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Parental Abuse by Debbie Jordaan

It’s a subject very few people talk about. What I’m going to write about is based on experience from friends and family members and of my times as a carer. The way children treat their parents.
When I look at it I see that if children were brought up with a deserving mentality they as adults demand from the parent but little do they realise they have to work for what they want. A parent works for something their whole life and these deserving children want without any idea of what their parent went through to get what they have.

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As a person gets older they want less drama and responsibility and in swoops this child that thinks they are going to grab the opportunity to control the parent and whatever else. A business for instance. They forget it took the parent years to get the business to success and they start telling the parent what the said parent needs. First of all the child changes everything, disregards the needs of the workers and demands respect all of a sudden. Then him and he’s wife try to control the father and he’s daily living withholding he’s own money from him. The father thought he’s doing a good thing by letting he’s son take over.
I grew up being taught that you work for what you want or you work for what you get. I taught my two daughters as many things as I could which my mum had taught me. It’s trivial what it is you are working for just do it as no one else should be doing it for you if you are able bodied.


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Another case study is of a mother that gives her all to her children to the maximum and beyond. She is going through financial problems now and her glorified children two adults that don’t work tell her she’s not good enough she can’t even take care of them. Okay so they have both worked before, had children that my friend is taking care of because they say she’s not a good enough grandma. Okay so who made those grand-kids? The daughter calls her mother a whore and a useless parent and she wishes her mother aborted. That to me is mental abuse.
Then you get a mother who lives with her son and he tells her what to do daily. If he says no she just agrees. Is he hitting her or is it just the fact that she is elderly and has lost her fight. Like some children he has nothing. He sold her things for drugs and he’s sibling is also a drug addict. The mother molly coddles them yet her other son runs he’s departed fathers business. He has sober habits and good values. Where did it all go wrong?
As people get older their children want to dictate as I’m sure their only thought is if their parents have assets that they have to keep an eye on the parent in case they spend the money then they have nothing to inherit. Now on the flip side there are wonderful children out there. They take care of their parents. They give back what was given to them. Wish my mom were still alive. I’d die for her. So where does the problem lie? Is it the parents fault for molly coddling the children or is it the child who has a deserving mentality?
In conclusion my opinion is that we as parents must think before spoiling the children to the point that they becoming deserving human beings. We love our children but maybe by teaching them good moral values and work for what you want our future leaders just might be worth their weight in gold.
Be safe and be blessed.

Mother Nature by Debbie Jordaan

Good day to all our readers. Regular readers and new readers. Without you our thoughts would be exactly just what they are.

With the world being on lockdown we all try to stay sane by practicing our religions and try fill the time with things we never get the chance to do. We all have different religious views and values but I think we can all agree on the fact that Mother Nature has found a way to regenerate herself as the world is over populated and the damage done to her by humans is reprehensible. Mother Nature doesn’t ask to be praised – She asks to be respected.

deb mother natureEvery day we are destroying Earth and not noticing the extremities of our actions. Looking back at history one wonders how civilizations just got destroyed? I don’t think we need to wonder much – Mother Nature took control. Look at the damage being done to oceans, over fishing and pollution. That’s just the oceans not even to speak about the land. There are people trying to restore the Earth but it’s a drop in the bucket because as they are try to fix things the other people are destroying vegetation. Some people need to be educated on over population worldwide as their cultures say that the more children they have the more blessed they will be. This over population is causing famine and droughts leaving countries in extreme poverty. If they were properly educated on the levels of poverty caused by their cultures and think logically maybe they would opt for contraception as many don’t believe in that.

deb natureEducation is key to conservation of this beautiful Earth of ours. If every human did their part even the simple things like not littering Mother Nature would reward us with more abundance. We as humans are here to look after Earth so our children have a future but at the rate it’s going there will be no future as greed and uneducated humans destroy our beautiful planet. Nature doesn’t care. As civilizations die out vegetation keeps on growing, animals take over from where they came. Respect is earned and we as Humans has disappointed Mother Nature. She is showing us, her children – that we have failed her by natural disasters and disease.

Let’s become more respectful of one another and of Earth then there might just be a future for our next generations.


Relationships Defined By Bipolar by Debbie Jordaan

A warm welcome to our regular readers and hello to our new readers. Hope the articles on the site inspire and motivate you. This month I’d like to talk about how my bipolar has affected my personal relationships in my life and my journey to a functional relationship at my ripe old age of 47.


I’ve had bipolar since a child but never realised that till I got into adulthood. My relationship with my mom was difficult but all she tried to do was show me that I was not to settle for less. My ex husband was my way out when I was younger to get away from my mom but of course getting divorced proved that it was not my best plan – I at least got to become a mom myself. Never regretted my daughters.

As I went through my life I met some men that verbally abused me, messed me up even more than I already was. The only best friend I had was my best friend I had known since I was five years old. He was married at the time so we did’nt try any relationship. He separated from he’s wife so we thought we would give being a couple a chance. We got it right for three years till I started freaking out and having bad bipolar episodes. I was in a downward spiral and he could’nt deal with it. He found someone to talk to and who was he’s comfort zone in he’s chaos with me.

I can’t blame only him for our downfall and him having an affair with the lady. It eventually ended up that we just let go and parted. Took me a while to get over as he was my dream man even when I was married he was always the one that got away. My expectations were obviously far fetched regarding him Id say. Lesson learnt there – best friends aren’t always destined to be lovers or to be married.

SAMSUNG CSC​I always sent out into the universe that I would like to meet someone older than myself and an intelligent person. Intelligence is more appealing to me than a muscular body. Looks can’t keep your mind captivated. The universe answered me a few years ago. I met a wonderful man. Intelligent, wise and very understanding. He is well read and keeps me captivated every time he speaks, the rest definitely followed at a slow pace. This time I tried to get it right. He gets my bipolar – he understands my psychological mind and always has good advice which I follow often. We have our moments but we are a couple in the process of discovering each other’s ways and quirks.

Thank you for giving me the chance to tell you about my life. Be blessed by the universe and may other nature take care of you.

Motherhood and Letting Go by Debbie Jordaan

Hello everyone and welcome to the new readers to this wonderful site. This month the Universe tested me to the extreme and beyond – As a mother, Partner and Human being. With all that is happening to our planet right now I’m hoping my article can take you away from your own thoughts for a while.

debbie photoBeing a mom of two girls is sometimes trying as I worry about them constantly though they are adults and living their lives. As a mother you get intertwined in their lives and sometimes forget that you once were young and also didn’t take your moms advice.

My one daughter is diabetic and many more complications – mommy of two beautiful souls – my two grandsons. She is the best mommy she can be in her health situation – though her extended family make her life hell and as it’s her husband’s family I can’t really intervene and defend my daughter as she tells me she will sort them out. So all I can do is be there for her in an unbiased way to prevent any further problems.

My other daughter is a career driven young lady and is going through some soul searching. I really like her partner – as she is my child and all I can do is love her and listen to her no matter where the road takes her. My wish for her is that she achieves the best she can be and strive for happiness. She is elusive and chooses not to share her trials in life. The only time she shares anything with me is if she has already decided what to do. Her happiness is all that matters to me.

SAMSUNG CSC​Sometimes being a partner is difficult as he is needy and I’m so used to being left to my own choices and devices. Needy in a good way and I still get the freedom I need and time to give to others that also need me. He accommodates my religious beliefs and my bipolar without judgement.

My bipolar has had a field day this month as well so at any given time when I feel like doing anything I’m happy and content even if it is for a short while. I have to be strong as no one else is going to do it for me. We are in control of our own emotions and avoid people that make us feel like we are worth less than how we should be feeling. So letting go of toxic people is the best strategy for anyone.

The universe has tested me for a reason and no matter what I’m always grateful for what I have no matter the situation. I have abundance of people that love me and I am content with what I have. Thank you mother earth for your abundance of beautiful souls in my life.

My Journey by Debbie Jordaan

Everyone here knows I suffer from bipolar disorder,so my spirituality has a lot to do with to get me through my dark days.Autumn Flower
In this time I’ve been off the blog I’ve been going through a difficult time in relationships and my mental state has been taking a toll on my day to day activities.
I have the privilege of writing for the blog again so there’s definitely a light in my soul.
I have recently had a relationship break up of 6 years. He left with no explanation – my depression went into overdrive.
I felt a pull toward Hinduism, especially Ganesha. I’m not becoming a Hindu but the peaceful nature of this religion gets me through my hard times.
When I stopped writing my mind was in turmoil but getting back to poetry and surrounding myself with my precious stones and dream catchers has brought me back to myself.
I’m currently living on a farm in the Vaal area so tranquility is a step outside the back door. I’m not a cat person but I’m caring for the owners cat and the cat is more dog as it allows me to train it. So I think I was an Egyptian in a previous life.
I’m off- but thank you once again for allowing me to write for you.