The Squirrel that Went for Lunch

Written by Olivia Britz

Once upon a time, there was a squirrel called Olive who loved adventure and roaming and finding new places. One fine summer afternoon, Olive decided to go for lunch along the river and she scurried through the lush Winelands, through the big trees, and along the pebbled pathway to the restaurant along the river.

The forest was cool and fine and she laughed as she dashed from tree to tree, up and down feeling vibrant.

Olive had dressed up for this special occasion in her best wear and she felt frivolous and excited. As she approached the restaurant she could hear the rippling sounds of the flowing water.

When she arrived, she was welcomed and seated along the river, what a sight to behold her joyous spirit. Clean flowing water…shade beneath the trees…rocks in the water for her to jump along. Just enough sunshine peeping through the trees accompanied by a soft breeze.

She laughed to her heart’s delight as she gazed upon the wonders of nature.
What a gem of a find was this day out for lunch.

City Lunch with Squirrel
Squirrel woke up one fine Saturday morning with a thrilled heart and excitement pumping through her veins as she had a planned luncheon in town with some of her very favourite family members.

She had had a restful night after a busy day and was very excited about her excursion into the City.

After waking up she treated herself to some milk and chocolate biscuits. The morning was already warm and welcoming as she opened up her perfect little treetop house and let in the fresh air and sunshine.

She bustled about getting ready for her journey. It would be quite busy on the roads, it being a Saturday morning and all. This would not be a carefree forest excursion, she would need her wits about her and to exercise great caution on this trip.

She dressed smartly in comfortable but smart attire. What a day ahead was planned, entertaining with the family and eating good food and special bread pudding dessert that she was taking along in her picnic basket.

The ride into the City was hustle and hassle-free and she reached there in good time.
The Squirrel family and friends were delighted to see each other and shared their many stories of the week. One squirrel had some newly acquired paintings which she enthusiastically showed to the others in her cosy bedroom.

They spent a joyous relaxing afternoon eating delicious food and playing games galore.

All too soon it was time for Squirrel to take her ride back home, curl up on her bed with a good book and an afternoon nap.

2 responses to “The Squirrel that Went for Lunch

  1. Grazia Martienssen

    Lovely little story

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