My Saturday Without 🍸 Alcohol

Written by Olivia Britz

I don’t remember a Saturday certainly that I did not have alcohol. For the most… I may have a glass too much even if I don’t get drunk but this Saturday I was on a journey to stop this habit of drinking and to take back my life without turning to alcohol to fill my time.

What came out of the day for me…for one there was so much peace and awareness of each moment of the day starting out with an hour yoga class. It seems there are more hours in a day without alcohol. Plans were certain and clear. I went to the shops and got things for the house. I went for lunch and had lemonade it was actually way more delicious than a glass of wine which I’d have usually had instead.

There was no way my temper could flare up and no way my mood could change and I felt more content and relaxed than I imagined I would. So I continued this for the day. At the Bottle Store, I got orange juice and soda water and non-alcoholic savanna.

I don't remember a Saturday certainly that I did not have alcohol. For the most… I may have a glass too much even if I don't get drunk but ..................

At home, I sat in my room and read my novel. Temperament was calm…not having alcohol wasn’t so bad. I had good conversations and I felt so good about myself and even in moments of sadness, I was able to simply take each moment for what it is and not be morbid in my headspace filled with evil thoughts and insecurities about untruths.

I thought about a lot of things. It was so much easier to be present and kind and compassionate. Was alcohol actually for the most an irritant to me despite what I think?

6 responses to “My Saturday Without 🍸 Alcohol

  1. I gave up alcohol back in 2006. It just happened! I went from being an alcoholic to not wanting to touch it! Sure, I still get cravings and then curb it with one non-alcoholic beer, but I am in a way better space than I could ever imagine.

  2. I am… Lost count of how many Saturdays, Sundays through Fridays and never been happier. We sacrifice too much to the ‘Al khul’. It destroys some, damages others and creates dis-harmony within. Keep going, it’s worth it.

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