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Loadshedding Lessons

Written by Grazia Martienssen

Different Times.

In my view, Eskom and the City of Cape Town (C.C.T.) really care about us, that 1s why loadshedding is at different times. When it comes to the loadshedding schedule, if you ever feel like Albert Einstein trying to figure out his next invention, then you are not alone. But I believe they want to teach us different lessons. No, I am not crazy, loadshedding does not have to be a vast “turn-off”. No pun intended. Please read on and you will understand why.

Different Lessons.

For one, the 50 shades of darkness bestowed upon us, teach us NOT to be lazy, and NOT to sleep late. Wakey, wakey, yes you guessed it, it is 5am, time to get up, boil the kettle and fill a flask for tea or coffee. In my case, lemon water. It also helps us to get more organized and to get our own schedules in line, because at times, we have to cook earlier to beat the loadshedding.

It can also be a good excuse not to cook at all (unless you have a gas stove) and get hubby to braai or treat you to a meal out. It can get the family to sit around and talk or light a fire (I envy those with fireplaces) and sit around telling stories or making memories, thus helping family members bond, light some candles, and have a romantic evening. It can help us watch less TV and go to bed earlier to ensure we have a good rest.

They also teach us not to take things for granted as C.C.T and Eskom will often be on the same level in competition. Sometimes I think they just say, “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, which schedule are we on today”. Or maybe they choose a number out of a hat? Or as I heard someone say, “they have a dartboard and choose the number the dart goes to”.

What about when they forget to switch us off! It happened recently in Summer Greens. We were scheduled to go off in the morning but did not, or maybe the switch guy did not come to turn up to work that day? Whatever happened I just hope he/she did not switch off the wrong area by mistake.

In Summer Greens we also have what I call “water shedding” at times. Some of the houses are overcrowded, so the pipes burst at times, and the water gets switched off. The lesson in this is to always have some container filled with water and not to waste water because you never know when you might have the urge to stay hydrated or brush your teeth!

Keep clean water in a container in the kitchen to cook with, and wash up etc. Or by all means, use it as an excuse not to cook and wash up. It is advisable to keep some water in the bathtub, or in a bucket in case you need it to flush the loo, or for anything else that humans may require water for.

Sometimes electricity will come back on, and the water will go off. So, we learn not to take anything for granted, and to appreciate when we have water and electricity. It can also be used as a history lesson for the children.

You see children, Eskom is teaching you what it was like in your great grandparent’s time…. before we had electricity and running water. What about using these dark times as the topic of your next history project?

Last but not least, it might be good to have a well point and pull up water with a bucket to show them how it was done back then (just a suggestion.)

Silver Lining

Sometimes I want to stop making fun of Eskom, but I am powerless! What positivity do you find in loadshedding, and depending on where you live, in water shedding, if you have it? Thanks for reading and do not forget, every cloud has a silver lining!