Doubt Erased…

Poem by Ada Den Hollander

‘Did you take it?’, I ask

‘Of course, a few days ago’, you say

‘How do you feel?’, me

‘Muscles stiff, my left arm a bit sore’, you

‘It’s risky, some say’, me

‘Not at all, others say’, you

‘You believe them?’, me

‘Yes, I do’, you

‘Why would I do it?’, me

‘It’s the answer, they say’, you

‘To what?’, me

‘A strong and healthy body’, you

‘Shall I go for it too?’, me

‘Definitely’, you

‘Not sure…’, me

‘Especially recommended for the elderly’, you

‘That’s for me then?’, me

‘Yes and it’s on promotion’, you

‘Oh?’, me

‘ Five classes, half price’, you

‘Count me in’, me

‘Good girl’, you.

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