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The Phoenix will Rise!

Written by Nina Ganci

Load Shedding.

The word or event that nobody wants to hear that has become part of our daily lives. Yes, we as South Africans have once again adapted and adjusted to what life has thrown at us. We are resilient and known to overcome all obstacles.

South Africa is a courageous country. South Africa is a strong nation. South Africa is a proud nation. South Africa is a nation that is capable of leading the world.

Powerful words! True words!

Which nation in history has risen from the ashes with smiles and laughter? Which nation in the world has come together and supported each other? Which nation on earth has found workable solutions?

South Africa answers it all!

Think about it? A man works for Eskom. The one that draws up the load shedding schedule. What does he tell his family and friends he does for a living? Would you want him as a friend or do you want to tell him how to do his job?

The most hated person ever in South Africa is the Switch Guy. Yes, the man who switches off and on the electricity. He alone has the courage and power to switch off large areas and leave them in the dark! This happens often when you are trying to cook supper. Wonder what his mother has to say?

Communities are uniting. Small businesses are mushrooming.
Support a small business, you are keeping money in your local economy. Your money gets spent and circulated right in the community you call home.

Your community values relationship and will often go above and beyond.

You do not build a business, you build people, and then people build the business; then the business builds the country.

South Africa is in a corner, and I have full trust and faith, that we will rise from these ashes to build a stronger, powerful country. No other community, no other country, no other nation have experienced what South Africans do.

Failure is not to be feared. It is from failure that most growth comes.”
-Dee Hock

When South Africans have their backs in the corner, they come up with a plan, a good plan!

The phoenix will rise from the ashes!

A Month of Grief

Written by Chris De Flamingh

April is particularly a difficult month as my dad died on April 7th and was buried on April 12th, 1995.

My mom died on April 28th, 2019 and my little doggie was born on April 1st, 2010 and is also no longer around.

And lastly, my birthday is on April 29th.

So these dates are fairly edged into my mind for life. I cry myself to sleep still many a night when I remember my mom, dad, and my little doggie. It’s all I ever lived for in this lifetime.

To Face the Issue or Cower Away

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Hello to all you gorgeous beings. Hope your festive season went well and that you are facing the New Year with gusto. Today I am questioning whether it makes a person a coward to cower away or if should we suck it up and face our challenge.

To be outspoken and straightforward is a good thing but sometimes words must be chosen so as not to hurt people’s feelings. One cannot always molly-coddle people and allow them to step all over you because you want people to like you.

Does that make you a coward not to confront the issue at hand?

A straightforward person will say you are a coward as that person faces their challenge and runs with it. Yes, sometimes even a straightforward person bites their tongue as they were taught respect by their parents. So you need a strategy in most situations whether you solve the problem in the background or bring the other person down to earth.

Some people born with a silver spoon in their mouth can be good humans or just keep on being self-sanctified snob and oh-so opinionated. They think they were put on this earth to be the new generation royal by self-appointment.

We are all human, either our own money or other people’s money makes us think we rule the world. This person says what they want and expects the person that doesn’t want a conflict to shut their mouth and keep on being abused in whatever way they are abusing the other person. Having money makes some people emotional bullies.

The good person then cowers away because they feel the argument will go nowhere, whereas the person who is not impressed by the person with money will voice their opinion on whatever subject they are having conflict over. There is a fine line between the self–sanctified royal and the genuine person being abused by them.

Why are we not allowed to ask questions or create a conflicting situation? My mom taught me to be straightforward in some situations it has awarded me but sometimes I have had to step back and say that the person I am confronting is definitely not worth my words as the only thing their money could buy is maybe some style but no manners.

Remember money cannot buy class or etiquette, the only difference is the wealthy person’s money can be used to cover up their mess. Be humble and when someone confronts you just respect them and have an open mind toward the situation, especially in situations where the parents have handed their little royals all decisions to make and control finances.

Behold the parent asks the child what is happening in the said situation if nothing is done. Be wary not to give the royal too much as they then think they rule the parent, this is where the abuse comes in as the parent has to accept whatever this royal child decides. If a child has manners and respect by all means give them responsibility as they will obviously respect whatever the parent’s opinions are. They are there to assist – not rule.

In my parting words, remember who brought you up and who is now relying on your common sense as a child to help make life easier for the parent. Don`t be an opportunistic douchebag.

Be blessed and be safe.

Pros and Cons of Being an Empath

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day, beautiful people of this planet we call home. Hope much of the disasters of the past few weeks of rain have been cleared up for you. Mother Nature is not happy with us. Today I am writing about being an empath and the ups and downs of absorbing everything.

I am an empath and some days it is not one of the best traits to have. I work with ill people and still take care of ill people. My soul gets no rest from the emotional turmoil of humans and animals alike. Always being Miss all nice has its downfall.

I am always trying not to offend people as I can be very straightforward and insulting. The day comes when all the nonsense of people makes me explode and all the negativity I have absorbed becomes like an entity on its own. It comes out and I have no limit to what comes out of my mouth. There is a method to my madness, even though it is not always the best for others.

An empath is a person highly attuned to the feelings and emotions of those around them. Empaths feel what another person is feeling at a deep emotional level.

The only way I can get rid of this anger and resentment that builds up is to let it out. I have tried all kinds of methods, gemstones and incense just do not do the trick anymore. I have an arsenal of stones and they are just pretty adornments around my neck now. I feel the need to get away and be in my temple, Mother Nature. I need to absorb her magic and wonder and recoup my soul.

My garden is in absolute turmoil so there too I am absorbing the mess of that and of course that is of no help either. When everything around becomes an uncontrolled mess you need to step back and reassess everything. Take one step at a time, which is easier said than done – as I am the only one in my mess. I am always assisting everyone but the human stays true and shows me when I need their assistance its non – existent.

I now understand why some people escape to nature and never look back. The animals appreciate you, and the human uses you.

There are good humans out there but to find them is like trying to find a dinosaur. No one is perfect not even me, but sometimes it would be refreshing to find my tribe and never look back.

Those thoughts stay in my fairyland file as unfortunately, we have to live in the real world and suck it up and keep going forward. The going forward part is difficult sometimes as we sometimes feel stuck as if we are in quicksand. Logical thinking is the only way to face problems. We are allowed to lose the plot and put on a tutu and tiara and imagine we are fairies and just dance around but that could land us in hot water, the sanatorium could just have a door with our name on it.

In parting words, yes we need to be grateful but self-care of one’s psyche is always very important. Keep on colouring out the lines but don`t lose yourself among all the weeds.

Be blessed and take care of yourself for the safety of others.

The Special Neighbour

Children’s Story was written by Grazia Martienssen

Christmas Time

Angela and Angelo are 5-year-old twins that live in Italy. They are very excited because their Christmas tree will go up soon, on the 8th of December. This also coincides with the celebrations of the Feast of the immaculate conception of Mary. A canon is fired from Rome’s Castel Saint Angelo to mark the start of the festivities.

This period is a very magical time in Italy. In fact, the festivities continue until the Feast of the Epiphany on the 6th of January. Churches have special services during the lead-up to Christmas.

We call this the Advent period, which comes from late and means “coming” to signify the period of preparations before the arrival of baby Jesus that arrived on Christmas day.

In the lead-up to the 25th of December, children go from house to house dressed as shepherds, performing Christmas songs or poems, in exchange for sweets or money. A highlight is the midnight mass at the Vatican, but many people also enjoy skiing during this period.

Did you know that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus? What do you like best about Christmas?

The epiphany: (When the wise men found baby Jesus)

The good children are excited well beyond Christmas day because on the evening of the 5th of January, the legend of the old Befana will bring them gifts. If they were good, she fills their Christmas stockings for them with sweets and candies but, if they were bad, they will get a lump of coal.

She is a good housekeeper and will sweep the floors before leaving the children’s houses. She sweeps away all the problems of the previous year. Families leave a glass of wine out, and Panetone (Christmas cake) for her. They also leave out red or sand colour stockings for her to fill.

Angelo and Angela listen carefully as papa tells them for the first time that La Befana used to live in the empty cottage next door, and that she is gone out to look for baby Jesus and will bring gifts to the children. The kids listen on as mamma explains that a long time ago, she was sweeping in front of her house, and then suddenly the 3 wise men stopped to talk to her.

She offered them food and shelter. They asked for directions to baby Jesus and asked her to join them. She was too busy so she refused. That night she saw a bright light and took it as a sign to follow the wise men. She had the urge to go to Bethlehem to bring the newborn baby gifts, so she took freshly baked goodies with her, and off she went with her broom in her hand.

She went off to see him for herself, and to help the new mother with housework. Although she followed the same star, she got lost and did not find him, so legend has it that she is still searching for baby Jesus today. Sometimes the children see her flying through the sky on her broomstick. She enters the houses through the chimneys, so is covered in soot. The twins know they have been good, so mamma and papa help them to write letters to the Bafana. They also learn poems about her.

Would you like to learn one? Try to repeat this one, first in Italian and then in English.

La Befana vien di notte /Con le scarpe tutte rotti/Con vestito alla romana /Viva viva la Befana.

The Befana comes at night/with her shoes, all tattered and torn/She comes dressed in a Roman way/Long live Befana.

Have you seen an old woman flying through the sky at night on a broomstick?

La Befana is back!!!!

The next day the children went out to play and saw an old woman sweeping in front of the house next door. “Befana,” they shout out excitedly. “Grazie per I bel regali” (Thank for the gifts).

“Piacere,” (Pleasure) responded the old Befana. She then entered the house and came out with some freshly baked biscuits for them. They could not wait to tell their cousins and friends about their special neighbour, and her delicious biscuits.

Do you have a special neighbour?