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A Moment of Inspiration …

Written by Kim Hewitt

Trusting your gut or intuition sounds like the right thing to do, then why is it we don’t listen sometimes?

There may be times when we don’t trust ourselves or times, we give the person or situation the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes we are connected to the situation for a reason, to find the gift, the blessing or lesson in the situation and change or shift accordingly.

As energies intensify over this period of time you may need to find clarity in situations. Sometimes clarity does not ask for actual change or action, but just a shift in perspective.

Trust your feelings, this is your navigations system.

It’s a time for purging, releasing and understanding. Clear space, declutter, open the doorways of your heart space. Allow green clear energy to flow, through you and from you to others and to your situations.

Set those intentions before you leave your home or before you enter a situation. Let loving green and white energy flow from your heart space and go before you.

When making decisions, notice again how it makes you feel. Travel more lightly through this 2022. You can do it by thinking beyond your comfort zone, knowing that you came here to co-create and see your own manifestations.

Be brave, be bold, put on your armour of courage but most of all be who you are.

Add your uniqueness to the world.

Your Higher Self is always calling, asking you to step graceful into you full role and into you power.

It’s asking you gently, to be true to you, to find what makes you joyful and to live life as an adventure.

Will you answer the call?

Time is what you have been given, it is an asset, it is your gift.

There are times when we wish it away hoping a situation will pass by quickly. There are times when we wish it would never pass.

Think about your time and how you are using it to your best advantage.

Looking back over time, always reminds us to stay as present as we can, to really do take so much notice of all the good times and bring each of your moments to life. As you concentrate on the good times, you offer this desire to the universe and if you politely step out of your own way, the universe will deliver.

All things in the manifested reality, first come from imagination, thought, attention, intention and so on. Make time for that step to be clear and precise.

Make it a daily practice to be present with yourself. Be kind to yourself, offer yourself words of kindness and speak gently and lovingly to yourself and about yourself to others. From this ‘better feeling place’ you can act with more understanding and clarity. You are able to offer value and feel valued.

How are you spending your gift of time?

Take time. Notice how you feel. Trust your gut, your intuition. Be kind to yourself. Learn to be your own best friend. Act with grace. One step at a time.

You are always loved.

Be blessed

Kim Hewitt

Your Power Lies Within!

Kim Hewitt
Intuitive Guide, Psychic & Transformation Guide
Contact: 083 469 9883

Kim Hewitt
Intuitive Guide, Psychic & Transformation Guide
Contact: 083 469 9883

2+0+2+2 = 6
This number reflects balance, love, health, healing.
It is about relationships, re-inventing yourself, about foundations and hope.
If you put the work in, you reap the rewards.
Establish your place in the world, be more self-reliant, feel more comfortable in yourself.
Truth at the fore.

We are faced with a fast-moving year.
Luck is on your side. Watch for all the small miracles that happen daily, right before your eyes.
Open your heart to being more grateful.

Keep your boundaries in check. Sometimes the most difficult thing is sticking to our own boundaries!
Be more vulnerable and true to who you are. As we move through these times of awakening to enlightenment, we eventually come to a place where we are being asked to be more and more authentic.
Be who we came here to be.

See ‘failures’ as the way the universe is letting us know what we don’t want, or what we don’t want to continue with.

What do you value? Is it time? Is it peace? And so on, make a list of what you value and then give thought to this.

Be open to surprises along the way, see each one as an opportunity for adjustment or for new.

The word ‘extremes’ springs forth.
Be both brave and wise through changes.
Take time to sit and allow ideas to flow. Journal more, write more.
Set bigger dreams, expand your thoughts in terms of how you see yourself.
Take action daily towards those dreams.
Use your talents and lean on your strengths.
Believe in yourself, after all, you are the universe in motion so don’t see yourself as small.
Trust that everything is working in your favour and watch that happening before your eyes.
Trust that there is a much bigger purpose to it all and a much bigger picture at play.
Decide to see your life as the adventure it is.

The year offers truth and secrets being revealed. Be clear about what you want to see in your life going forward. Let go of what no longer serves your greater good.

This is your moment. This is always your moment.
Nothing on the outside can add to you unless you allow it.
Nothing on the outside can take from you unless you allow it.
You are the centre
It’s your universe
You have greater power than you imagine
Be in a state of allowing
Line up with all that is
Your happiness depends on you
Don’t wait to reach a certain goal or outcome to be happy. Decide to do it now.
What you need is already available to you.

Your life is now. Your power lies within!


Fear not my Child… by Kim Michelle Hewitt

Lemon cake was Patunia’s favourite and Proteas certainly always made her smile. The way that each individual part of the flower is formed to perfection and how it fits in and yet seems too advanced for this world somehow.

She greeted her friend with glee. Lia was handing out small gifts to all her friends, all of which chatted and giggled amongst themselves. A delightful air of enthusiasm filled the sunny back porch where snacks and enjoyment continued to flow.

In this celebration time there had been much to say and on leaving Patunia felt a warm happiness and overall general excitement for the week ahead. She glanced down at the little wooden umbrella; Lia had given her, as her personal gift. She remembered the words her friend had used, “Because you can weather every storm”. This was so applicable to Patunia’s life, which in fact had felt like many storms amongst many happy times.

Kim = Lemon Cake
Patutia day dreamed back over a specific period in her life where storms were all she really had encountered. Thinking back to times she would sit on the beach watching the waves roll in and out absorbed by the magnitude and expansion of water, by the greatness that was presented before her, ever reminding her, that all is really well, always. Her mind drifted to elightened times when all her dreams came true and smiled at how this too is possible with the right dose of imagination, a scoop of intention, a pinch of attention, and of course, a measure of faith. The little wooden umbrella was in fact triggering many a thought for Patunia and she smiled as she lay on the green freshly cut grass looking up at the sky through the branches of palm trees.

In the days that followed she found herself being interviewed by a large organisation, of which she was delighted. She found that love in all forms came knocking and she found that remaining grateful was a key to unlock any potential obstacle and conquer it.

Finding the peace in aloneness had been a great challenge at this time for most, yet Patunia was no stranger to aloneness and isolation. It seemed to always take her back in memory to happier times. Playing ball on the crooked pathway leading to the squeaky garden gate at her Grandma’s house, the smell of flapjacks coming from the kitchen and boiled sugar sweets kept high up out of reach in the wooden safe cupboard. She would think of Everleen and Jane, chatting together, in their own language, on their grass mats, smoking long beaded pipes in the afternoon sunshine. To eating sweet and sour grapes from the grape vine, climbing the mulberry tree escaping to her wooden hide away, where dolls and teddies had kept her company. Of her ‘stage’, which in fact was the old cement slab in the back garden amongst the lanky pawpaw trees. To all her make believe audience, who cheered and clapped after each of her performances. Her thoughts would amble to fresh fruit salad, the smell of garden roses, to the safety of her Grandma’s story time and the harmonious sound of garden birds. Drifting through these childhood memories and adventures, Patunia would often stop and ask herself the questions. “What had covered me through it all?” “What had been my overall protection?” “What had pushed me to venture, what had encouraged me to leap?” Now, as she looked at the little wooden umbrella, she knew the answer.

It was in fact Grace, Grace that had been there all along. Grace that had held her hand when there was no-one else, Grace that had her covered even when she did not think so and Grace that had pulled her through each trying situation. The Grace of all that is, the Grace of all that was and all that ever will be. That Grace that held her close and that Grace that kept her going. That Grace that cheered in celebration with each small step, ever gently forcing her to try and try again, to expand, experience, to unfold, to grow.

Kim - UmbrellaLia’s gift was much more than just the little wooden umbrella. She had given Patunia the graceful opportunity of adventure into a more conscious approach to past experiences, with more understanding in the overall umbrella of life. Grace, the umbrella of her life, through every storm through every cloud, through every rainbow and every sunshine. Ever held, ever being encouraged, ever supported, ever loved. As it is, as it was and as it is to come.

Written with Thanks to my dear friend TvR
Kim Michelle Hewitt


“What a beautiful kitten” I said to my daughter, “but we really can’t take in another cat. We already have two and with our family going separate ways in the future, how will another cat fit in?”

Kim 2

This kitten brought not only joy and understanding but guidance with much bigger lessons of courage that I could ever imagine.

It was a Monday like any other, my business prospects were slim, I was really so tired of trying, looking for clients, hoping and wishing, and in my heart of hearts, I felt the bitter odd idea of death. ‘What was the point’, I said to myself. I had left a corporate world with a large income, to forge ahead on what I believed was my life path. Journeying ultimately, to a place of peace and some understanding, in what seemed to be a mixed up and unconscious mind of people. Yet, here I was feeling as low as anything I could imagine and unable to even earn a small amount of money, to pay the bills.

I started the Monday like any other, moving about the usual chores and mundane tasks. Luna ran in and rubbed herself up against my leg, her early morning ‘hello’ ‘I am still here’ greeting. I must have ignored her to some degree, being caught up in my mind with thoughts racing backwards and forwards, feeling totally overwhelmed.

Kim 0Then I heard it, a shrill that filled the morning air. At first I had no idea what it was, but as I ran out of our front gate and into the street, the neighbour was coming towards me, “the cat’s leg” she cried! Her voice piercing my soul.

I looked across at their house. Panic and sadness rose in my chest. Luna was in fact hanging from the grey steal barred fence spike. She was writhing and squirming in absolute agony and her eyes were wide with fear. I felt the blood drain from my face. The spike had pierced through her groin area and out through her small body. It was in those moments that I made a decision between life or death, a decision between her life or death, and my life or death.

As I made the choice of life, I looked to the heavens screaming for help. It was a strange feeling that came over me, almost as if encased in a bubble of protection. I tried once, then a second time managing to lift the kitten off of the barbed spike. I felt the life slowly drifting from her.

A month went came and went. She was still in lockdown at the vet. The kindest place she could be in her condition, all the while healing and recovering. Due to her skin being weak and the position of her would, healing had to occur from the empty cavity, the nothingness. It had to occur from the inside, out.

As I watched this miracle, at the way nature was bringing back new from where there seemed to be emptiness. I felt the same conscious happenings within me. I felt life and true life begin to grow deep within my being. Each day as I watched this miraculous healing, I too felt the change, the realization that new life can spring from devastation, that new opportunities can arise from a seemingly traumatic occurrence, and that hope and faith remain eternal everlasting necessities.

Over the 8 month healing process, love and attention were paramount in Luna’s life. Today, I watch in awe and amazement at how she jumps, climbs and plays with ease, this from a kitten expected never to walk again, never to climb and certainly never to jump. My heart always does an extra leap of excitement when I come home and see her waiting for me. Not only did she give me hope, she taught me trust and above all courage. Sometimes not to just leap without looking deeper for more understanding, sometimes to take that extra leap of faith in spite of the fear. In our world where feeling overwhelmed may tear us down, making us feel small, remembering that we are part of, and one with, the greater consciousness that forms mountains, seas, organizes worlds and controls galaxies. We are those beings that have conscious attachment to all that is, we are not limited. In essence we are awareness and choice and we can choose life and life abundant.

Kim 1As our world around us seems to be falling apart, we can take a new perspective. Seeing it as a breakthrough to new life, newness, a more conscious way forward, where we are asked to leave behind that which no longer serves our soul, that which no longer serves our greater good and that which no longer serves mankind. In fact, we are asked to ‘become’ the beings we were always meant to be, as the new unfolds, starting from the inside out.

Kim Michelle Hewitt