds
Of impurities that make us blind

Blind to the truth that we are one
That God resides in everyone
Now is the time to raise our hands
Reach out for the Promised Land

A land of peace and harmony
Of hope and tranquillity
With love in our heart and peace in our mind
Goodness all around we will find

And soon we will see a new age dawn
With God’s name on every tongue
Spreading the truth that we are one
That God resides in everyone

Is the Time Right Yet?

Written by Elsabe Smit

I am sure everyone who is reading this article cannot wait for the new dawn to arrive.

Of course, we all are ready – aren’t we? We are looking forward to a world of peace and harmony where there is food and shelter for everyone, and where there are no wars.

Nobody will argue that it is time for humanity to enter this beautiful new world, and the sooner the better.

I will argue that – based on numerous psychic readings where my clients have done everything they needed to do to prepare for a beautiful relationship/new job/peace in the family and many other things. I have stopped counting the number of times where I told them that it is not about time, but about timing.

Let me explain what that means, with an extract from my book Following a Spiritual Path: Recovering from Religion Vol 1.

“So, what is time? Is it a frozen moment on the clock?

Is it something between the start and end of an experience, which will make time linear?

Compare a minute of meditation to a minute of someone yelling at you – which minute is the longest?

Such an experience will create the impression of linear time, but that is because you add the person’s experience to the definition.

Or is time circular, like the seasons, or a clock? This would imply that time is circular and therefore unending. However, there is an end to one season which is the beginning of the next season (even if you cannot pinpoint the exact moment where one season turns into the next).

Or maybe time is the measurement between the start and the end of change. If this is the case, then if we cannot see any change, there is no time. But what if one person can see change, and another says there was no change? And when do things ever completely stop changing? Does that sound right?

It makes more and more sense to say that time is NOT separate from space. The time-space continuum consists of length, width, height, and time. If you look at your life, then some experiences stand out more in your memory than other times – which makes this continuum credible.

There is a beautiful Arab proverb from the 12th century: Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids.

Let me explain this proverb. Time – especially linear time – is a construct that makes this life and this world easier for us to understand. It gives us a frame of reference and helps us to understand cause and effect.

However, life is not about getting the past, present, and future into neat little rows. Life is about having experiences and about gaining wisdom. Time is one tool that helps us create experiences.

We spend too much time pondering on the past. We experience guilt, regret, and other emotions about things we cannot change. We are concerned about the future which has not happened yet, and which always turns out to be quite manageable once we get to the future we feared. We spend too much time panicking about what is still coming when the future is a combination of destiny (which you cannot do anything about) and creation (you consciously create with your thoughts and are in charge of those thoughts all the time). All this focus on the past and future prevents us from enjoying the moment.

The pyramids that are referred to in the proverb represent what is far bigger, deeper, and more powerful than anything on earth, including time. The pyramids represent extraordinarily strong energy and reminders of the presence of another civilisation. The origin of the pyramids is a mystery that we will probably not resolve in this life. The proverb reminds us that we need to spend more time respecting what is represented by the pyramids, and less time panicking about time and the future.

The pyramids are older than human memory. They represent a history that is part of who we are today. They contain miracles – how were they built and why? The pyramids represent magic and remind us that we are specks in the history of this planet.”

If we cannot even have a single definition of time, we fool ourselves into waiting for the perfect time for things to happen. This is why I prefer not to give timelines in my psychic readings. It is not about time.

Then what is all this about? When will things really start to happen for us?

It is all about timing – when everyone is ready for what needs to happen.

Are you sure that all your family and friends are ready for our beautiful new world? I am fairly sure the answer is “no – and there is nothing I can do about it”.

Yes, there is something you can do about it.

Live your life every day as if you are already in this beautiful new world of peace and abundance. If you have emotional issues to deal with, now is a good time. If you are one of those people baying for the blood of the culprits that got us into this mess, you are not ready, and the timing is not right. You still need to learn that it is not for us to judge, but for us to go inside every day and deal with our own issues.

If you are waiting for the promised abundance to come your way while you still have a poverty mindset, then the timing is not right. You need to get to think abundance every moment of your day – and that does not mean maxing out your credit card hoping that it will be wiped clean by miracle. Abundance is not only about money. Abundance is about appreciating and being grateful for every single person and item in our lives. Are you there yet?

Some people will spend another lifetime working towards the perfect timing for our beautiful new world. However, many people who have become aware of the evil in this world, have also discovered a massive resource of empathy and righteousness inside of themselves. Are you also aware of how “awake” people help their neighbours more than ever before? Are you one of them? Or are you still waiting for a saviour to come and help you, or for politicians to do what we expect them to do? Which time will be the longest – waiting for that pothole to be filled, or galvanizing your neighbours to fill not only that pothole but every other pothole insight?

And all this is only on an individual level.

Now imagine getting groups of people to be ready for our beautiful new world. Will religious or political groups simply agree to put the division aside? Will the medical or legal or educational fraternity accept overnight that just about everything they believe in is built on clay and crumbling more and more every day?

No matter how ready you are, we live in a world where most people need to be ready for the change – that is timing rather than time.

Once we have reached that majority, it is not simply a matter of having had a change of heart. We also need a change of mind – which includes taking responsibility for everything in our new world, rather than only for my little patch, so that I can blame you for not looking after your patch.

We are moving into a new world with more individual responsibility than we have ever had before. Now, are you ready? It is all about timing, not about time.

The Toy Truck

Children story was written by Grazia Martienssen

Hello children, Big Bear here, gather round as I tell you about the Toy Truck

Chrissy’s toy:

Chrissy is Ben’s neighbour and friend. Every day they play together, and his favourite toy is a big dump truck. It’s big enough for him to sit inside, ride, and load all his toys in the back. He loads his toys in it and journeys off to unload them outside. His dad used some cement slabs to build him a little road around the garden, and it is so much fun! It has a circle, a stop street and a robot with colourful lights that really work!

Do you have any friends next door? What’s your favourite toy?


Ben and his friends love going over to Chrissy’s to play, and they take their toy vehicles along with them. To make the trip easier, they also load the toys they want to take onto toy wagons and trucks. Those who don’t have a wagon or truck just pull them along in a box. Sometimes their cousins come over and sit at the back of the truck and go for a ride, other times they take the puppy or other toys for a joyride. Even I go with at times, and I love it! When they feel competitive, sometimes they also have races on the track. They play other games on the track as well, but I can’t remember what they are.

Chrissy is Ben’s neighbour and friend. Every day they play together, and his favourite toy is a big dump truck. It’s big enough for him to sit inside, ride, and load all his toys ........

Maybe you know?

When Chrissy and his friends finish playing, they load all the toys back on the toy truck, and his friends load theirs on whatever they brought with them and go pack them back in the toy box. One of his parents or older siblings then walks the other children back home.

Do you go play at a friend’s house at times?

Do your friends come to play at your house?

What games do you and your friends play?

He also helps his dad in the garden with his truck. Loading all the refuse, plants, or sand, and takes it where his dad tells him to take it. Sometimes he even helps mom in the house, especially on rainy days when he must play indoors. He loads things at the back of his truck and goes to pack them away in their place, or goes around driving, while he dusts and polishes the furniture. Other times he helps his older sister or brother by delivering things for them in his truck.

Do you help your family? How can you make it fun to help at home?


Chrissy and his friends have also started school, so they have homework to do sometimes. They usually don’t get to play until after they have done their homework.

Do you go to school?

When you are at school, do you do your homework?


Written by Vanessa Anderson

I am overdue on a few articles – this seems to be how I roll on any number of things these days. On this one, in particular, though I have a valid reason (so they all say!).

I wanted it to be light and positive and truth be told, I just wasn’t feeling any of those things. This probably echoes true for many people these days. If it resonates with you, then I want to reassure you and encourage you to honour your feelings, they have a message or a lesson to share. Sometimes the journey they take us on is painful and hard to bear, remember to breathe.

When the world outside our consciousness feels too heavy to bear, from pain or anxiety and even through anger, we tend to hold our breath as if awaiting on external forces to reset the situation. In that moment, without conscious thought we are actually holding on, holding in, and holding fast to the very thing that is holding us back.

Our connection has been brutally severed over time, sped up through recent events and I am convinced that the heavy feeling we are experiencing has its root cause wrapped tightly around the disconnect, isolation and dissent that has been allowed to flourish lately.

In a time before…I won’t set the date but let’s put it at the time before humanity cultivated crops and settled cattle. A great civilization is under construction. There are many hands and innovation is in its infancy. It falls on the backs of many to lift, carry and with great care place the cornerstones of humanity’s future. Under that care, a hand slips and the bedrock breaks, a crumbling remnant falls on the shoulders of one person and they struggle to keep their balance and hold the line. They become separated, disconnected and for a fleeting moment they feel alone – the weight of eternity on their shoulders. Under that weight they cannot see the impact of the disaster on the others, they are unaware that others too have faltered, broken apart still cradling their burdens – weighted further by their sense of responsibility to the whole.

This is where we are now at – seemingly alone – still trying to cradle the greater share of the burden because of our responsibility to the whole. This is why the world seems heavy, too much to bear and why the light feels so dim.

I believe… in helping hands.

If you are a fan of fantasy, then perhaps you know of the movie The Labyrinth. If so, you know all about helping hands – they are found in some of the least likely of places – all you have to do is ask and believe.

I implore you to believe.

Underneath the masks and the fear is isolation and disconnection.

We are a whole in disconnect, particles of light slowly dimming in the swirling outer whorls of a momentum not of our creation. We still feel the responsibility to carry the burden of the whole, feeling isolated. But and it’s a big BUT – there are others, there always have been, we have independently grown resilient and stronger.

It is no wonder, no fault and no mistake that we are who we are and where we are right now. We must simply decide and move forward with clarity and confidence.

I believe, like neurons rewiring and reconnecting, we are reaching out, finding help in unlikely places. We are made of light, we sparkle and shine, we glow when we are loved, connected and in balance, our foothold may have been shaken but in unity we find a sure grasp.

It is time to grow our humanity.