The Little Immigrant

Children’s Story written by Grazia Martienssen

Good day children, Flyer the seagull here; Today let me tell you about Anna’s immigration

We’re Moving:

At supper time Anna’s mom announced that they would soon be moving to a new country.
“What about my friends, cousins, and granny?” asked Anna.
“You will make new friends and some of your cousins and your other granny are already there,” said Anna’s dad.
“What about school?” asked Anna.
“You will go to a new school,” replied dad.
“We are flying in an aeroplane,” said mom as she tried to steer the conversation to make Anna happy. Anna was excited as she had always wanted to fly but sad and confused about leaving friends and relatives behind. She had so many mixed emotions.

Have you and your family emigrated from a different country?
Which country are you from?

The Farewell Party:

The next day mom showed Anna the photos of her relatives in the country they were moving to.
“This is your other granny,” she said.
“Oh, you showed the photo when granny sent it,” Anna replied.
“These are your cousins and your aunt and uncle. Uncle Angelo is dad brother, and he can offer dad a better job once we are all there,” said mom.
That weekend they had a farewell party for all the relatives and friends they were going to leave behind. Mom and dad told Anna they could not take everything with them and had to give some things away, so they gave each person something to remember them by.
Anna sorted out her toys, clothes and books she was not taking with her.
“Here Archie,” she said to her friend next door, as she gave him her colourful ball that he loved playing with so much.
“Here Maria you can have my pink bear,” she said to her cousin. Anna loved playing with that bear.
Anna and her parents gave a lot of things away. Each person got something they needed or liked. Her parents also sold some of their things, and some of their friends and relatives also bought a few bits from them.
Granny was very emotional. “I understand you going to have a better future, and I am happy for you, but I am going to miss you all so much,” exclaimed Granny.
Some of the other relatives were also emotional. They wished them well and a safe journey. Anna’s parents promised to keep in touch.
Do you know who you and your family left behind when you immigrated?
Do you remember the emotions you went through?

Arriving at the Destination:

That Monday they left for the airport. Their relatives and friends saw them off. Two hours later they were flying.
Anna watched some cartoons on the plane. She had a window seat and watched the clouds floating by as they flew through them. The air hostesses were all very friendly and she loved the food on the plane. That night she dreamt of floating through the clouds, and the next morning she woke up at an airport.
“Have we arrived?” she asked. ‘’No, we need to catch another plane,” said dad.
Soon they were on another plane. They flew high and she saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky.
Some hours later they arrived at a large airport. As they got off the plane, Anna saw a lot of people waiting for their loved ones.
Then she saw a banner on which was written, “Welcome Anna” in big red letters being held by her granny. Everyone was very emotional to see them. They lived with granny for a while. Soon dad started his new job and Anna started at her new school and made new friends.

Have you made new friends? Did you start at a new school?

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