Memories of a lifetime with family (Part 3 of 3)

Written by Chris DeFlamingh

Memories with friends
During my lifetime I met and have had some great friends. I would like to name two of them. Their names are Damian and Chris. I met Damian and Chris in 1991 and we formed a bond as friends and used to spend good times together like having parties, braai, driving around or going to watch stock cars at the old Goodwood show grounds.

As a small boy, I did not have many friends as I was very shy and did not like strangers.

It was only after I had my first job and owned the first car that I started wondering further and beyond. I got introduced to alcohol and over the years drinking got worse when I would visit friends or attend a party etc.

After a very bad experience with alcohol in February 2009, I decided that this was the last time I would ever touch alcohol ever again. I decided to stop smoking, drinking as well as drinking sodas.

That was a wake-up call for me and a turning point in my life. Everything changed for me at that point. The two friends that always stood by me through thick and thin have been Chris and Damian.

Chris was there for me for emotional support when my dad passed away in April 1995. Damian has been there for me as well many times since my mom passed away and helped me with different things in my lifetime over the years even before my mom’s passing. These are two friends I regard very highly as my own family.

This blog was written by Chris DeFlamingh

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