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Welcome to the Age of Aquarius (Part 1) by Elsabe Smit

I am sure you are familiar with the line “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” from the musical Hair from the 60s.

Guess what? We are right inside the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. But what does it mean?

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The constellations change to a new zodiac sign roughly every 2 150 years. I am using the word “roughly” because time is a man-made concept that helps us cope with this dimension. The stars and the stellar system follow their own waves, and they are not interested in the clocks and calendars that we use on earth.

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius indicates that we have been coming out of the Age of Pisces, and we are now entering the new Age of Aquarius.

The last time we had an Age of Aquarius was around 13 000 years ago, during Babylonian times. Legend says that the Age of Aquarius begins when the March equinox point moves out of the constellation Pisces and into the constellation Aquarius.

Did this happen in March 2020? Or before that? Or even in the previous century? Apparently, astrologers cannot give us a definitive answer – which does not surprise me, because the stars follow their own rules. The planets don’t operate on earthly rhythms. They wander around like drunken flies, but at the same time with a clear sense of destiny and direction. If you want to see how the planets move, start studying crop circles and their beautiful patterns.

I suspect we have made that shift from Pisces to Aquarius a while ago, and this is now clearly reflected in what is happening around is.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and contains elements of all the previous zodiac signs. Pisces was the swan song of a previous era. That means the Age of Aquarius is a new beginning, not only of a new zodiac sign, but of a new era of around 13 000 years.


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We left the Age of Pisces with a deep sense of knowing and a focus on faith. Over the past 2 000 years humanity did a lot of introspection and wanted answers about creativity, spirituality and intuition. We were all taught about altruism and self-sacrifice – and we had to learn all these things, because in previous eras we did everything we could to destroy each other.

The Age of Aquarius is a completely new beginning, with a mantra of “I know”. This is not the opposite of faith. Instead, this is an age where we can prove what we have intuitively known for millennia.

Of course, this comes with a lot of new knowledge and reform for humanity.

Can we blame a virus for this change? Yes, the virus and the completely irrational response to the virus has rubbed our noses int o the fact that nothing will be the same again.

However, we are still looking for getting back to the status quo, when in fact there has been a new status quo for many years – and it has got nothing to do with shopping and exercising.

Do you remember how the Law of Attraction has swept the spiritual world a few years ago? And there were the books on Conversations with God and A Course in Miracles and Gary Renard’s amazing book The Disappearance of the Universe?

All of those books, and many others, clearly indicated that the old rules no longer work. These works give us guidelines on navigating a new world. If you have those books, do yourself a favour and read them again.

But the wave of change did not stop there.

We Have Lockdown. So? by Elsabe Smit

Millions of people all over the globe are house-bound and only allowed to go out for essential trips. Of course, I could write a book about the reasons for this, and whether the lockdown is justified or not. However, it is what is.

lockThe more important question is what to do about it.

In a way this is better than experiencing a full moon. An adult body consists of around 60% water. If you know what the moon can do to the ocean in terms of tides, imagine what the moon does with the water in your body during full moon! When this happens, many people feel as if they are being attacked by an invisible power, and they “fight back” with anger and aggression.

With the lockdown, we cognitively understand what is happening. However, many people still struggle with fear and anxiety, and if they don’t get help, they feel overwhelmed very quickly.

What can you do about it?

Firstly, go inside – no, not inside your house, because you should already be inside the house unless you have a garden to enjoy. I mean meditate. Just experience the silence in and around you, with no expectations.

This is a time where you can assess your faith. There is this silly belief that spiritual people who don’t go to church or follow organised religion also don’t believe in God – or whatever you choose to call this higher power. We know that is not true. We do believe in a Higher Power, and we know better than to blame this Higher Power for a man-made situation. If you have any doubts, you can fall into the trap of doubting or blaming yourself for not believing “enough”, or you can do something far more constructive: put your doubts into words, and find the reason for the doubts, and deal with them. There are always people who are willing to be used as a sounding board, and who can help you strengthen your faith.

One of the big issues for many people is the fear of dying. A truly spiritual understanding is that life and death cannot be separated, and that dying is really like changing into invisible clothes. You never cease to exist. If it is your time based on your life script, then that is how it is. Do you really want to leave this world in fear? Not me, thanks.

The second thing you can do is assess what is happening in the world. You can focus on the fearmongering and misinformation in social media, but I for one do my best to avoid that like the plague. I choose to delete anything that remotely looks like chainmail or that is meant to instil fear, and rather focus on all the good that is already happening in the world. Fear lowers your body vibration and compromises your immune system, whereas gratitude has the opposite effect.

Find the opposite of anything that you feel instils fear in you and find the gratitude for a unique experience. You will say this is easier said than done, but I have read about a way to do this that is so simple and powerful that it is mind-blowing.

When the emotions overwhelm you and you feel that there is no way out, ask yourself a simple question: “So?” and see what happens.

so...For example, a client told me she is in a total panic about her aged mother’s health and immune system. I asked “So?” and the client said: “she is in lock-down in a nursing home”. I asked “So?” and the client said: “Nobody can get to her – not even me”. I asked “So?” and the client said “That means her chances of getting infected are miniscule”.

The exchange may sound simple, but you should have seen the effect on the client. Suddenly she radiated and her whole demeanour changed. She smiled broadly and I could feel only relief from her.

When you feel overwhelmed, use this simple word and ask yourself “So?” and see and feel what happens to you. When someone else radiates fear to you, ask the same question, and ask it until you see the change in the person.

One simple word can help us through this wonderful opportunity to turn the world around, and it can start with one person at a time.


Afraid? Remember the Law of Attraction by Elsabe Smit

We live in times of change on a scale that few of us can imagine. We know where we come from, but in a very short time the world has changed, and it will never return to what it was.

elsabe - attraction 1Whose fault is it? Depends on which social media you allow into your consciousness. Did the virus originate from an animal in a dirty Chinese market? Or was it planted in the market – or even in a few places – by the US government? Does the virus follow the footprint of 5G? Is it in fact not a virus, but rather your body’s reaction to 5G radiation?

And I am sure you can add to the list.

My question is: What can you do about any of those possible causes?

And the answer is simple: Nothing.

Does that leave you powerless?

On the contrary. It leaves every single one of us in a position of power that is mind-blowing.

Have you noticed that? Or are you inadvertently adding to fearmongering by spreading anything that relates to the situation, whether it is true or relevant or appropriate or not? If you are too quick on the Send or Forward button, here is a suggestion. You could spend time on doing your research on the internet and getting facts. Or even better, get off the internet as far as you can, and claim your power.

elsabe - attraction

What does that mean: claim your power?

Remember how the Law of Attraction became everyone’s bible a few years ago? Even today there are still prophets around who sell expensive courses so that you can get rich/find the perfect partner/find your soulmate/do anything your heart desires overnight by just following what the course tells you – once you have made the financial dreams of the course creator come true.
Here is a but of truth that I will give you for free: The Law of Attraction works – but only together with a lot of elbow grease and focus.

There is a simple mantra that encompasses the Law of Attraction: What you think about and thank about, you bring about. It is that simple.

Think about what you want – and do it in detail and with an action plan. Say thank you and feel the gratitude for what you are about to receive. Then see how it materialises based on your action. Try it – dream your dreams, and then do what is needed to make those dreams reality. The more you do that, the more the Universe adds to the scale of your dreams, and the more materialises for you.
What does that have to do with the pandemic?

What are you thinking about? What do you allow to fill your mind? What do you focus on? That is what you bring about.
And the only way to get the future we all want, is to focus on that future rather than on the myriad of distractions that the media feed us.

I run a WhatsApp group that is meant to focus on gratitude and give people hope. I want everyone to focus on the purpose of the group. You have no idea how I have my hands full sending fear and fearful posts and fearful attitudes away from the group – I spend a lot of time explaining what the group is about, and next another post jumps out (just like a virus) and I have to start again.
And no, I am not like an ostrich with my head in the sand. My view is that there are hundreds of groups and sites where there is a place for everything related to the pandemic, but my group is there to provide balance, by focusing on the amazing new world that is unfolding right under our noses.

What you think about and thank about, you bring about.

I choose to think about spiritual awakening, recognising the truth, and spreading Unconditional Love. That is the Law of Attraction in action.

What is your version of the Law of Attraction? What do you think about and thank about?

Creating Gratitude by Elsabe Smit

SAMSUNG CSCIs it possible to create gratitude rather than just feel it momentarily? Yes, it is. Let me explain.

The Universe is in complete balance – from the largest global pandemic to the smallest sub-atomic particle. That is how everything was created. We tend to forget about this incredibly beautiful balance when we get stuck in emotions.

There is a difference between emotions and feelings. Did you know there are over 3000 words in the English language that describe emotions? Emotions are energy in motion, and they get us into trouble all the time because when we have emotions, we have knee-jerk reactions.

Try this. Express anger as you read this. It doesn’t matter what you are angry at. Just express anger. Notice how your body and your face instinctively know what to do. You know exactly which of the muscles in your face to use, and how to use them, so that nobody will be in any doubt that you are angry. See what happens to your breathing and your body. Your body knows the difference between angry and happy and will follow your command.

You can do the same for any other emotion, such as sad, excited, lonely and so on.

All those are emotions. Then what is a feeling? Think back to the most amazing time in your life. Was it your first kiss? Or the first time you held your child in your arms? Wat is when you got married? You know when what you felt was beyond words.

Now tell your body to go back to that moment and express that moment in your face, breathing and muscles. Not that easy, huh? In fact, I would be surprised if you can mimic even 1% of what you felt at that moment. Describing it as “happy” would be like describing the ocean as “wet” – it just wouldn’t work. Those are moments that you cannot express in words, and your body cannot enter that state on command. Those are feelings. They lasted anywhere from a few minutes to maybe a week – where you felt that you were walking on clouds and it was out of this world. You experienced heaven.

You need to grasp this before you can understand how to work towards creating gratitude.

Gratitude is not just another emotion on the list. Gratitude is a process that happens in your body, and when you have experienced gratitude, you cannot go back to any other past state of mind or body.

SAMSUNG CSC​Now is a wonderful time to practice working on gratitude. Identify the one issue or experience around you right now that causes you the most emotional discomfort whether it is fear, anxiety, depression or whatever you are feeling but don’t want to feel. Experience that feeling in every cell of your body. Write down something that is bad or intolerable in the situation. For example, you cannot shake hands with people. Then find the opposite of that experience that you can observe – if not in yourself, then in other people. For example, whenever you cannot shake hands, you find yourself looking the person in the eyes, and you suddenly realise how much you have not observed before in other people.

It is important to take one item at a time – in other words, don’t rush down a list of negatives, and then go back to the first one and try to think of a positive to counterbalance it. You take one item at a time and find the balance.

Then you observe the magic that happens in you as you go through the exercise. One thing is that you break down your fears as you built them up – one brick at a time.

The second thing is that the more you do this, the more you find balance in every cell of your body – even if you think you only apply your mind while doing the exercise. There will come a moment when you reach the end of the exercise – not when you decide you have had enough, but when you feel the effect in your body. It is difficult to put into words but think of a magic explosion of light in every cell of your body. Suddenly you get that floating feeling, and you have complete perspective on the situation – more than ever before – and not a shred of the original emotion remains.

The physical effect is that a quantum of light is created in every cell of your body. As a result, your body vibration goes up – and that is permanent – it never goes down to a previous level again.

So yes, you can create gratitude, but gratitude is not just another emotion – it is a feeling that you can work towards, until you feel it.

Will this gratitude last? Yes – for anything from a few minutes to a week. And then you start again – because you are still in this life, and that is how life works. However, every time you do this, it becomes easier, it expands your consciousness, and your body vibration increases. Is that something you can look forward to and work towards?