Anna’s New Life

Children’s story written by Grazia Martienssen

Good day children, Flyer the seagull here, today let me tell you about:

Anna‘s family have recently immigrated to a new country. They were living with granny but have now moved to a new house. They are also learning a new language because they do not always understand what people are saying, nor do they always have the right words for what they want to say.

Are you learning a new language?
Do you know the right words to use when you want to say something?

Mommy’s Funny Shopping Experience

Their relatives help by interpreting and translating words for them when they are around. They are not always available when needed though, so sometimes Anna and her family say funny things by mixing up words. Here is a funny story that happened to Anna’s mom one day when she went shopping.

One day Anna’s mom went shopping for soap, but some words got mixed up in her mind, so she was asking all the shop assistants for rope.

“Do you sell rope?” she was asking.

They all said “No.”

Poor mommy, she was getting so frustrated. Finally, she walked into a small shop and saw soap on the shelf. She got so excited she took one of each type. Later they went to visit granny and mommy said,
“I cannot believe only one shop sells soap.” Granny looked puzzled and replied,
“No they all sell soap dear.”
“What word were you using, are you sure you were saying it right,” asked granny.
“Yes I was saying rope,” said mom.
Granny started laughing and explained to mom she had made similar mistakes many times.

Anna also misunderstood her friends and teachers at times, and her friends would laugh at her. So, Anna came up with a bright plan.

She soon started teaching them her language so that when they misunderstood her, or could not pronounce words, she could be the one to laugh instead. They were soon all laughing together. When she told her family her plan, and that she was teaching her friends their language, they all said what a clever plan it was.

Dad also misunderstood things at times but as he worked with his brother uncle Angelo, it was easier for him because uncle Angelo was always there to translate what people said.

What is your home language?
Do you know someone who struggles with the language?
Which language do they speak?

Trying New Things

Anna also goes to her friend’s houses at times and tries new delicious foods. She then invites them to eat at her house to try her country’s delicious food. She is learning about her new country’s traditions and customs and shares her traditions and customs with her friends.

Every time she tells granny about her new experiences or the new food she tried granny says,
“That is what makes the world beautiful and interesting, if we all ate the same food and did everything the same way it would be boring.” Granny continued on to say “Although we are all the same in some ways, we all need and have a right to food, shelter, acceptance and love.”
Anna and her parents also share their experiences with their family, relatives and friends in their home country through social media.

Have you tried new foods?
What foods have you tried from a different country?
What’s your country’s food?
What’s your favourite food?

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