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Colours, the Little Mermaid

Children’s story was written by Grazia Martienssen
Gooday children, Flyer the seagull here, let me tell you about:

Playing Together

Once I was flying over the ocean when I saw a colourful little mermaid, she had a colourful tail and long colourful hair. Everyone called her Colours. She was very cheerful and happy. One day she saw some children on the beach and decided to make friends with them.
I didn’t catch the children’s names. Were you there? Have you ever played with a mermaid?

Exciting Times

The children saw her approaching and shouted,
“Look, a girl with colourful hair!” As she approached they saw her tail.
“It’s a mermaid, they said excitedly.”
“Yes, and my name is Colours,” she said.
“Wow, I can see why you are called colours,” replied the children.
“I am the youngest of 3 sisters, and the most colourful one of them all,” she said. “Can I play with you please?” Colours asked.
“Yes,” they all said very excitedly.
In the hours that followed, they played all kinds of games. They played throwing the ball into the water, and when it went too far, Colours would swim to fetch it.
They played skipping, and Colours skipped with the waves while using them as a skipping rope. They had so much fun and played so many games.

Suddenly two more mermaids appeared.
“My sisters have arrived!” said Colours, before introducing them to the children. The sisters joined in the fun and showed the children some new games to play. They played so many games and had so much fun!
I didn’t hear the names of the 2 mermaids. Do you know their names?

What games do you think they played together? I should have written them all down to remember them. Maybe you know?

Then they took the children underwater and invited them to their house for lunch. The house was beautiful, and the meal was delicious.

Do you know what they ate?
What do you think the house was made of?

Back up
When they were finished eating the mermaids took the children back up and gave them some mermaid bread to take home.

I think the bread was made from seaweed, but I am not sure.

Do you know how mermaids bake their bread?