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When is an Affirmation Good?

Written by Elsabe Smit

I have had issues with people grabbing onto affirmations and hoping for the best for a long time. My feeling has always been that when a person repeats affirmations and hopes for the best, I can hear the fear, disbelief and general misery behind those repetitions.

I have discovered why that is the case, and how you can in fact use affirmations to make your life better.

I will describe the process step by step as I now understand it.

Firstly, let go of any affirmation that did not come directly from you. No matter how good the guru is that gave the affirmation to you, it is not your affirmation. Accepting any affirmation from someone else is like accepting underwear that was not chosen by you, and expecting that this underwear will make you feel good about yourself. It does not work that way.

Next, you need to understand where affirmations come from.

Imagine that you have access to the biggest shopping mall in creation – not just in this universe, but in all universes, both known and unknown. In this mall, you will find everything that has already been created, and also everything that will still come to the attention of mankind because it already exists in this shopping mall that is called the ethereal. Also, imagine that you have all the money in the world, and this allows you to go into this shopping mall and buy whatever you please.

Then you bring the item that you have bought back home (to the astral level) and then you use the item in your everyday life. This item is your own personal affirmation that you selected when you had all the options and choices in the world available to you.

Let us take the example of road rage. Assume that you are prone to road rage – whether it is just a little bit or a lot, and you want to get rid of this road rage.

You have the option of grabbing an affirmation and repeating “I no longer have road rage” like a preacher on acid, however many times a day, and hoping (fingers crossed) that the relevant neuropathways will grow and save you from yourself, and that one morning you will magically wake up and you will no longer have road rage. And pigs may fly, and unicorns are real.

Here is a different approach. Imagine that you are looking at yourself and you acknowledge that you are prone to road rage, which no longer serves you.

This is like acknowledging that you went to this ethereal shopping mall and you picked road rage from a shelf and took it home, and now you have to live with your choice. You do not – just like you do not need to live with a garment that you picked from this mall only to discover later on that it was the wrong size. Just like you do not need to live with the garment knowing that you have outgrown it.

Time to go shopping. When you get into this ethereal shopping mall, what will you choose instead of road rage? I would say what I want is “I am calm and peaceful when I drive, no matter what other drivers do.” Those are my words, and all I paid for these words is the insight that this is exactly what I want to have in my life.

Then I bring these words home – into my spiritual and real home – by writing the words down so that I will not forget what exactly I bought.

Then I need to ensure that my brand spanking new purchase does not disappear into a wardrobe or cupboard, but that I in fact use it as intended.

So how do I want to use my affirmation of “I am calm and peaceful when I drive, no matter what other drivers do.”?

I think about it and decide that I will see proof of this affirmation when I graciously allow another driver to cut in when they want to change lanes. And if the driver did not use an indicator and still cut in? I will simply repeat my own affirmation because that affirmation is now becoming my own reality and not an imposed reality from some guru. Who knows: this other driver may have a bad day, and my generosity may just ease their burden. And what do I lose in the process? I lose a neuro pathway that no longer serves me.

Then another driver does not react quickly when the traffic light turns green, and I am behind their car and in a hurry. Do I use the horn that I got for Christmas and make my annoyance clear to not only that driver but also every other driver in sight? No. I say to myself of “I am calm and peaceful when I drive, no matter what other drivers do.” And I remind myself that life will continue when I reach my destination a few seconds later than planned.

Can you see what is happening here? The affirmation is now based on a deep sense of knowing, and I choose how I change my behaviour so that I can be aligned with my own personal affirmation. Those desired neuropathways grow stronger whenever I do this, and the result is not based on any emotion at all. It just is, and it makes me feel good.

Now I have value for my money, and now I know that I simply started off by using the wrong product from the mall. Now I have the correct product, and I actually wrote the manual, and I am a happy customer.

That is how I will use affirmations. This meets the three requirements for any successful affirmation, namely
• Say it (identify the desired product in the ethereal shopping mall)
• See it (bring the chosen product down to the astral level of deciding how to use it best)
• Act and do (use this chosen product so often that it because part of the DNA in every cell of your body.)

The important point is that you need to put your own affirmations into your own words, and then use these affirmations in ways that make sense to you – not to other people.


How to Explore Your Awareness

Written by Elsabe Smit

When people become aware of their spiritual awakening, they become aware of ‘going out of their mind’, in other words setting the brain aside and opening up to the awareness that there are different dimensions that exist around us, and that we only chose to live in this one for the moment.

How do you deal with this spiritual awakening? The first action is to choose whether you want to reject it or consciously explore it. If you want to reject it, that is your choice, and it is neither right nor wrong. Whichever way you choose is perfect for you.

If, on the other hand, you want to consciously explore your new awareness, you will be surprised to discover the many opportunities that are opening up to you. At the same time you will experience what I can only describe as a deep sense of knowing about what resonates with you and what you should stay away from.

There are as many different directions and flavors of spirituality as there are people on this earth. You will find that you are intuitively drawn to some of these directions and practices, while you will probably find others to be hilarious and quite entertaining.

Remember, what you laugh at may be a very serious matter for someone else. The best advice I can give you is to trust your heart and listen to your intuition, and you will find this path quite rewarding.

However, this is only the advice of one person. If anyone insists on telling you which path is the best for you, I would question the intentions of that person, because how you explore your spirituality is a very personal decision.

Where do you find more information on exploring your spirituality? That depends on your own inclination. One option is to go to the nearest large bookstore and explore the mind, body and spirit section. Some books will call out to you, while others will not attract you at all.

If you do not like reading, find shops that focus in what is popularly known as ‘new age’ shops and browse. Look at the items and advertisements in the shops and explore, explore, explore. Search the internet for information on topics that you find interesting, and find groups that you can associate with and have conversations with.

If all of that increases your confusion, then here is something simple that you can do. Find a quiet space, close your eyes, and ask for experiences that will bring enlightenment and clarity to you. Then simply open your heart and spirit for these experiences, and ‘go out of your mind’, in other words set aside any judgment while you explore and expand your wonderful awareness.

If you are looking for scientific proof and explanations of the experiences that you are having, you will find them (or rather these explanations will find you once you have voiced your intention). If you only want to increase your intuitive awareness, you will have this.
Enjoy every step of this new path, wherever it takes you.

Believe me, it is mind-blowing!

Bad Energy Rubs Off

Written by Elsabe Smit

I like to believe that there is good in every person, and all we need to do is keep looking and keep loving.

I am also realistic because life has taught me that this approach only works up to a point. Some people are on this earth to spread poison and malice, and with the best will in the world you cannot change them, because their mission is not to change.
There have been times in my life when I was so bombarded with negative energy that I felt I was being dragged down into the same space as the people who projected their lack of self-love on me. I have had to make some very hard decisions about people that were supposed to be close to me, but who were clearly out to destroy me. I had to distance myself from those people and it was very painful but necessary for my own survival.

The consequence was that by detaching myself from the person and the situation, I discovered what those people had to teach me. I was then able to appreciate the wisdom I gained from them and think of them with unconditional love – or so I thought. The love was there, but on the condition that despite my gratitude towards them, I had to stay away from them if I wanted to be my true self.

I discovered that as people we are not capable of unconditional love, but we are capable of forgiveness – in the sense that forgiveness means understanding what those people have had to teach us, and feeling gratitude for the wisdom we gained from our experience.

Social media is no different from life – in fact, social media contacts are probably even more intense and instructive than having personal contact with people.

When we have personal contact with people, we can lie and pretend, and get away with it for a while. With social media, every word and sentence you type carries its own energy, and people pick that energy up, even if they deny that such energy exists.

I have blocked contact with a handful of people of the type of “hi mem I want to merry nice amerikin girl mem do you life alone mem“. I have blocked contact with one other person who was incredibly destructive and who on more than one occasion had a field day while intoxicated, only to brag about the situation afterwards.

I do believe in freedom of speech, and I also believe that bad energy rubs off. There are times when you have to decide to either love and leave contact or be dragged down to the level where that contact feels comfortable. This is no different from life away from the internet, just more intense and therefore happening much faster.

If you ever decide to block a social media contact, I trust that you will do it with love and understanding rather than with anger and resentment.

Healer, Heal Yourself?

Written by Elsabe Smit

Many people who will read this are probably either practising healers or people who enjoy receiving healing.

If you are practising healing, then you may want to stop reading now, because I can be perceived as quite blunt.

Let me ask you this: would you buy a car from a car salesman who does not own a car or whose car is full of dents? Would you accept electrical repairs from an electrician who has caused a fire in a customer’s house due to shoddy workmanship? Would you enjoy a meal prepared by a cook in a dirty kitchen? Would you accept advice from an obese seller of diet drinks?

Why am I asking this?

Because I often come across people who call themselves healers, with a cigarette in one hand and a walking stick in the other hand. When they are obese, they blame hormones rather than eating habits. When they give up cigarettes, they take up vaping without ever having done any research – if they did, they would know about popcorn lung.

Over the years I have become disillusioned with the “spiritual healing” that I have experienced, and also with the healing, I did myself, which was all about balancing auras and chakras. Straightening out auras and chakras is quite relaxing, and that state of relaxation may result in some healing.

But relaxation is not healing. Diagnosing where the body is not functioning 100% by using modalities such as reflexology or iridology or even Reiki is not healing – it is the diagnosis, which is often conveyed to the client in the same way that doctors convey their doom and gloom to patients because that was what they have been taught to do.

I am not perfect – I have my aches and pains, but I have learnt so much about healing that I know where to get help. I also know that I am the best advertisement for the healing that I help clients with.

Let us take a step back and discuss where healing comes from – and yes, it does come from Spirit, but when you understand the glimpse of the mechanics that is available to us, you will become a better healer yourself, and your clients will thank you.

Imagine three levels of consciousness. Of course, consciousness is consciousness, and there are not three levels. However, we live in human bodies, and we have a limited understanding of consciousness, which we can enhance by making these things as tangible as our minds can manage.

So imagine these three levels of consciousness. I will use the example of weight loss, but the same principles apply to any physical and mental health issue.

The first level is ethereal. This is where everything and anything exists. This is where you get “good” health as well as “bad” health from. This is where you connect with the greatest healer in this and any other Universe.

Now the question is: what do you take from that ethereal level of consciousness when you go there? Do you take the concept of “just being human” so that you can ignore the healing that your body needs? Or do you take the concept of perfect health, which is 100% possible? Remember, this ethereal level is the biggest shopping mall you can ever imagine, and you can take from there anything and everything you can conceive, without paying anything.

Once you have decided what you want, you move down to the astral level, where you give a clear definition to what “perfect health” means to you. For example, does it mean manageable blood pressure or smooth movements in your limbs or a weight that you feel comfortable with? Be as clear as possible on this point.

Ensure that your definition of “perfect health” is broad enough to be achievable. When you say “I want to lose five kilograms within the next two weeks” that is a goal that you can achieve, but a cost that is determined by the ego. When you say “I want to lose five kilograms so that I can feel comfortable in my body” that is a statement that is broad enough to be achievable.

Your definition of perfect health must be logical. For example, if you wear a size 24 dress, then wanting to wear a size 8 within a month is not logical. You will not achieve it unless you starve yourself to the point of death, and you will regain that weight very quickly because your body will go on the defensive and store food.

Your definition of perfect health must be lawful. Here we are referring to natural law and the laws of the Universe. For example, if you decide on a weight that you want to achieve and feel comfortable with, but you continue to live on fast foods and still get no exercise, your desire goes against natural law. Don’t fool yourself. Change your habits so that you can make your definition become reality.

Your definition of perfect health must be positive. Saying that “I don’t want to be overweight” is negative. The emphasis is on what you don’t want rather than on what you do want. Saying “I am already imagining my body at my ideal weight” is positive.

Once you have taken the concept of perfect health from the ethereal and defined your image of perfect health, it is time to throw away and override any previous concept of perfect health. If you went to the store and bought soft drinks laced with sugar as part of your definition of perfect health, it is now time to throw away the belief that soft drinks are good for you. You have gone to the ethereal shop and you passed the soft drink shelf, and you chose to select lovely herbal tea instead.

This approach to healing provides concrete results. What concrete results do you want to achieve for yourself before you try and apply spiritual healing to anyone else?

Spirit Has an Answer

Written by Elsabe Smit

Recently an old friend died – not that he was so old. He went before retirement age, and we have not had contact for over four decades. But he was a friend. Until religion interfered.

His passing scratched open wounds from my teenage years that I thought I had made peace with.

This man was a lovely, intelligent boy with a good nature and a kind heart. He was also from a different religion – and a different language and culture. He was keen on me, and the feeling was mutual. We were teenagers, exploring relationships and being adults.

When I realised that this was more than a passing interest, I was happy and concerned – so concerned that I went to see the minister. I had many questions about the ethical and moral rights and wrongs of having a relationship with someone from a different religious group. I am not talking about anything extreme. He was a Methodist, and I was in the Dutch Reformed Church, which made us both Protestants. The point was that he was not a member of the Dutch Reformed Church.

Today this sounds like a laughable exaggeration, but at the time my world was wobbly because of the magnitude of the decision I had to make about the relationship. The easy way out was to stop seeing him, which is what I did. I knew I had hurt him, and I was hurt, but the blinkers were solidly in place.

Now, four decades later, I know how incredibly childish and immature that decision was, and how different my life would have been if I bit the bullet and broke away from that restrictive cult. In my defence, I was a teenager who grew up in a God-fearing home and I only discovered in years that God is in fact a God of love.

During that same period, when I was already a young adult, my best friend got married. I did not attend her wedding. Why on earth not? Because she was a member of the Apostolic Faith Mission – where people actually enjoy going to church, and they show it with music and singing and praising God. My fear and indoctrination were such that I could not even see my way open to attend her wedding. That was cruel, but at the time it was the only option that I could see.

The friendship remained strong, and she actually attended my wedding.

That memory represented another big loss to me, and to this day I can remember being at home on that day, wishing with all my heart that I could share my friend’s big day and her joy, but at the same time knowing that the ostracism following the decision to attend would have been unbearable.

Little did I know that about a decade later, I would experience that same ostracism at full blast anyway when I got divorced.

Over the years I had more experiences that confirmed for me how vicious religious people can be. I worked in Ireland, a country still in the grip of a smothering Catholic Church, and saw the worst side of religious judgment – where a mass grave of babies and orphans was discovered at a convent, and where children, in general, were not safe from any men or the cloth. I lived in England, where it is totally acceptable to remain married and have several relationships after leaving the marital home, because of the social and religious judgment of the Church of England if you actually go through with a divorce. I am not sitting in moral judgment. Spirituality has taught me the importance of finishing unfinished business, and the church does not allow that.

Does this mean everything about religious is bad? On the contrary. If you read the holy scriptures of many religious, you will find the gems and the beauty in each one of them. And of course, there are many good people for whom religion and their religious practices form a resting place for their feet.

For me spirituality is my home and my comfort. There is nothing that cannot be resolved by Spirit, and there is no greater solace than what I get form communing with Spirit.

I was a qualified psychologist for many years and gave up that title because I encountered situations where no amount of psychological training could help me.

As a psychologist and a Christian, I was never taught in which box to put the person who came to me, desperate for help halfway during a sex change and feeling suicidal. Spirit had an answer.

As a psychologist and a Christian, I was never taught what is the best way to council a prisoner who called me from death row in the US two days before his execution, for a psychic reading. Spirit had an answer.

I have since been through experiences in my own life that got me close to breaking point, and I was able to learn and see patterns and get explanations that do not appear in any religious scripture or academic textbook. I now help people who go through similar experiences.

Spirit had an answer.

Breaking Down Boundaries

Written by Elsabe Smit

My name is Elsabe. My grandmother was named Elizabeth, but I was the first grandchild and my parents wanted to be original. The result? I have one unique name, there was hell to pay in the family because of the audacity of my parents, and my siblings ended up with strings of family names that they do not use because they are all known by their nicknames.

I think that was an early sign of me breaking down boundaries and surging ahead into unknown territory. Is it a matter of a fool rushing in where angels fear to tread? I did not think so, but then I am biased.

I once had one of those experiences that would not be more bizarre if you make them up. I have a British passport, but also still carry my South African passport. I traveled from the UK to South Africa for a short break.

Legislation required me to use my South African passport when I am in South Africa. I also need to have my British passport available, because part of the job of airport officials is to ensure people have the correct travel documents for their destinations (like a South African passport with a valid visa or a British passport if you travel from South Africa to the UK). If they slip up, people are deported back to their place of origin at the expense of the airline.

When arriving in South Africa, I went to an international foreign exchange agency to exchange £60 for South African currency. This was not a large amount of money and should not have aroused suspicion.

When asked for my passport, I was not sure which one to use (I normally do the exchange in the UK or use a credit card) and made the mistake of providing both passports.

The clerk looked at my British passport and then asked for proof of residence. I provided my British driver’s license which is acceptable throughout the European Union, and in many other countries including South Africa. But not for this company.

They then looked at my South African passport and demanded a visa that would justify my visit to my country of birth – in addition to two legal passports and a return ticket. I soon realized that I was getting nowhere and left without the money.

I went to the next company, provided only my British passport, and got the money within minutes.

These people, as well as my parents, were obliged to enforce boundaries. It does not matter that the boundaries are artificial and impractical. The boundaries are there, and in their minds overstepping those boundaries would have dire consequences.

No matter how well educated we are, we grow up in systems and cultures that tell us to obey the rules and face the consequences. As a result, we understand from a very young age that we must do as we are told, and that the control is outside of us – with other people that have authority over us.

End of creativity. End of audacity. Beginning of lifelong pandering.

Of course, people break out. They use the opportunities that are given to them, and they use their God-given brains and various talents to make the world a better place for themselves and for others.

They become entrepreneurs, artists, inspired achievers in the fields that they are passionate about. They also often become lonely because people start to revere them.

The result is a class system, where one class looks up to another and protest about the class differences. The “upper” class does not necessarily look down on the “lower” class. However, they know what happens when you accept boundaries without question, and they shy away from anything that would put a damper on their creativity.

Once you have tasted the freedom of breaking rules and expanding your personal territory, amazing opportunities open for you. Each opportunity is a test of your ability to conquer fear and each success brings you closer to the self that you were born to be in this world.

And I am not saying you should do as you please in all circumstances. We are social beings, and we need to be aware of how our behavior impacts on others. There is no need for anyone to deliberately hurt other, but there is also no need to blindly obey rules based on the fears of other.

I wonder what those foreign exchange clerks would say when they hear about the three occasions when I was illegally in other countries? Each time a border policeman helped me on my journey (one accompanied me to safe territory at his own risk, one was bribed to let me in, and one pretended not to see me) and I had a wonderful time because I refused to see the obstacles and went for the opportunities. But that is a story for another day.

Go and find your boundaries and start breaking them down.

Working for the Great Healer

Written by Elsabe Smit

Nope, the circus is not over yet, but the end is in sight.

Have you been injected? A month or two ago I would have wanted to know, but now my question is: does it matter?

This issue has been a tumultuous inner journey that I lived through while watching myself and my response with fascination.

Firstly there was the question of whether I would take the prick. My intuitive decision was no, I have a God-given immune system and I will nourish and cherish it. Does this mean I was and have been all mouth about the illness? On the contrary.

When the circus started, I was working on a contract in Cape Town, and flying up to my home in Pretoria every few weeks. Right before the lockdown started, I took a late-night flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg. By the time I got home, my eyes were itching. The next morning I felt like I had pink eyes with all the scratchiness but none of the pink.

During the course of the weekend, I started showing other symptoms such as blocked sinuses, a scratchy throat, fever and muscle aches. I was back in Cape Town late on Sunday evening and feeling like a train wreck. Nevertheless, I went to work on Monday and managed to get through half of the day.

I went home and spent the next four days in bed, feeling worse than ever in my life. Fortunately, my hostess was a medical practitioner, and she gave me antibiotics on the third day. By the end of the week I was back on my feet and grateful for my good health.

Then the lockdown and the fearmongering started. Intuitively the situation made no sense to me.

A few months later, my medical friends put two and two together, and we realised what had been wrong with me. So no, I am not preaching from my ivory tower. I got the germ, fought it and came out stronger.

Then the talk about the poisonous prick took off. I looked at the statistics, and none of the justifications made sense to me. As the facts came out, I disseminated these facts to everyone who wanted to listen – and to many people who avoided me because they disagreed with my fervour. I lost family and friends – not just because they turned their backs on my preaching, but because they experienced their loved ones leaving this earth.

I finally realised that if a person wanted the injection, nothing I would say or do would stop them, and I made peace with that.

When the health consequences of the injections started coming to light and it was all doom and gloom, I intuitively felt that a God of Love would not leave His children completely exposed to the injuries. I knew in my bones that there would be people working on a solution and even a cure for the injuries, especially where people were coerced or fooled into this damage. I wanted to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

I have been doing spiritual and distance healing for years, but somehow, I felt that a part of the puzzle was missing. I kept searching.

I found the missing piece of the puzzle and discovered how I can be part of the solution.

Then two things happened. The first was that when I did any healing – in person or distance healing – the injection status of my client became irrelevant. My focus is now on helping clients to balance the system in their body that needs balancing so that their bodies can heal themselves. That is all that is important. And it is possible because that is how God made us.

The second thing was that I could distinctly feel how my relationship with my clients as well as my healing abilities moved to a higher level. This is one of those things that are not easy to put into words, but I now know in my heart of hearts that the healing energy I have been using for years has intensified to a point that leaves me in awe.

I am incredibly grateful that I have been on this journey, and I am looking forward to every day when I can help a person to activate their own innate healing ability.

Should we talk?


Is the Time Right Yet?

Written by Elsabe Smit

I am sure everyone who is reading this article cannot wait for the new dawn to arrive.

Of course, we all are ready – aren’t we? We are looking forward to a world of peace and harmony where there is food and shelter for everyone, and where there are no wars.

Nobody will argue that it is time for humanity to enter this beautiful new world, and the sooner the better.

I will argue that – based on numerous psychic readings where my clients have done everything they needed to do to prepare for a beautiful relationship/new job/peace in the family and many other things. I have stopped counting the number of times where I told them that it is not about time, but about timing.

Let me explain what that means, with an extract from my book Following a Spiritual Path: Recovering from Religion Vol 1.

“So, what is time? Is it a frozen moment on the clock?

Is it something between the start and end of an experience, which will make time linear?

Compare a minute of meditation to a minute of someone yelling at you – which minute is the longest?

Such an experience will create the impression of linear time, but that is because you add the person’s experience to the definition.

Or is time circular, like the seasons, or a clock? This would imply that time is circular and therefore unending. However, there is an end to one season which is the beginning of the next season (even if you cannot pinpoint the exact moment where one season turns into the next).

Or maybe time is the measurement between the start and the end of change. If this is the case, then if we cannot see any change, there is no time. But what if one person can see change, and another says there was no change? And when do things ever completely stop changing? Does that sound right?

It makes more and more sense to say that time is NOT separate from space. The time-space continuum consists of length, width, height, and time. If you look at your life, then some experiences stand out more in your memory than other times – which makes this continuum credible.

There is a beautiful Arab proverb from the 12th century: Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids.

Let me explain this proverb. Time – especially linear time – is a construct that makes this life and this world easier for us to understand. It gives us a frame of reference and helps us to understand cause and effect.

However, life is not about getting the past, present, and future into neat little rows. Life is about having experiences and about gaining wisdom. Time is one tool that helps us create experiences.

We spend too much time pondering on the past. We experience guilt, regret, and other emotions about things we cannot change. We are concerned about the future which has not happened yet, and which always turns out to be quite manageable once we get to the future we feared. We spend too much time panicking about what is still coming when the future is a combination of destiny (which you cannot do anything about) and creation (you consciously create with your thoughts and are in charge of those thoughts all the time). All this focus on the past and future prevents us from enjoying the moment.

The pyramids that are referred to in the proverb represent what is far bigger, deeper, and more powerful than anything on earth, including time. The pyramids represent extraordinarily strong energy and reminders of the presence of another civilisation. The origin of the pyramids is a mystery that we will probably not resolve in this life. The proverb reminds us that we need to spend more time respecting what is represented by the pyramids, and less time panicking about time and the future.

The pyramids are older than human memory. They represent a history that is part of who we are today. They contain miracles – how were they built and why? The pyramids represent magic and remind us that we are specks in the history of this planet.”

If we cannot even have a single definition of time, we fool ourselves into waiting for the perfect time for things to happen. This is why I prefer not to give timelines in my psychic readings. It is not about time.

Then what is all this about? When will things really start to happen for us?

It is all about timing – when everyone is ready for what needs to happen.

Are you sure that all your family and friends are ready for our beautiful new world? I am fairly sure the answer is “no – and there is nothing I can do about it”.

Yes, there is something you can do about it.

Live your life every day as if you are already in this beautiful new world of peace and abundance. If you have emotional issues to deal with, now is a good time. If you are one of those people baying for the blood of the culprits that got us into this mess, you are not ready, and the timing is not right. You still need to learn that it is not for us to judge, but for us to go inside every day and deal with our own issues.

If you are waiting for the promised abundance to come your way while you still have a poverty mindset, then the timing is not right. You need to get to think abundance every moment of your day – and that does not mean maxing out your credit card hoping that it will be wiped clean by miracle. Abundance is not only about money. Abundance is about appreciating and being grateful for every single person and item in our lives. Are you there yet?

Some people will spend another lifetime working towards the perfect timing for our beautiful new world. However, many people who have become aware of the evil in this world, have also discovered a massive resource of empathy and righteousness inside of themselves. Are you also aware of how “awake” people help their neighbours more than ever before? Are you one of them? Or are you still waiting for a saviour to come and help you, or for politicians to do what we expect them to do? Which time will be the longest – waiting for that pothole to be filled, or galvanizing your neighbours to fill not only that pothole but every other pothole insight?

And all this is only on an individual level.

Now imagine getting groups of people to be ready for our beautiful new world. Will religious or political groups simply agree to put the division aside? Will the medical or legal or educational fraternity accept overnight that just about everything they believe in is built on clay and crumbling more and more every day?

No matter how ready you are, we live in a world where most people need to be ready for the change – that is timing rather than time.

Once we have reached that majority, it is not simply a matter of having had a change of heart. We also need a change of mind – which includes taking responsibility for everything in our new world, rather than only for my little patch, so that I can blame you for not looking after your patch.

We are moving into a new world with more individual responsibility than we have ever had before. Now, are you ready? It is all about timing, not about time.

Disillusionment and Hope

written by Elsabe Smit

We are living in the strangest, most lonely, most exciting time that God could have created for us.

All our role models have failed us. This is a time when dis-ease is at the forefront of most people globally – because a small group of evil being have created and let loose the most destructive dis-ease you can imagine, namely fear. Medical doctors that stand up to this farce put their lives in danger, and often experience not only the risk, but the reality of losing their livelihood. Imagine that you swore an oath to “first cause no harm”, only to then be instructed to not treat people for a condition that is 100% treatable and with a recovery rate of 99.9%? What would you do? I have friends who are some of the most brilliant medical professionals that you can imagine, and they voluntarily took a poisonous injection – because that is what the god of medical science instructed them to do. I now have the prospect of losing them to premature death.

Can we take the culprits to court? We can try – in my country an advocate did just that. He took the government to court for falsely imposing regulations that cannot be justified from any angle in maritime law, and he won the case. On top of that, the government did not even bother to appeal, and therefore solidly lost the case. It is a year later, and the main-stream media as well as the entire government are still ignoring the findings of the court. There are still court battles and appeal upon appeal, but this is now a game of monopoly – we will fight to the bitter end, because we don’t yet understand that we can simply walk away and that is the end of the game. If you follow the legal rules of those who created and use those rules to their advantage, you might as well spend the money on going to the casino and playing one-armed bandits. You will have the same chance of winning and you will have a lot more fun.

The next option is to go to church and pray to God. I discovered that the religious leaders are doing nothing to have their churches reopened, because part of their training requires them to not challenge earthly authority (the government). That government is in fact a corporation that has been allowed for decades and even centuries to over-extend their reach in their favour.

And praying to God without the middleman? Is that not for bunny huggers who have a God-complex? I am afraid I proudly fall in this category. Most of my life has been an uphill battle of proving that God did not make a mistake when He created this psychic and let her reincarnate into a Christian protestant cult. I had to work hard to find my way out, and I left many loved ones behind because they firmly believe that I do not believe in God. They could not be more wrong.

My God is a God of Love, and that is why the current purging and cleansing of evil is happening.

Over years I made many friends and came to know my spiritual brothers and sisters who in dark times helped me retain my sanity and helped me understand that I am part of a global tribe of people who understand their spiritual connection to God.

Imagine how I feel nowadays when these members of my spiritual family fall by the wayside one after the other, because they simply do not listen to the Voice of God when then accept the poisonous prick. I had to make peace with the fact that they are following their own paths, and it is not for me to judge or convince them otherwise. For a long time I have been quite vocal about the dark forces behind the instructions that so-called religious people are following to the letter. I had to part ways with organisers of holistic events who were more scared of the (illegal and unlawful) retribution of the law than of the Love of God when they arranged events. I saw spiritual friends fall by the wayside when they were overwhelmed with fear and gave in to the pressure on them to conform.

I am still standing. Why? God showed me a vision earlier this year that I can only describe as “a new dawn” where people did an etheric dance in the most beautiful scene that was only slightly marred by the black blobs of robots that had fallen over. At various times over the past few years God gave me clear instructions and promises that made no sense to me at the time, but now they are coming to fruition one after the other.

God is Love, and God has won this war. I must deal with the heartache of losing people and seeing people’s true colours. I must live with knowing that following my heart and communing with God with every thought, word and deed is the only way for me. And I am one of thousands of trailblazers – in this world and the next. Namaste.

2022 – The Year of the Water Tiger

Elsabe Smit
Contact: 066 491 5023

Written by Elsabe Smit
Contact: 066 491 5023

We have made it this far. The year of the ox is complete. That ox is bone tired of ploughing the field day after day, month after month. The seeds have been planted and we have entered the waiting time – which thank goodness will not be long, because our plans for the next forty years have been condensed to the next four years due to the events of the past two years.

What does the new year hold for us?

First, let us have an intuitive look. Tarot shows us the world – we have completed the entire cycle that we were in, and it is time to move on and be grateful. But what are we moving into? Surely it is the same world?

It does not look like it. Tarot is again guiding with the Wheel of Fortune, which has turned in favour of humanity.

I am being shown the word opportunities in different languages, different fonts and different colours. If I had to capture every version of the word as it is shown to me, I will need a ream of paper to capture everything and six more wristwatches to ensure that there is enough time – just for the capturing of the words, never mind the VERY long list of opportunities.

Will these opportunities open up to us? That is not a question – they have been presenting themselves for the past year at least, and those people who are not waiting for The Big Event to save them are already ahead of the curve. What is The Big Event? Is it med beds? A global financial reset? An honest politician leading the country? A saviour finally coming on the clouds? (if you continue to look up to the clouds, you may get a surprise because yes, there will be visitors coming through the clouds, but none of them are our saviour.

Then what is The Big Event? There is a simple answer, and you need to be ready to grab it. The answer is your very personal opportunity to shine your light on this world.

I can hear you say, “but I do not have money/time/anything else I need to grab my opportunity”. You are wrong. If you are reading this, you are one of the most powerful creators in the Universe. What are you going to do with your creativity? How will you combine your creativity with your opportunity? That is The Big Event.

Look inside yourself. Push the fear aside – there is no space for fear in the New World. Once you got rid of the fear, brace yourself for one miracle upon the next, and get on with the job of building your small part of the beautiful new world. Your kindred spirits are not just already busy with their tasks, but they are also waiting for you to do your share.

This is the year of the Water-Tiger.

Water is the element of creation and creativity. We are not only referring to oceans and rivers as the source of water. Did you think your tears from the past few years were in vain? Think again. You cried from grief because of what you thought you had lost. You cried because you did the cleansing that was needed. You cried with happiness because you got through it all. You shed some of the water in your beautiful body. You learnt and you are ready to move into a beautiful new future.

Do you know the legend about the tiger which is sometimes soft and cuddly like a cat, and other times ferocious like a cat? You are both. Yes, you can be soft and cuddly, because that will help you bring out the best in yourself while you grab your opportunities with both hands.

Once you have that opportunity, you can remain soft and cuddly and wait for whatever / whoever you believe will come and help you – and a year from now you will end up being disillusioned about the opportunities that have passed you by. Or you can become that ferocious tiger that will not allow anyone or anything to stand in its way. What do you choose?