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Paraplegic Awareness

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to all the beautiful souls that support our page. You make me feel like I am making a difference even if it is just one person that finds a light at the end of the tunnel because of the words I write. Today I am going to write about the daily challenges paraplegic people face out in the world where their needs are not always met from proper paraplegic parking- to bathroom facilities in the public.

As you all know my partner lost part of his leg last year and is still recovering. Luckily I do nursing so I take care of him. I have never noticed how insensitive a human is till their needs changed. Some places accommodate him but few and far between.

Then you get these people that park in paraplegic parking because they are just too lazy to walk a few more steps to where they need to get, not to mention people on the road that get frustrated with the speed he drives. His car is modified so he can still have the freedom of driving.

My heart bleeds for the paraplegics that do not have proper transport or live in sanitary conditions. They may have wounds that need cleaning and their situation may be that they live in a squatter camp or area where water and electricity are not available. That is why it gets to the point where they lose more of the limb because of sepsis or any other condition. I ensure my partner is clean, fed and warm in bed before doing anything for myself.

We made many friends when he was in Baragwanath Hospital and I wish I could help them but unfortunately, it is not always possible.

When you see a paraplegic person be kind to them, remember they may have been like you and suddenly their life changed in a second. Remember a paraplegic person still has an intelligent mind and they have not changed they just have a body that changed.

Then you get the people that cannot face the paraplegic after they lost a limb or any other body problem. My partner’s brothers have never seen him after his operation, their excuse is they feel bad seeing him like that.

What nonsense, they act like they are the victim whereas my partner never feels like a victim. To me, his family feels bad facing him because they never visit him and they never went to see him in hospital.

Never treat a paraplegic like a paraplegic, they are still a human just a bit different.

Albert Lin

Look at the amazing Albert Lin that works for national geographic, nothing holds him back. He goes on amazing adventures and has done things that able-bodied people have never done. Paraplegics have children and have beautiful family lives. Able-bodied people can learn a lot from paraplegics in regard to daily living. We take for granted that we can walk outside, jump and run. They wish they can just walk without a challenge.

Next time you say you do not feel like doing anything and that you feel down, think about what the paraplegic feels like every day. Just appreciate your life and when you see a paraplegic person try and be helpful to them.

Be blessed and be safe.

Legos of Love

Written by Olivia Britz

This morning I woke with an ache in my heart and awareness of all that has been lost this year and I was not sure if I was sad to stay in bed or sad because I had to get out. I was simply sad and heavy…the dreaded feeling which sometimes overcomes me and I wondered what sad article I would write today.

Six hours later I sit and write and this is what I have decided to share. As my day progressed and as I saw what had been put in front of me, it became more and more clear that choosing to be down or sad has somewhat become a habitual pattern. Yet with the help of positivity around me right from doing my nails, to my eyebrows, to a kind voice note, to a well-written article shared by a friend on happiness and to a thoughtful article sent by another…I started to smile.

And I started to choose to be content with this day. I stopped worrying about money. And focused on my beautiful children and my good health. I started to see that I could make my life worth it and I could and would choose to be content with this day.

Thursday 16th December.
We are all going through different things and this year – 2021 – has been a hard year for our family. We have had tragic losses, not just one, but more and all these losses have been close to our hearts and changed our lives forever. The losses have included our beautiful 21-year-old nephew and cousin who took his life on 14th February 2021, a loss from which we will never recover nor heal. The loss of this beautiful boy will simply become part of who we are.

Yet I will smile because I can and I will be grateful because I must. We have this moment and our life is this moment here and now. I will take the lessons of 2021 and I will embrace those close to me and hold them dear each second we spend together. Less time on my phone. More time listening. More time in the presence of whoever I am spending time with at any given place. Less time worrying about money. More time letting go, praying and letting God. I cannot carry it all on my own.

I will savour my peace. I will embrace those times when I am genuinely happy and content and filled with JOY and I will collect these like pieces of lego to build a beautiful life full of positivity which I will share with each and everyone I come across.

As we end 2021, I hold onto my Legos of love and peace and let go of the aches.