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What awaits us in 2022

Predicted by Dieter Kok

Divinatorum Dieter Kok
Contact: 076-190-9895

Taking a peep to see what 2022 has in store for us, I drew 3 tarot cards and 3 runes. This is what they say

The first third of 2022: Ace of Cups and Ehwaz – It’s time for transformation and moving forward, allowing for change and newcomers. The end of last year was a slap in the face with the appearance of Omicron and other related kakkies, but the current period, the first third of this year, now warns us and guides us towards opening up for the necessary changes we’ll all face individually.

The second third of 2022: Ten of Swords and Lagu (the Lake). The Lake is marked as holding the fluidity of change, (feminine) intuition, but paired with the ten we see loss and sorrow regardless of the choice made – a necessary sacrifice. This then clears the way for…

Last third of 2022: The Knight of Wands and Geofu, the gift. Looking at the Knight and his relation to abandonment, I see good times ahead where he is concerned. Geofu’s gift is an opportunity, partnership, teamwork. The only way to move forward is to work with or have the necessary support of, others.

2022 will start with change and transformation, leading to adjustment to the necessary changes as we adapt to a new way of life, ending on a sweet note of growing and expanding together towards 2023.

New Year Cards – 2022

by Leo

No, the heading doesn’t mean I’m going to write about greeting cards for the New Year.

My topic concerns Cards for the Year Ahead. These symbols suggest themes for the coming year.

Here we have a brand new, shiny year: what might it hold for us? Gifts or gloom? Success or sorrows? Anything could – and probably will – happen.

One thing I always do, at the beginning of the year, is work out the Year Card for our planet. What does this mean? By adding the numbers of the year, in this case: 2 + 0 +2 +2, total = 6/VI …. The Lovers card. So 2022 will be a card overseen by Card VI/Lovers.

What might the implications be? A year of universal love? Hardly likely, given the divisive nature of international affairs. For instance, look at the recent uproar over the Djokovic Aussie visa! Hardly a loving start, to say the least.

We can consider the qualities embodied by the card from The Cat People deck. It suggests partnerships, and love between couples. As you can see in the picture below.

The Wild Unknown deck gives an illustration of perfect harmony, creatures working in sync, where the opposing elements of Ying and Yang work together beautifully.

Yet another example, this time from the Voyager deck, shows Brancusi’s famous statue of The Lovers standing in a close embrace, in a garden. Suggestive of natural innocent love in a garden, Paradise perhaps.

Here are just a few examples of the many Tarot images of the Lovers card. But how might we apply these qualities to a global situation?

Maybe during the coming year we can actively work at promoting loving harmony, balanced decisions , and cultivating love in our own small, personal worlds. In view of the pandemic and climate change, to mention two major current issues, the world certainly needs every atom of loving harmony we can donate.

Over to you! Wishing the world a loving, peaceful year.

Your Power Lies Within!

Kim Hewitt
Intuitive Guide, Psychic & Transformation Guide
Contact: 083 469 9883

Kim Hewitt
Intuitive Guide, Psychic & Transformation Guide
Contact: 083 469 9883

2+0+2+2 = 6
This number reflects balance, love, health, healing.
It is about relationships, re-inventing yourself, about foundations and hope.
If you put the work in, you reap the rewards.
Establish your place in the world, be more self-reliant, feel more comfortable in yourself.
Truth at the fore.

We are faced with a fast-moving year.
Luck is on your side. Watch for all the small miracles that happen daily, right before your eyes.
Open your heart to being more grateful.

Keep your boundaries in check. Sometimes the most difficult thing is sticking to our own boundaries!
Be more vulnerable and true to who you are. As we move through these times of awakening to enlightenment, we eventually come to a place where we are being asked to be more and more authentic.
Be who we came here to be.

See ‘failures’ as the way the universe is letting us know what we don’t want, or what we don’t want to continue with.

What do you value? Is it time? Is it peace? And so on, make a list of what you value and then give thought to this.

Be open to surprises along the way, see each one as an opportunity for adjustment or for new.

The word ‘extremes’ springs forth.
Be both brave and wise through changes.
Take time to sit and allow ideas to flow. Journal more, write more.
Set bigger dreams, expand your thoughts in terms of how you see yourself.
Take action daily towards those dreams.
Use your talents and lean on your strengths.
Believe in yourself, after all, you are the universe in motion so don’t see yourself as small.
Trust that everything is working in your favour and watch that happening before your eyes.
Trust that there is a much bigger purpose to it all and a much bigger picture at play.
Decide to see your life as the adventure it is.

The year offers truth and secrets being revealed. Be clear about what you want to see in your life going forward. Let go of what no longer serves your greater good.

This is your moment. This is always your moment.
Nothing on the outside can add to you unless you allow it.
Nothing on the outside can take from you unless you allow it.
You are the centre
It’s your universe
You have greater power than you imagine
Be in a state of allowing
Line up with all that is
Your happiness depends on you
Don’t wait to reach a certain goal or outcome to be happy. Decide to do it now.
What you need is already available to you.

Your life is now. Your power lies within!


Astrology Readings for New Year 2022

Astrologer : Nicky Hill
Contact: 084-654-2026

Astrologer: Nicky Hill
Contact: 084-654-2026

Astrology Readings for New Year 2022

First Quarter

Phosphene ( n ) – The stars and colours you see when you rub your eyes

As we close our eyes and say goodbye to 2021, there are a few colourful themes we are taking into our 2022 New Year

Saturn square Uranus has been prominent energy in 2021, this will carry into 2022, with one last peek in the third quarter.

Saturn is the planet of time, routine, institutions, lessons.

Uranus is the planet of innovation, breakthroughs, and inventions.

As you can imagine, the clash between these planets can be almost grating, the push and pull between order and disruptions.

We also enter into 2022 with Venus in Capricorn (in retrograde) this will nudge us to get down to basics. Perhaps remembering past loves/wounds – or being confronted by them.

But analysing these in a grounded, earthy way.

Ready to heal and move forward.

On the 5 Jan, Venus will sextile with Neptune in Pisces. A chance for a deep soul-look at ourselves and put out intentions on the partnership we would like to create.

To add to this intensity, craving change and closure of the past – we take with us a very exciting transit with us into 2022.

Jupiter into Pisces (his home kingdom!)

⁃ bringing the promise of good luck, good fortune and abundance

A beautiful tapestry of magic, joining with Neptune here – enhancing spirituality, faith and connection – a recipe for miracles.

The Sun also enters Pisces in February, showering the light of the divine.

And in March the New Moon in Pisces gives in-depth sensitivity and perception.

Later in the first quarter, Venus will enter Pisces, infusing love and beauty to this safe space in Pisces

On New Year’s Day, we are blessed with a trine between the Sun and Uranus

⁃ A beautiful sprinkle of wishes, new ideas and a new chapter.

2 Jan we have a Super New Moon in Capricorn- grounding this energy in us and the New Earth.

(Be sure to do connection/grounding meditations over this time )

Remember this Capricorn energy is awakening our friend Pluto – ready to deeply transform those who embrace this energy.

Also, the USA is approaching its Pluto return – massive transformations for this country predicted, and international ramifications.

Also, on the 2 Jan Mercury enters quirky Aquarius, bursting with new ideas and excitement.

These ideas and plans could have a slow start due to joining the Father of Time, Saturn here and Mercury goes retrograde on 14 Jan.

⁃ considering Venus and Uranus are also in retrograde, maybe just keep an open mind and take everything in its stride.

Fortunately, the Sun will enter Aquarius this month to light and pave the way here.

On 17 Jan, we will have a magnificent Wolf Full Moon in Cancer, in her own palace

⁃ creating a nurturing, safe space.

⁃ a time for rituals, intentions, Goddess energy

⁃ Blessings to your homes, mothers and children

There will be a dance this year between Venus and Mars that we feel strongly about.- initiated by the new Scorpio- Taurus eclipse season (rebirth/ comfort)

The dance of Venus and Mars is that of masculine/ feminine, action / receive, yin/ yang

⁃ Capricorn (groundwork, dealing with the past)

⁃ Aquarius (could be stifling Venus crowded by Saturn and Mars – a good time for journaling and patience)

⁃ Pisces (Magical, a true blessing, intertwining with Jupiter and Neptune)

⁃ Aries (Action – put all hard work into action, step into new reality)

The Nodal Axis Shift has moved the North Node into Taurus (comfort, harvesting). This is our future life path and destiny – Ruled by Venus

The South Node is now in Scorpio. This is our past, past lives and Karma (rebirth, “ rise of the Phoenix )- Ruled by Mars and Pluto.

As we finish this quarter, Jupiter and Mars exchange energy and gifts in Aries.

This is a massive boost in confidence

⁃ “Nike just do it”

⁃ Shoot for the stars in this quick chapter of opportunity

(NB: Important groundwork for the rest of the year)

I wish you all the best for your New Year, may you be showered with these blessings

Much love,



Psychic Tara Riley
065 971 9910

Written by Tara Riley
065 971 9910

Merry Meet my lovelies

I know 2021 had some serious ups and downs for a lot of us. And it was brutal to most. I come with a message of hope for 2022.

The cards show a calming in the chaos that has been our lives for the last 2 years. They are showing new opportunities opening up for a lot of people in various ventures and many different areas of their lives.

I have read for so many over the last few days in regards to 2022 and most readings were about abundance, new ventures, new love, fewer delays and not of all hope and faith.

2022 is going to show us the best of itself.

Let’s all be open to receiving the great gifts and opportunities coming our way.

Love, light and blessings
Tara Riley

2022 – The Year of the Water Tiger

Elsabe Smit
Contact: 066 491 5023

Written by Elsabe Smit
Contact: 066 491 5023

We have made it this far. The year of the ox is complete. That ox is bone tired of ploughing the field day after day, month after month. The seeds have been planted and we have entered the waiting time – which thank goodness will not be long, because our plans for the next forty years have been condensed to the next four years due to the events of the past two years.

What does the new year hold for us?

First, let us have an intuitive look. Tarot shows us the world – we have completed the entire cycle that we were in, and it is time to move on and be grateful. But what are we moving into? Surely it is the same world?

It does not look like it. Tarot is again guiding with the Wheel of Fortune, which has turned in favour of humanity.

I am being shown the word opportunities in different languages, different fonts and different colours. If I had to capture every version of the word as it is shown to me, I will need a ream of paper to capture everything and six more wristwatches to ensure that there is enough time – just for the capturing of the words, never mind the VERY long list of opportunities.

Will these opportunities open up to us? That is not a question – they have been presenting themselves for the past year at least, and those people who are not waiting for The Big Event to save them are already ahead of the curve. What is The Big Event? Is it med beds? A global financial reset? An honest politician leading the country? A saviour finally coming on the clouds? (if you continue to look up to the clouds, you may get a surprise because yes, there will be visitors coming through the clouds, but none of them are our saviour.

Then what is The Big Event? There is a simple answer, and you need to be ready to grab it. The answer is your very personal opportunity to shine your light on this world.

I can hear you say, “but I do not have money/time/anything else I need to grab my opportunity”. You are wrong. If you are reading this, you are one of the most powerful creators in the Universe. What are you going to do with your creativity? How will you combine your creativity with your opportunity? That is The Big Event.

Look inside yourself. Push the fear aside – there is no space for fear in the New World. Once you got rid of the fear, brace yourself for one miracle upon the next, and get on with the job of building your small part of the beautiful new world. Your kindred spirits are not just already busy with their tasks, but they are also waiting for you to do your share.

This is the year of the Water-Tiger.

Water is the element of creation and creativity. We are not only referring to oceans and rivers as the source of water. Did you think your tears from the past few years were in vain? Think again. You cried from grief because of what you thought you had lost. You cried because you did the cleansing that was needed. You cried with happiness because you got through it all. You shed some of the water in your beautiful body. You learnt and you are ready to move into a beautiful new future.

Do you know the legend about the tiger which is sometimes soft and cuddly like a cat, and other times ferocious like a cat? You are both. Yes, you can be soft and cuddly, because that will help you bring out the best in yourself while you grab your opportunities with both hands.

Once you have that opportunity, you can remain soft and cuddly and wait for whatever / whoever you believe will come and help you – and a year from now you will end up being disillusioned about the opportunities that have passed you by. Or you can become that ferocious tiger that will not allow anyone or anything to stand in its way. What do you choose?