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Penguins at Bettys Bay

Written by Nina Ganci

The trip to Bettys Bay is spectacular. Mountain meets the ocean! The road hugs the mountain on one side with stunning views of the ocean on the other side. A must-do drive.

One stop I always do is Koelberg bay!

Koegelberg Bay

We arrived at Stony Point in Bettys Bay at 5pm. The reserve was locked up, but the penguins were not aware of this.

Penguins at Sunset

Penguins were coming inland for the evening. The parking lot was overflowing with penguins. A sight to behold.

We were very lucky to see penguins this close-up

Was thrilled to witness babies being fed

Waiting for Mamma

On the way back, this penguin would not allow me access as his nest was there. Penguin won this war, as I traced my steps back


Poem written by Ada Den Hollander

The orchid just makes flowers
The Cycad just grows tall
The spider just builds a nest
The rabbit just nibbles on a carrot
A dog just nudges a toddler,
invitation to play
The lioness just hides in the bush,
watching her next meal to survive.
No second thougths, no egos, just knowing.
Nature our big teacher, always, all the time.
Focussed, content and wise.
The third part of nature, us humans,
shows a different picture.
We know better, we go to war,
we disagree, we manipulate, we lie,
I am right and you are wrong,
we say, always, all the time.
Not focussed, not content, not wise.
Where did we go wrong?
As soon as we became ego driven?
When did we forget that only
love is real?
When did we stop living from our hearts?
Where is our compassion?
Especially NOW we need to go back,
back to who we really are, aware and living life
as it should be: Love In Full Expression.
As loving teachers to others, accepting differences,
in harmony, stillness and with peace in our hearts.

I Don’t Belong in a Handbag

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to all the beautiful souls in literature land. Today I am going to write on a subject that might seem insulting to some but hopefully, it can give someone something to contemplate about.

Many years ago when animals used to be wild and free humans decided they need to domesticate animals like dogs, cats or any animal for that fact. The dog comes from the wolf, a gorgeous animal. They are wild and they make a difference to the environment. In Yellowstone Park, they introduced a wolf pack and it made an amazing difference.

The animals all started to migrate and run from the wolf which made a change in rivers because the animals then had to run, fish could continue to spawn and bring more fish into the ecosystem. With the animals not moving they were eating all the fish thereby not giving the fish time to spawn. The buffalo and caribou migrated which caused the vegetation to grow with them moving around. The other animals also started migrating and soon the ecosystem was becoming what it should be.

Then the human came and decided they want a dog or any small animal and they put it in a handbag. BANG – problem.

That poor pet or animal doesn`t know what IS HAPPENING. Now the mere sight of a mouse or insect terrifies them, there are no such things in a handbag. Imagine putting a wolf in a bag. You, humans, are mollycoddling these dogs which come from the wolf and wild dog. You are taking away their ability to be an amazing animals by clothing them and putting them in your tote bag.

Cats must hunt but once again the human takes a room in their house and makes a room just for the kitty that according to them is suffering outside. Cats will find a spot to snuggle. Cats come from tigers, panthers and all the big cats of the wild. The lion isn`t going to come up to you and want to climb into your handbag unless you had him as a baby and never let him back to his kind.

Yes, there are animal sanctuaries but they allow the animals to be wild but also protected. There is nothing wrong with protecting an animal, just give them space to be what their species was born to do.

Exotic animals don`t belong in a basement but once again the nurturing human puts them there. Eventually, animal protection services get called in and the animal has to be rescued because some stupid human thought they could take care of the animal because their money can buy anything. Rather put your money to good use and donate to conservation.

How about if aliens did exist? Maybe they would keep us as pets and see what stupidity we get up to. I love animals but I would rather see them being who they are supposed to be and not in a cage or handbag.

There are conservationists that understand animals and how to save them. They are brilliant but not the person who goes out and buys a Gucci handbag just so they can put their Chihuahua dog in there that cost the price of a car because it was bred for a bag.

If you want a handbag dog or cat go to TOYS R US there are many fur babies there. I love unicorns, but I`m not going to go stick a horn on a goat or horse and keep it in my lounge.

My apologies if I sounded insulting to anyone, it wasn`t my intention. If you watch animal hoarders on television you might agree with me that some humans are in fairyland and by saving them hundreds of animals in their home they are harming themselves and the poor animal.

So next time before you grab your bag and your pooch think how you would feel if the alien stuck you in a suitcase.

My trip to Australia by Grazia Martienssen

In 2014 my nephew Vinny very generously offered me a trip to go see him and his family in Australia. I flew there via Dubai and enjoyed a free meal while waiting for the final plane.

On Arrival
On arrival, while waiting to go through border control, a big black sniffer dog decided to sniff me out of the line. I started talking to the dog while wondering what he was smelling. The man handling him was watching my reaction and asked, “Do you have dogs?” To which I replied, “yes, three.” I was told he was smelling my dogs from home, and I could continue through customs.

It took me forever to get my luggage, and in the meantime, my family started worrying that perhaps I got lost in Dubai or missed the flight. Finally, I found my luggage and got to them. We went home to Ryde, in Sydney, where I took a nice bath and slept for what felt like an eternity. After which I unpacked the gifts and we caught up.

They were the most gracious hosts; I felt so much at home, I could do anything. What impressed me was how similar the landscape is to South Africa, and yet how different the lifestyle is. My family there is by no means rich however, with their tax return, they were able to pay for my ticket and passport, spoil me while I was there, and write a letter that they would be able to support me for the three weeks that I was to be there. The letter was needed because we were so broke at the time; I went over without a penny and did not pay for anything.

It was also lovely to see Rainbow Lorikeets (Parrots) flying free and coming to feed in their backyard. Near the house there was a park or recreational grounds with trees and beautiful birds and little animals. I was also impressed by how safe the parks are for children and at most parks there were gas barbeques and designated picnic areas. I also noticed they are strict about security and safety, as a young child accidently dropped a glass bottle at the pool in Ryde, and immediately the lifeguards were around the glass making sure no one stepped on it. They even questioned her as glass was not allowed.

During my stay, my little grandniece turned two and we had a lovely party at the house with my nephew’s in laws. A cousin also celebrated his birthday at a park in Neutral Bay, which was a lovely get together. In three weeks, I did not see any homeless people, not because they don’t exist, but because being a first world country, they are taken care off. Although, my nephew did not attend Mass, he graciously chauffeured me to church every Sunday. As I love water, we caught the ferry from circular quay in darling harbour to Manly which was very relaxing. We walked across the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, went to the Opera House, ate out before I left, and bought gifts for everyone at Chinatown. As a parting gift my nephew took me to a clothing store to choose something. I was hesitant as they had already done so much, but my nephew insisted, so I choose a light grey jacket which I still have.

I enjoyed every minute of my stay there. As a mom, I phoned home every day, even though my daughter was 18 and I knew she was able to take care of herself. I will be forever grateful. I am blessed to have such a loving nephew who has such a graceful and loving partner. I’ll be forever grateful.

Connection Lost … Reboot by Vanessa Anderson

Time, the one thing we surely did not need to stockpile, yet unlike the dwindling ingredients in my grocery cupboard rendering me dumbstruck come supper time, the minutes, hours and days are abundant. We are all starting to feel a little frazzled by the confines of our four walls and even our animals are starting to wonder just when they will be able to claim back the daylight hours of our home for themselves. The honeymoon phase of endlessly trailing us to the kitchen for titbits and sharing sunny slumber spots is wearing thin with the increase in tummy tickles and shrieking laughter from those youthful inmates trying to amuse themselves.

Vanessa IMG_20200402_140710_resized_20200403_064917769

As we enter the second week of lockdown I am sure that we are all suffering from some lack of connectivity, whether it is the faces of our friends and family, or our colleagues or even the teacher at our children’s school. Those encounters, once trivial in their frequency now a distant shimmering oasis in this desert of human connectivity we find ourselves wandering in.

The very thing that shall save us, being the one thing we have evolved to depend on – being connected. I mused at the beginning of it all about how distance was the global savior of those who lost their lives to pandemics throughout history. Distance because exposure was limited by trade routes, and relatively easy to contain geographically.

The world we live in today is so very different, with its high speed internet access and satellite images that have made the world we live in that much smaller, that much more accessible. I am not going to knock the connectedness of our electronic age. It is the same creature that will help us to connect to our loved ones across continents and oceans during this time, help us to continue working so that we can ease the economic recession, help us share information and uplift others who are finding negativity in these dark spaces. It has a purpose and for that we should be grateful.

vanessa wifiNo, time was certainly not on my shopping list as I prepared for this lockdown, but you know what has crept onto it – data, connection to source. Those first few days spent anxiously watching the data donut dolefully drudge across my screen, then disappear as I lost connection. I needed to work you see, I needed to share information with people for work – it was important and I was letting the team down and the more anxious and angry I got the slower the donut drudged.

You see there is something you should know about me – I don’t get along well with electronics. I don’t wear a watch – they tend to lose time, or stop working altogether.  I can literally feel the IT technicians cringe when they have to hear me out as I describe some weird thing my computer just did. I have an auto electrician on speed dial because my car’s radio, battery, lights….the list goes on, tends to act up regularly. I try to stay away from electronics but I also have a job to do.

Vanessa Relax

So here’s what I have only just learnt.

When the connection was lost, I shut down the computer, switched off the wifi and went outside, I sat in the garden with my cats and talked to my children, I took out my paints and finished my artwork, I watered my seedlings. I acknowledged the connection with self, the connection with source and rewired.

It’s a funny thing, even though we have come so far, spread across continents, traversed oceans… evolved. There is one connection we have never lost, even though we lost sight of if, even if the donut was dwindling on its edge about to tip over, we never lost connection to source and time, even though it was not on my shopping list is the one thing I never want to be without again.

Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews

Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Small


Open your heart and mind to the wisdom of the animal world.

animal speakAnimal Speak provides techniques for recognizing and interpreting the signs and omens of nature. Meet and work with animals as totems and spirit guides by learning the language of their behaviors within the physical world.

Animal Speak shows you how to: identify, meet, and attune to your spirit animals; discover the power and spiritual significance of more than 100 different animals, birds, insects, and reptiles; call upon the protective powers of your animal totem; and create and use five magical animal rites, including shapeshifting and sacred dance.

This beloved, bestselling guide has become a classic reference for anyone wishing to forge a spiritual connection with the majesty and mystery of the animal world.

With over 415,000 copies of his book Animal-Speak (Llewellyn, 1993) in print, Ted Andrews has become the number-one authority on learning how to connect to the spiritual power of our animal totems.

Now with this original author adaptation of Animal-Speak, Andrews presents an audio workshop to help listeners identify, access, and understand their own animal spirits. Filled with teaching stories collected from almost thirty years of presenting this material to students across the world, this program features: –

  • How to determine your own “power animals”–your personal totems and allies
  • Uncovering your own hidden strengths and talents through the medium of your animal guides
  • Learning to understand the “language” of animals–both wild and domestic
  • Methods for calling on the protective power of your animal guardians
  • How every encounter with a living creature can become an epiphany of the heart–as well as a message from the divine
  • and more For any spiritual seeker looking for an authentic way to reconnect with the living energy of the natural world, best-selling author Ted Andrews provides an invaluable key with Animal-Speak–the art of calling upon the power of the animals in our lives.

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Angel Signs

Angels use signs (often seen in dreams or visions) as a method of communication the most common of which are listed below:

BUTTERFLY:  Symbolizes a message from a deceased loved one.

CAT:   The need for a change of direction in the work place.

DEER:  Symbolizes the end of a relationship.

DOLPHIN:  Symbolizes the desire for freedom.

FOX:  Symbolizes a warning.

HAWK:    Symbolizes the presence of guardian angels.

HORSE:   Symbolizes financial freedom.

LAMB:  Symbolizes a weakness.

LION:  Symbolizes a positive outcome.

MONKEY:   Symbolizes a happy event.

OWL:    Symbolizes wisdom.

PENGUIN:  Symbolizes insecurity.

POLAR BEAR:   Strength of character.

RAVEN:   Symbolizes deceit.

STAG:   Symbolizes a financial gain.

TORTOISE:  Symbolizes anxiety.

WHITE RABBIT:  A new addition to the family.

WHITE SNAKE:  A  positive change of circumstances.

WHITE SWAN:  A  new romance.

WOLF:    Symbolizes a death.