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Rough vs. Tumbled Crystals: What’s the Difference?

Written by Nina Ganci

Rough Crystals vs. Tumble Stones? Which one is better? Do they have different healing powers? – My shortest answer is, no, not really, but let’s dive in a little deeper.

The rough or raw crystal comes directly from the earth oozing in energy. Goes through a cleaning process and has rough edges or points.

Polished or tumbled crystals go one step further after the cleaning process is often hand-polished or tumbled or cut and polished. A longer process.

So does this affect the energy of the crystal? Is there a difference in their energy?

Before we decide, we will look at the different shapes of polished crystals

An egg for birthing ideas and projects, a sphere/ball for balance and peace, a pyramid for manifesting desires, a point for focus and direction, a geode/drusy/cluster to enhance energy room, a worry stone for relaxation and anxiety, a heart for meditating and love. The list goes on.

The question to ask is, what do you want to use the crystal for? Use it for healing? Decorate your home? Carry it with you? Energize your desk? Wear it?

We will look at the amethyst for boosting your intuition. If you feel you have a block around receiving messages from your intuition, then maybe you would want to work with a rough amethyst crystal for a big energetic push. Whereas if you were feeling apprehensive or nervous about what your intuition might tell you, then a tumbled amethyst is more suitable. If you want to enhance your already developed intuition further, then maybe a shaped amethyst is more appropriate. You might be attracted to a pyramid or sphere or wand.

Tumbled stones or polished stones have a really subtle, gentle energy that radiates outward in all directions. Sometimes this is just what’s needed. Tumbled stones are great to work with for those who are sensitive to energy and intense emotions.

So what’s the difference between both rough and polished?

All crystals possess energy and one mineral is not going to suddenly go dormant or stop working because it was altered by man.

For example, if you have a piece of carnelian, it does not matter whether the stone is rough, tumbled, shaped, cut or polished. Each stone type possesses the same energy, i.e., carnelian energy is carnelian energy. However, many feel rough stones have more pure, authentic energy than stones that have been cut and polished or tumbled.

It really just depends on your sensitivity to the subtle energies of minerals and your personal preference for texture when working with them. You can use either type of stone for the same purposes. Use that intuition you are meant to use especially when it comes to crystals.

Some days I wish I had an amethyst bath in my garden, but that small crystal I always carry in my bra can hold just as much power. The true power found in crystals comes from yourself, and how you decide to use them.

Rough vs. Tumbled Crystals: What’s the Difference?

Whether you choose a rough or tumbled crystal, it’s going to bring you the protective energy that divinely calls to you. So let the crystals do their thing!

Spirit Has an Answer

Written by Elsabe Smit

Recently an old friend died – not that he was so old. He went before retirement age, and we have not had contact for over four decades. But he was a friend. Until religion interfered.

His passing scratched open wounds from my teenage years that I thought I had made peace with.

This man was a lovely, intelligent boy with a good nature and a kind heart. He was also from a different religion – and a different language and culture. He was keen on me, and the feeling was mutual. We were teenagers, exploring relationships and being adults.

When I realised that this was more than a passing interest, I was happy and concerned – so concerned that I went to see the minister. I had many questions about the ethical and moral rights and wrongs of having a relationship with someone from a different religious group. I am not talking about anything extreme. He was a Methodist, and I was in the Dutch Reformed Church, which made us both Protestants. The point was that he was not a member of the Dutch Reformed Church.

Today this sounds like a laughable exaggeration, but at the time my world was wobbly because of the magnitude of the decision I had to make about the relationship. The easy way out was to stop seeing him, which is what I did. I knew I had hurt him, and I was hurt, but the blinkers were solidly in place.

Now, four decades later, I know how incredibly childish and immature that decision was, and how different my life would have been if I bit the bullet and broke away from that restrictive cult. In my defence, I was a teenager who grew up in a God-fearing home and I only discovered in years that God is in fact a God of love.

During that same period, when I was already a young adult, my best friend got married. I did not attend her wedding. Why on earth not? Because she was a member of the Apostolic Faith Mission – where people actually enjoy going to church, and they show it with music and singing and praising God. My fear and indoctrination were such that I could not even see my way open to attend her wedding. That was cruel, but at the time it was the only option that I could see.

The friendship remained strong, and she actually attended my wedding.

That memory represented another big loss to me, and to this day I can remember being at home on that day, wishing with all my heart that I could share my friend’s big day and her joy, but at the same time knowing that the ostracism following the decision to attend would have been unbearable.

Little did I know that about a decade later, I would experience that same ostracism at full blast anyway when I got divorced.

Over the years I had more experiences that confirmed for me how vicious religious people can be. I worked in Ireland, a country still in the grip of a smothering Catholic Church, and saw the worst side of religious judgment – where a mass grave of babies and orphans was discovered at a convent, and where children, in general, were not safe from any men or the cloth. I lived in England, where it is totally acceptable to remain married and have several relationships after leaving the marital home, because of the social and religious judgment of the Church of England if you actually go through with a divorce. I am not sitting in moral judgment. Spirituality has taught me the importance of finishing unfinished business, and the church does not allow that.

Does this mean everything about religious is bad? On the contrary. If you read the holy scriptures of many religious, you will find the gems and the beauty in each one of them. And of course, there are many good people for whom religion and their religious practices form a resting place for their feet.

For me spirituality is my home and my comfort. There is nothing that cannot be resolved by Spirit, and there is no greater solace than what I get form communing with Spirit.

I was a qualified psychologist for many years and gave up that title because I encountered situations where no amount of psychological training could help me.

As a psychologist and a Christian, I was never taught in which box to put the person who came to me, desperate for help halfway during a sex change and feeling suicidal. Spirit had an answer.

As a psychologist and a Christian, I was never taught what is the best way to council a prisoner who called me from death row in the US two days before his execution, for a psychic reading. Spirit had an answer.

I have since been through experiences in my own life that got me close to breaking point, and I was able to learn and see patterns and get explanations that do not appear in any religious scripture or academic textbook. I now help people who go through similar experiences.

Spirit had an answer.

Suffering for Others

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to our wonderful fan base. Have you been blessed this week? There will always be trying times no matter what we do or say. My article this week is inspired by my experiences with friends that have had challenges in their relationships and they confided in me in the hope that I could save their situation.

Unfortunately, I am not a fairy that can wave my wand and their lives are saved. I myself face challenges but from my personal problems, I find helping people in need to help me see how blessed I am.

Two of my female friends are facing abuse from their partners and children. Let us start at case number one, I would rather not mention names.

She is a mother of five. Her children are grown but the one daughter is mixing with the wrong crowd and has been abusing drugs for years. The daughter brings suspect people home to her mom’s house. She has a daughter of ten and expects my friend to take care of the child. The little girl has seen her own mother drugged up and stabbed by the drug addicts she brings home and no matter what my friend says her daughter will not listen.

My friend is abused physically and mentally by her daughter and my friend’s husband agrees with his daughter, which is so wrong. The daughter does not work and has never supported her little girl financially since birth. My friend is a wreck and the only thing she feels she can do is to sit in her room and cry all day in the hope tomorrow will be better. It is an absolute tragedy.

Case number two is of a woman I have met recently. I do not really know her life but the few conversations we have had has let me realise that she is struggling financially and she is trying her best to get some employment but with her personal challenges she cannot leave her six-year-old daughter by a sitter as she does not have the finances for after school care. She sent me a message and asked do I know where she can stay as her husband told her to leave.

They are sharing a bed with the six-year-old as they cannot afford to buy her a bed of her own and the husband is verbally abusive according to what I heard on the recordings she sent me.

My question to her was – how can he talk to her that way with the child in the bed. He was talking of very personal intimate issues and he sounded intoxicated. Today I asked her how she is doing and she said they had discussed the issues and it is sorted. Obviously, she had to succumb to him as she and her daughter have nowhere to go.

This is a common scenario in today’s households whether it be a man or woman that is being abused. I myself was abused for years but I found a way out which was also not the best but I am grateful for where I am now.

I wish I can help all these people find a way out but all I can do is listen and give as much advice as I can and also give them avenues they can explore. It’s their choice if they stay or try to get help from professionals. There is help out there they just have to keep asking till the right person listens.

Be blessed and take care of your loved ones.

The Squirrel that Went for Lunch

Written by Olivia Britz

Once upon a time, there was a squirrel called Olive who loved adventure and roaming and finding new places. One fine summer afternoon, Olive decided to go for lunch along the river and she scurried through the lush Winelands, through the big trees, and along the pebbled pathway to the restaurant along the river.

The forest was cool and fine and she laughed as she dashed from tree to tree, up and down feeling vibrant.

Olive had dressed up for this special occasion in her best wear and she felt frivolous and excited. As she approached the restaurant she could hear the rippling sounds of the flowing water.

When she arrived, she was welcomed and seated along the river, what a sight to behold her joyous spirit. Clean flowing water…shade beneath the trees…rocks in the water for her to jump along. Just enough sunshine peeping through the trees accompanied by a soft breeze.

She laughed to her heart’s delight as she gazed upon the wonders of nature.
What a gem of a find was this day out for lunch.

City Lunch with Squirrel
Squirrel woke up one fine Saturday morning with a thrilled heart and excitement pumping through her veins as she had a planned luncheon in town with some of her very favourite family members.

She had had a restful night after a busy day and was very excited about her excursion into the City.

After waking up she treated herself to some milk and chocolate biscuits. The morning was already warm and welcoming as she opened up her perfect little treetop house and let in the fresh air and sunshine.

She bustled about getting ready for her journey. It would be quite busy on the roads, it being a Saturday morning and all. This would not be a carefree forest excursion, she would need her wits about her and to exercise great caution on this trip.

She dressed smartly in comfortable but smart attire. What a day ahead was planned, entertaining with the family and eating good food and special bread pudding dessert that she was taking along in her picnic basket.

The ride into the City was hustle and hassle-free and she reached there in good time.
The Squirrel family and friends were delighted to see each other and shared their many stories of the week. One squirrel had some newly acquired paintings which she enthusiastically showed to the others in her cosy bedroom.

They spent a joyous relaxing afternoon eating delicious food and playing games galore.

All too soon it was time for Squirrel to take her ride back home, curl up on her bed with a good book and an afternoon nap.


Written by Karin Kelly

Too Tired
Too Hard
Too Busy
Too Stressed

It’s time to quit making excuses.
There’s no room for excuses like “If it weren’t for him,” or “If it weren’t for them,” or “If it weren’t for that circumstance, or my background, or my limitations.
All that is real, yes … I do not dispute that!

So why do people make excuses generally?

  • Fear

Perhaps you make excuses about going after your dreams because you’re afraid of failure. You may make excuses about your weight or your health because of self-doubt and lack of confidence. It is challenging to stop making excuses and face your fears – but it can be done.


*Lack of purpose

Focus on finding your passion and living a life of meaning, and you’ll naturally stop making excuses.


Excuses are normal from time to time—we’re all human after all. But if it’s starting to interfere with your life and prevent you from reaching your goals, it’s time to learn to put your foot down on the brake.


The first step to stop making excuses is always to realize that you alone control your destiny.


Everything that has happened in your life brought you to this moment – and you can either transform your life or keep making excuses.


If you believe deep down that you’re not deserving of success or that you don’t have the inner strength to overcome failure, you’ll continue making excuses to avoid going after what you really want.


Once you’ve identified your limiting beliefs, you can change your story and stop making excuses for good. Do this by identifying negative self-talk and replacing any limiting beliefs with empowering ones. When you change your words—and your story—you change your life.


Contemplate and look closer at situations or something that did not work out. Don’t blame others! Also do not disect it that you remain there however learn the valuable lessons
Question—What is my lesson?
Answer—Not to give my power away.

Successful people always look for the lesson and apply it to future decisions.


The key to stop making excuses is to hold yourself accountable for your actions—however, this isn’t always easy. Get support from a trusted friend or your significant other. Better yet, find a mentor, join a Mindmastery course or connect with a coach. They’ll have the experience and training needed to keep you accountable and productive.

From your Transformation Coach
Karin Kelly

Be Safe … Be You

Are We a Science Experiment?

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to everyone. I hope in this winter weather that our stories keep you warm and toasty. Today Im writing about a controversial subject – ALIENS.

I have been reading many different articles about the ancient world recently and the link between them and alien life. The technology in the ancient buildings and its people is very interesting.

They found a metal component called mica in some tools that were made in Peru in the ancient settlements which we are using in our electronics today. It seems that the ancient world had so much knowledge and technology which if we were to replicate the buildings and tools it would take some effort.

The burning question always seems to be who or what built them? Building the pyramids is already a challenge. Recently they have discovered that the Giza pyramid is eight-sided which can only be seen from the air.

We all have this religious idea about creation but what if the aliens were here before us and built these ancient monuments, got bored with the old technology and moved on.

Here comes an even weirder thought.

What if they found us on a less advanced planet and put us here as their science experiment to see how we decipher all the old relics and structures?

Maybe they have a sense of humour.

In every religion there is a story of how their Gods came about but what if the aliens programmed our minds to believe that what we are living is reality but in actual fact it could be a program in our mind.

There are so many theories and stories regarding life on earth and its origins.

Do we really know our story of evolution?

Even myself I have my religious beliefs but we are living in such a fascinating time of exploration that I like to broaden my mind in regards to where we come from and who our ancestors are. Just by a woman being able to birth a child is a miracle on its own. How amazing that two bodies can create a little miracle.

There is so much going on in religion and science that we get to a point where we ask,“ What is reality or the truth?”

I understand that some people will disagree with me on this subject but just think of all the possibilities there are if we just broaden our spectrum of thought.

Our mind is an amazing and imaginative tool and we should use it to our capacity. No human is the same but sometimes we have the same thought or opinions. Surely there must be life on other planets as our own planet is filled with abundant life.

I have been following a program called – Through the wormhole. Fascinating rendition of anything and everything. Morgan Freeman is a man of God yet he expands his mind in this program and says there are other theories if we just give it a chance.

So next time you look up at the sky and you see a brilliant shining star you must wonder is that your home planet. On that note of weirdness let me be off.

Be blessed with abundance and peace.

Gina’s Italy

Children’s story was written by Grazia Martienssen

Good day children, Flyer the seagull here, let me tell you about:

Ginas Italy:

Gina lives in Messina, on the Italian island of Sicily. Today she’s very excited because it’s the 2nd of June, and there’s no school today because it’s Italy’s national day (La Festa della Repubblica). Her teacher recently taught the class all about its meaning through poetry. She learned that Italy used to be a monarchy, which means they had a king and a queen and became a republic in 1946. That was also the year that her bis nonna (great granny) was born! This was also a very important year for women because they voted for the first time that year.

Did you know Italy is shaped like a boot?
Do you know that Sicily is at the bottom of Italy?
Do you know what an island is?

The Festivities:

Gina’s dad’s office is also closed today. Her zia (aunt) works half day and joins them later with her cousin Vito. Zia and mamma prepare food using the colours of the Italian flag.

Do you know which colours are in the Italian flag?
(Green, white and red).

Gina’s learning to make food from these colours and helps with making the Caprese salad, which is made from fresh tomatoes, fresh basil and yes, you guessed it, fresh mozzarella cheese.
Dad gets the Italian flags and musical instruments ready because they going to play at the street parades. He always makes sure they are super clean and polished. Gina and Vito dress up in the national Italian costumes that bis nonna and nonna made for them. The adults teach them short poems, telling the story of Italy. It’s really fun reciting poems with the family. Gina and Vito also fly little flags as they recite the poems

Do you know any special poems?
Later at the carnival, the children all have little flags, and join in the festivities singing Italian national songs. They join their older cousins in playing music and dancing. Gina’s uncle flies one of the nine planes that let out smoke in the Italian colours. They enjoy the street parades and take part in all the concerts. Everyone claps at their performance. Then they all go to a piazza (public square) from where they watch the president of the republic place a ceremonial wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier in Rome, at the Altare della patria (The altar of the fatherland). After that a military parade goes out. It really is spectacular. The colosseum is decorated with the Italian flag and lights up in the colours of the flag at night. The grandest festivities are held in Rome.

Have you ever been to Rome?
Gina’s best friend Rosa recently moved to Rome, and Gina wishes next year they can go there to take part in the festivities, because they are very grand in comparison to Messina. Later they all go to the beach for a picnic. The children run around saying the different poems such as;

White alps, green hills, red for bravery
1946 was the year Italy had victory
Woman voted no one stopped them
Italy was free.

They had been taught this and other poems to learn about Italy’s history.
Did you know that Rome is the capital of Italy?
Do you know anyone who lives in Italy?

The meaning of the colours:

Granny and great granny teach the children poems about the colours of the flag having religious meaning. Green stands for hope, white for faith and red for charity, but their older cousins tell them that is outdated. Green stands for the hills and plains, white for the snowy Alps and other mountain regions, and red for the wars of independence.

Do you know the colours of your country’s flag?
Do you know what they represent?

When the World Tries to Break Someone You Love

Written by Vanessa Anderson

I promised someone a while ago that I would pen this article. It’s telling delayed because I truly did not know where to start. For I, could not possibly give you, the reader – an accurate account of the experience being that I was not an active participant in the story.

Then it occurred to me that reason and accuracy have no part in its telling. For reason you see is neither fair nor factual – not in this account, and accuracy, well, being accurate is neither here nor there when it comes to watching someone you love suffer.

And you, you may be a combatant observer of suffering in your own world, unsure of when, where or how to shine your light so that those who suffer can find a way back to themselves. It may well be that this is for you, as much as for me, is a tale worth knowing.

When you can neither see, touch nor hear the cause of someone’s distress – but rather you sense it like an oozing web that threatens to engulf, cover, hold them down and smother them. You see it hiding in the shadows, fearful of the light, you sense it is sneaky and deceitful, it changes moods and appetites, it changes personality and sleep is a constant arms-length away. Yet you cant name it, you cant calm it and it feels so unfair, so unjust and misplaced.

When a diagnosis is a prying, meddling, scab-picking torment, like a gnawing woodworm carving holes into their being and after all of that it offers little relief or lasting solution. When all you want to do is rage against it, cast it back and banish it from their world and all you can do is wish for them a quiet calm so they can come back to themselves, even for a moment.

Around 7 months ago, you turned 21 years old – I was there the day you were born and named as the ‘first born son’ derived from the Siouan (Sioux) language, Chaska – brave and strong. Names are words, words spelled – spelling is a casting of spells – the name is certainly fitting.

You have shown us a world we may never have known had you not been born brave enough to bare the seizures that take you from us at times.

The malfeasance of time and practice aside, you question ‘why you’?

No answer came, it likely never will.

You turned 21 years old last October and for the longest of days and the endless nights to follow – you got lost in darkness, cloaked in chaos and anger, locked behind a shroud most could not see past, let alone unveil in the hope to set you free.

You became opaque and we became obtuse. We could only flutter around like moths to a flame, trying to catch the light as it tried to escape from within you, like flour through a sieve, inane, useless.

You ask, ‘why you’ – I can’t fathom a reason or rhyme, I couldn’t come close.

Yet through it all, what resonates sounds something like ‘Thank God’ – whatever that means for you. You are because we are – your family, by soul or by blood.

You are recognised, you are loved, you are a light the dark tried to blow out – it didn’t know how many WE were, that fluttered and floundered around your flame, catching your light and sending it back to you. It didn’t know that we, in soul and blood – would hold the space for your family to work their magic around you.

It didn’t know how strong your Mother was or how fiercely she would fight.

It didn’t know the army of light she had seeded or the determination of their intent. You are because we are – here for you.

The world tried to break you, now show it what you have become.

The world tried to break you, now we know what we are capable of.

We are all here because others were here for us. Others before us, others after us, others because of us.

Always a Back Door

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to all our loyal readers. Today I’m writing about abused women and women that are insecure in relationships. There is always a way out. I myself was in a relationship like that when I was married but I found a way out.

Abused women always have to find a way out, like leaving a key at the door or always having a key nearby where it’s easy to escape in the event of an argument or she has been beaten.

Their lives are always in standby mode which is awful. They are always afraid of what the abuser is going to do next. She always has to defend herself, so being a mother will be very difficult as she has to protect them all.

I was pushed to the point where I sent my children away to my mother to protect the children from the violence.

The media motivates abused women to find a secure place or person who will be available when its time to escape. The abuser is unpredictable.

The abused woman never sees the good in any other man as she was never exposed to a good man but she will also not know what a good man is when she meets him as she always expects the worst. She is attracted to that kind of man because she is fooled by his Jeckyl and Hyde personalities.

Ladies are sometimes in relationships and expect the worst resulting that manifesting a bad situation and she loses a good man in the process.

Today’s women are successfully driven and find themselves not finding a good enough man that meets their criteria but she is missing the signs along the way. The good man is under her nose but her standards blind her judgement.

I’m not saying it’s only the ladies that are biased, men are also. If she doesn’t look like a model some men will not want her.

Men can also want a back door if they have an abusive wife or partner or even an abusive family member. It’s not always women that have an abusive situation.

What does the man do in the event of a situation? He might be the breadwinner of the house and not be able to just go out of the house, due to his sense of responsibility so he stays in that abusive situation.

We all have had or might be experiencing this situation but we must realise there is a way out and there is someone that cares.

We tend to stay in these situations in fear of what is waiting. Our minds are clouded with so much negativity that we don’t want to think there is sunshine after the rain.

On a parting note be grateful if you are an amazing partner. There are people out there in worse situations.

Be blessed and be loved.

A Purposeful Life Made Worth Living

Written by Chris De Flamingh

Since I can remember I was convinced that I had been born with a specific purpose in mind which God had planned for me to follow through and that was to help people in general, namely my parents, friends and even strangers to make a difference in peoples lives as I could not stand by and see people suffer.

To have made a difference in people’s lives has always been very rewarding for me as it gave me a sense of living for being needed and wanted in terms of reality and what goes on in this crazy world we live in and the number of people who don’t have it “easy” in life due to financial difficulties, health, disabilities, etc.

For example, the pandemic (COVID-19) has made everything worse since January 2020 when this virus started spreading all over the world, it has affected so many people’s lives, many losing their businesses, jobs, their homes and some even their loved ones to this pandemic.

The main thing is that we should not ask “Why God Why?” we have to trust in God at all times and not question why when and what? God is in control! Yes, it’s easy for me to say but that is just how it works because we are still around and should be grateful that we are still alive and so God’s Grace, Mercy & Love is always there to shine upon us. Just trust in Him and He will see to the rest.

I was present with my dad’s last visit /moments on earth except for before he passed away that night in hospital after a long and suffering sick bed in and out of hospital which was very emotionally and physically draining on the family. This was probably the most devastating event in my life. I always saw my dad as my rock to lean on for motivation, support, etc. For as long as he was around, life could never become difficult for me and my mom but then he fell ill after my mom and dad returned from the Transvaal (Gauteng) visiting my cousin in 1992.

Everything changed after that as I had to help with a lot of things in general. Both my brothers were out of the house and I had to pitch in and help when and where I could which I never regretted of course as it was my dad and would do anything to make life easier for my mom, playing nurse preparing his meds for each day and attending to his wounds when his legs would leak water due to water retention (cardiac failure).

After my dad’s passing, I had to help pay bills for the house as my dad’s pension fell away and my mom wasn’t earning much but we managed nevertheless. I was only 24 at the time and was still very immature because I was used to spending my income on petrol and takeaways etc.

My mom’s health wasn’t the best either at the time but nowhere near to what it had been the last few years of her life as she also suffered from numerous different conditions. I was never really close to my mom as a teenager, but things were very different in prior years.

After my dad passed away things changed over the years as time went by we grew closer due to living alone together and I was the only person available to had assured her of having some kind of independence as I could drive, had a car and lived with her in the same residence (our flat). There were many days she had to be taken/rushed to the hospital due to serious conditions that would occur and the same happened with my dad for the last three years of his life before he passed away on April 7th, 1995.

Over the years I would assist many people in need which gave me great satisfaction and is still very rewarding when I am able to help anyone in need.

This is and had always been my legacy in life set out by God as I personally believe wholeheartedly and with absolute confidence why I was born.