Always a Back Door

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to all our loyal readers. Today I’m writing about abused women and women that are insecure in relationships. There is always a way out. I myself was in a relationship like that when I was married but I found a way out.

Abused women always have to find a way out, like leaving a key at the door or always having a key nearby where it’s easy to escape in the event of an argument or she has been beaten.

Their lives are always in standby mode which is awful. They are always afraid of what the abuser is going to do next. She always has to defend herself, so being a mother will be very difficult as she has to protect them all.

I was pushed to the point where I sent my children away to my mother to protect the children from the violence.

The media motivates abused women to find a secure place or person who will be available when its time to escape. The abuser is unpredictable.

The abused woman never sees the good in any other man as she was never exposed to a good man but she will also not know what a good man is when she meets him as she always expects the worst. She is attracted to that kind of man because she is fooled by his Jeckyl and Hyde personalities.

Ladies are sometimes in relationships and expect the worst resulting that manifesting a bad situation and she loses a good man in the process.

Today’s women are successfully driven and find themselves not finding a good enough man that meets their criteria but she is missing the signs along the way. The good man is under her nose but her standards blind her judgement.

I’m not saying it’s only the ladies that are biased, men are also. If she doesn’t look like a model some men will not want her.

Men can also want a back door if they have an abusive wife or partner or even an abusive family member. It’s not always women that have an abusive situation.

What does the man do in the event of a situation? He might be the breadwinner of the house and not be able to just go out of the house, due to his sense of responsibility so he stays in that abusive situation.

We all have had or might be experiencing this situation but we must realise there is a way out and there is someone that cares.

We tend to stay in these situations in fear of what is waiting. Our minds are clouded with so much negativity that we don’t want to think there is sunshine after the rain.

On a parting note be grateful if you are an amazing partner. There are people out there in worse situations.

Be blessed and be loved.

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