Wolf in a Suit

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to all the beautiful people that make it worthwhile for us to write and you to read. You all inspire us to be creative.

Today I am writing about a man in a suit and all that comes out of his mouth is nonsense. In times before the salesmen used to wear suits and they had the gift of the gab but otherwise, they fooled the customer.

I know some people like that. They talk about all kinds of great things and how they are going to make your life change and so forth. These people are glorified liars.

So every person that fools people and manipulates them is to me that wolf in a suit. Fancy outfits don`t make a man or woman. Anyone can dress affluently but that does not mean they are honest and trustworthy.

Wearing a suit will not earn you respect, it is your actions that are going to let people respect you for the genuine person you are. Any person in a uniform should be respected especially medical and emergency people but yet again not all are genuine. Some of them do the job just for the money whereas years ago people did the job because of their love for people.

A wolf can come in many guises even in religion. These people preach to people and convince them that their path is the only way to be saved and this is how cults are started. According to the media, a religious cult is started in the USA daily. Not sure if it is true but I`m making my statement on hearsay.

Why is it that the human follows a man in a suit but he will not follow a genuine man in tatters that has people’s interests at heart?

If you look at people in politics they all wear suits but the only interests they have at heart are their own gain and pockets full of tax money.

Being an empath does benefit me sometimes when meeting people because it might show me with the first meeting that they are either genuine or not and if I have not picked up on their vibe at that time my gut will nag me until I see the truth. Not all people are nice and people that are too trusting get used and trampled but even after that some of these people still give that person in a suit benefit of the doubt.

My attitude is that I do not entertain these kinds of people in suits and I would rather spend my time with people that do not lie and are genuine. These types of people sap the energy from you.

My parting words to you are that trust yourself if something alerts you about a person do not always look past the suit and nonsense they speak to try to find something that is not there.

Stay blessed and stay safe and do not doubt the person in shabby clothes to the one in a suit.

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