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Is Change Hard?

Written by Karin Kelly Lawrenz

The you who is reading now is almost an entirely different you to the one of 10 years ago; and the one of 10 years ago was different to the one from a decade before that.

I am sure you were not struggling to make those changes. Most part you weren’t even aware as they happened because you’re in a constant state of change as is everybody else and every living creature.

The contradiction is that the one thing that is happening to you all the time is the one thing you resist the most.

The one thing you think is difficult and painful is the one thing you are best at.

You may think you embrace change and in some situations that may well be true, but in others you will resist with all your might.

As an extreme example, you will almost certainly resist your own death.

If you get sick you will seek help to restore your health because that’s not the kind of change you want to see happen.

Maybe it is a career change that you know deep down will be good for you, ending a disempowering or abusive relationship or quitting smoking.

Change Is Easy
The actual process of change is very, very, easy.

With leaving an abusive partner, the actual walking out the door bit is not difficult, presuming that is, you know how to open a door.

Starting a new job is easy. All that’s entailed is arriving at your new place of work, probably signing a few forms, being shown around and introduced to your colleagues and hey presto, you have started!

As for quitting smoking, that’s the easiest thing in the world because you do not have to do anything. How easy is it not to buy cigarettes?

You think of change as being difficult, not because it is, but because you are told it is and the process of getting to the point where you do the change can look difficult, or even overwhelming.

And the reason that you think of the process of change as being difficult is because (presuming you are like most people) you construct images of what could go wrong, how much preparation there is to do and how uncomfortable you’ll feel.

What if I don’t like my new job? What if my boss is horrible, my co-workers don’t like me or the work is too difficult?
What if I cannot find another partner? What if I can’t find anywhere to live, or worse still if I end up with an even more abusive person than previously?
What if I get cravings? What if I fold after one too many beers at the Christmas Party in 6 months? And how will I cope if I get mega-stressed, because smoking always calms me down?

And so, you build up change as this huge great unconquerable demon who stands 30 feet tall, breathes fire and farts bullets.

The Case for the Prosecution
The truth however is somewhat different and the evidence that you’re more capable than you give yourself credit for, is not just compelling, but totally and utterly devastating.

No attorney on the planet would defend the argument that you cannot deal with change, because they tend to be clever people and they know they’d lose every single time.

What was the last change that happened in your life that you didn’t deal with?

Give it some thought.

If you are struggling to pick one don’t worry because I can answer the question for you.

There is not one.

You have dealt with every single piece of adversity life has thrown at you, and the reason I know that is because you are here right now reading this blog post.

Sure, there may be events in your past that you wished you’d handled with more aplomb, equanimity, grace or humour, but you still dealt with them, they didn’t kill you.

You have more toughness, more resilience, more tenacity, more adaptability and more resolve than you ever give yourself credit for.

The reason I get irritated with Life Coaches making silly blanket statements such as, “change is hard” (which I recently read on another coach’s blog) is because, firstly there are billions of examples where people have changed with ease, but more importantly, it creates a belief that things will be hard.

The Power of Your Belief System
If you set out to make some beneficial changes in your life believing they will take months of hard work and even then, they may not come to fruition you exponentially increase the likelihood that it will takes months of hard work and may not come to fruition.

Some Life Coaches may want you to think change is hard because that way they convince you to sign up for long-term contracts and you set off on the journey believing that is how long it will take because your coach said so.

Actually, that may be a tad harsh. I think with a handful of coaches it’s like that, but with many more they simply do not know any better.

However, the biggest indicator of how successful you will be is not the Life Coach you work with, the money you spend, the affirmations you utter, the books you read or the prayers you say, it is the beliefs you hold.

Of course, some of the above things can help bolster your belief system and I recommend doing anything legal, moral or ethical that does likewise, but they are tools to help you, they are not the reason you will or will not succeed.

Without belief, you are not necessarily bound to fail, but you are going to increase the likelihood exponentially.

There is an amazing story about the power of the belief, a story that when I first was told it on my Life Coach training I simply did not believe it.

If this story does not blow you away and make you fully appreciate the power of your beliefs, then you are possibly in denial.

Contemplate on this.

Karin Kelly
Transforamtion Coach : Author

Change Can Change the World

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to all the beautiful souls in literature land. We are blessed to have you read our stories. We all have change in our cars or at home, what do we do with it?

There are millions of rands laying in the world, so if we distribute the change to people like car guards, waiters, paraplegics and people in need there is already a difference in their lives.

Instead of the money laying around it is going to be used functionally to assist these people. The change will eventually end up in retail stores which in turn will bank it which will help the banks get the money back.

By changing the peoples perception of not hoarding change or thinking it doesnt have much value we can change many lives. The person receiving the change goes to shop which in turn the owner banks the money and middle-class people can then take loans at the bank for what they need.

Not everyone has the same need. The car guard could need bread and milk. The paraplegic could use it toward saving for medical aides. The waiter could need it for student fees etc.

It can create employment, for example, by giving a freelancing carwash person change for washing a car he, in turn, hires someone to help wash more cars. That in itself creates employment.

There are many scenarios I can use in context to this subject but it all comes down to the generosity of people that can give out money.

Imagine if radio stations could be used as a platform for collecting change from their listeners monthly even if it were just a five rand – each radio station has a certain amount of listeners, so whatever these people collect goes back into their community being SPCA, old aged homes, child care centres and small businesses. It is almost like the lotto but a broader variety of people will be receiving funds which will be managed by the radio station. The radio station can keep five percent for administration which will pay a new person to be employed to do just that.

The 94.7 radio station said they have about 1.2 million listeners, now imagine each of them donating 5 rand. That is 6 million rand per month. We pay more than that a month on taxes but we still see poverty and unemployment where our change will definitely be making a change that will be benefiting the poverty stricken.

There are hundreds of radio stations worldwide. They can all make a difference without using their funds coming from advertising on their radio station.

So by moving money from a piggy bank to a cubbyhole to bottles at home to people that are trying to assist us on the street and elsewhere we are creating wealth mentality in the world. Be blessed and please bless someone with the change you have in your pocket.

Afraid? Remember the Law of Attraction by Elsabe Smit

We live in times of change on a scale that few of us can imagine. We know where we come from, but in a very short time the world has changed, and it will never return to what it was.

elsabe - attraction 1Whose fault is it? Depends on which social media you allow into your consciousness. Did the virus originate from an animal in a dirty Chinese market? Or was it planted in the market – or even in a few places – by the US government? Does the virus follow the footprint of 5G? Is it in fact not a virus, but rather your body’s reaction to 5G radiation?

And I am sure you can add to the list.

My question is: What can you do about any of those possible causes?

And the answer is simple: Nothing.

Does that leave you powerless?

On the contrary. It leaves every single one of us in a position of power that is mind-blowing.

Have you noticed that? Or are you inadvertently adding to fearmongering by spreading anything that relates to the situation, whether it is true or relevant or appropriate or not? If you are too quick on the Send or Forward button, here is a suggestion. You could spend time on doing your research on the internet and getting facts. Or even better, get off the internet as far as you can, and claim your power.

elsabe - attraction

What does that mean: claim your power?

Remember how the Law of Attraction became everyone’s bible a few years ago? Even today there are still prophets around who sell expensive courses so that you can get rich/find the perfect partner/find your soulmate/do anything your heart desires overnight by just following what the course tells you – once you have made the financial dreams of the course creator come true.
Here is a but of truth that I will give you for free: The Law of Attraction works – but only together with a lot of elbow grease and focus.

There is a simple mantra that encompasses the Law of Attraction: What you think about and thank about, you bring about. It is that simple.

Think about what you want – and do it in detail and with an action plan. Say thank you and feel the gratitude for what you are about to receive. Then see how it materialises based on your action. Try it – dream your dreams, and then do what is needed to make those dreams reality. The more you do that, the more the Universe adds to the scale of your dreams, and the more materialises for you.
What does that have to do with the pandemic?

What are you thinking about? What do you allow to fill your mind? What do you focus on? That is what you bring about.
And the only way to get the future we all want, is to focus on that future rather than on the myriad of distractions that the media feed us.

I run a WhatsApp group that is meant to focus on gratitude and give people hope. I want everyone to focus on the purpose of the group. You have no idea how I have my hands full sending fear and fearful posts and fearful attitudes away from the group – I spend a lot of time explaining what the group is about, and next another post jumps out (just like a virus) and I have to start again.
And no, I am not like an ostrich with my head in the sand. My view is that there are hundreds of groups and sites where there is a place for everything related to the pandemic, but my group is there to provide balance, by focusing on the amazing new world that is unfolding right under our noses.

What you think about and thank about, you bring about.

I choose to think about spiritual awakening, recognising the truth, and spreading Unconditional Love. That is the Law of Attraction in action.

What is your version of the Law of Attraction? What do you think about and thank about?