The Phoenix will Rise!

Written by Nina Ganci

Load Shedding.

The word or event that nobody wants to hear that has become part of our daily lives. Yes, we as South Africans have once again adapted and adjusted to what life has thrown at us. We are resilient and known to overcome all obstacles.

South Africa is a courageous country. South Africa is a strong nation. South Africa is a proud nation. South Africa is a nation that is capable of leading the world.

Powerful words! True words!

Which nation in history has risen from the ashes with smiles and laughter? Which nation in the world has come together and supported each other? Which nation on earth has found workable solutions?

South Africa answers it all!

Think about it? A man works for Eskom. The one that draws up the load shedding schedule. What does he tell his family and friends he does for a living? Would you want him as a friend or do you want to tell him how to do his job?

The most hated person ever in South Africa is the Switch Guy. Yes, the man who switches off and on the electricity. He alone has the courage and power to switch off large areas and leave them in the dark! This happens often when you are trying to cook supper. Wonder what his mother has to say?

Communities are uniting. Small businesses are mushrooming.
Support a small business, you are keeping money in your local economy. Your money gets spent and circulated right in the community you call home.

Your community values relationship and will often go above and beyond.

You do not build a business, you build people, and then people build the business; then the business builds the country.

South Africa is in a corner, and I have full trust and faith, that we will rise from these ashes to build a stronger, powerful country. No other community, no other country, no other nation have experienced what South Africans do.

Failure is not to be feared. It is from failure that most growth comes.”
-Dee Hock

When South Africans have their backs in the corner, they come up with a plan, a good plan!

The phoenix will rise from the ashes!

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