Penguins at Bettys Bay

Written by Nina Ganci

The trip to Bettys Bay is spectacular. Mountain meets the ocean! The road hugs the mountain on one side with stunning views of the ocean on the other side. A must-do drive.

One stop I always do is Koelberg bay!

Koegelberg Bay

We arrived at Stony Point in Bettys Bay at 5pm. The reserve was locked up, but the penguins were not aware of this.

Penguins at Sunset

Penguins were coming inland for the evening. The parking lot was overflowing with penguins. A sight to behold.

We were very lucky to see penguins this close-up

Was thrilled to witness babies being fed

Waiting for Mamma

On the way back, this penguin would not allow me access as his nest was there. Penguin won this war, as I traced my steps back

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