The 3 Sillies

Written by Grazia Martienssen

Goodday children, Flyer the Seagull here, today I will tell you a funny story that Hopper told me about one of his adventures…

Kitten and Puppy:
Felix was a greyish/brown kitten, and Teddy was a golden puppy. They were best friends and played together chasing each other around the garden.

Do you have pets? What are your pets’ names?

Having fun:
One day they met a frog named Jumper.

”Do you want to play with us?” asked Felix.

“I have been watching you two run around the garden and it looks like fun. But it’s much more fun to jump onto a Lilly leaf in the pond and sing,” said the frog.

The kitten and puppy started laughing.

“You can’t jump on leaves,” they said.

“Yes, you can, like this,” said the frog. While jumping onto a leaf and croaking.

“I think we are too heavy for those leaves,” they said while laughing.

“Don’t laugh,” said the frog crossly.

“My name is Jumper because I jump so well and it’s much more fun than running around.”

“No, jumping on leaves and croaking is silly,” they both said.

Soon all 3 of them were having a big argument about which games were the most fun. My brother couldn’t help laughing at how silly they were being. He laughed till he almost fell off the roof that he was watching them from.

Suddenly an owl flew down from a nearby tree.

“You 3 sillies have been disturbing my sleep,” he said while yawning.
“Puppies and kittens cannot jump on leaves and croak, and frogs cannot run around the garden. You are both good at what you do, and you each have your own talents.
I love watching you all do your thing.”

They all looked at each other and started laughing. “We are being silly,” they all said.

The Owl replied, “Just look at the children, Paul is a fast runner, Lucy is good at playing ball, and each of them have different talents. Their parents are also all good at different things. Their dad makes furniture, mommy sews, and they don’t fight; they work together, as should you, 3 sillies.

“Yes, you are all silly, now let me have a peaceful sleep,” laughed the owl.

And on that note, he flew back into the tree.

Do you think the owl was right? What would you have said to them?

The next day:
The next day Teddy and Felix played together nicely. Hopper played nicely with the other frogs jumping from leaf to leaf. The owl watched them for a short while and then fell asleep and slept soundly.

Which games do you enjoy playing? Are you a kitten, a puppy or a frog?

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