Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to our loyal readers out there. This week I want to talk about the different challenges we face every day. We all think ours is worse than someone else’s but it’s the levels that differ.

Some are mental challenges and mental health has a stigma.

The challenges today’s children face in their daily lives at school and in their peer groups are harrowing for children. Peer pressure is extreme at times and the children get to the point of suicide and other toxic substances.

In my opinion, there isn’t enough help out there at the school level to help their mental minds. Also with the health system splitting at the seams their social workers are so swamped with cases they can’t get to everyone.

PTSD is also so severe in all people and a lot of adults. Army veterans suffer terribly and the help that is available for them is also very scarce.

They fight for our country and the things they experienced don’t get addressed when they leave the army, they turn to alcohol and other substances and also affect the relationships they are in. They are carrying too many different feelings of anger and resentment toward humanity in a sense. The wives and partners don’t understand them then relationships go awry.

Cheating in relationships is a challenge on its own.

Let’s look at why do men cheat?

Maybe he married the wrong woman who is self-absorbed and selfish. Boredom is a contributing factor to the wife, once she is married and the honeymoon stage is over he wakes one day to find “Shrek “ next to him.

She stops taking care of herself because her excuse is she has children now plus ten cats and one dog. Women sometimes make work for themselves to avoid intimacy.

Then you wonder why is your husband out the door at nine at night playing dominoes with his friends?

The women do get caught up in daily life and you as a woman might have a douchebag of a husband that wants you looking like Michelle Pfeiffer all day, what the hell? She is tired. Why can’t he cook and see to the children at night?

Physically disabled people also have so many challenges that their daily lives are affected in so many ways.

We as normal people take for granted all the things like going to the bathroom, taking something out of a cupboard and many others. When we complain we are too tired we don’t want to walk; we must realise the paraplegic in a wheelchair cant just get up and walk around the garden.

The physically disabled would love to do what we can do yet we are ungrateful for the things we can do and take for granted.

To normal people, it’s part of our daily lives to do physical activities but they need an able-bodied person to do their daily chores. That person assisting the disabled person also has challenges they face and they can’t just go to the doctor as they might be the only one taking care of the said person.

The person assisting the physically disabled person faces mental and physical challenges, no one asks them how they are doing or if they need assistance!

My parting words will be, be thankful and stay blessed. May the universe shower you with abundance.

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