Rough vs. Tumbled Crystals: What’s the Difference?

Written by Nina Ganci

Rough Crystals vs. Tumble Stones? Which one is better? Do they have different healing powers? – My shortest answer is, no, not really, but let’s dive in a little deeper.

The rough or raw crystal comes directly from the earth oozing in energy. Goes through a cleaning process and has rough edges or points.

Polished or tumbled crystals go one step further after the cleaning process is often hand-polished or tumbled or cut and polished. A longer process.

So does this affect the energy of the crystal? Is there a difference in their energy?

Before we decide, we will look at the different shapes of polished crystals

An egg for birthing ideas and projects, a sphere/ball for balance and peace, a pyramid for manifesting desires, a point for focus and direction, a geode/drusy/cluster to enhance energy room, a worry stone for relaxation and anxiety, a heart for meditating and love. The list goes on.

The question to ask is, what do you want to use the crystal for? Use it for healing? Decorate your home? Carry it with you? Energize your desk? Wear it?

We will look at the amethyst for boosting your intuition. If you feel you have a block around receiving messages from your intuition, then maybe you would want to work with a rough amethyst crystal for a big energetic push. Whereas if you were feeling apprehensive or nervous about what your intuition might tell you, then a tumbled amethyst is more suitable. If you want to enhance your already developed intuition further, then maybe a shaped amethyst is more appropriate. You might be attracted to a pyramid or sphere or wand.

Tumbled stones or polished stones have a really subtle, gentle energy that radiates outward in all directions. Sometimes this is just what’s needed. Tumbled stones are great to work with for those who are sensitive to energy and intense emotions.

So what’s the difference between both rough and polished?

All crystals possess energy and one mineral is not going to suddenly go dormant or stop working because it was altered by man.

For example, if you have a piece of carnelian, it does not matter whether the stone is rough, tumbled, shaped, cut or polished. Each stone type possesses the same energy, i.e., carnelian energy is carnelian energy. However, many feel rough stones have more pure, authentic energy than stones that have been cut and polished or tumbled.

It really just depends on your sensitivity to the subtle energies of minerals and your personal preference for texture when working with them. You can use either type of stone for the same purposes. Use that intuition you are meant to use especially when it comes to crystals.

Some days I wish I had an amethyst bath in my garden, but that small crystal I always carry in my bra can hold just as much power. The true power found in crystals comes from yourself, and how you decide to use them.

Rough vs. Tumbled Crystals: What’s the Difference?

Whether you choose a rough or tumbled crystal, it’s going to bring you the protective energy that divinely calls to you. So let the crystals do their thing!

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  1. Very interesting.

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