Poem by Neshni Naidoo

Trudging through life with little motivation
Finding reasons for procrastination
I wonder what keeps me bound here
Complacency, laziness or perhaps fear

My inner voice urges, “From this slumber wake
Arise or your dreams you will one day forsake
Remember and honour your heart’s desire
Or your life experiences will be swathed in ire

Thwarted desires resentment breeds
Resentment that insatiably on love feeds
With love’s fragrant blossoms gone astray
Life becomes empty, dull and gray.”

I wrote this poem many years ago. It was a way for me to unpack and understand my debilitating habit of procrastination.

Since writing the poem I have improved by stepping out of my comfort zone and overcoming the fears and insecurities that plague me.

However, there are times, like now, when I regress. The reason is not anything that I’ve mentioned in the poem but overwhelm and mental exhaustion.

My remedy is getting more sleep, watching my diet (what I take in through my senses) and not putting pressure on myself. Doing a little everyday and celebrating those wins instead of criticising myself for doing too little.

As we end another year, reflect on what causes you to procrastinate, how that impacts you and what you can do to change this habit.

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