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My 10 Second Rule by Franky Van Den Berg

We often lose focus on what truly matters in this life. The fast pace of life, along with an increasing need for everything to be rushed and to be constantly improved. This can place tremendous pressure on one and we are often entirely focused on the task and requirements at hand and in the process we place our well-being, opinions and health at the end of our list of priorities.

I too was trapped by this unhealthy way of living until my health caved and forced me to reconsider my ways. Since my wake-up call I have had many hours reflecting on my past daily routines, how I handled work, stress (or rather, the lack thereof), attending to my daily eating habits, quality sleep (or rather: too little thereof) and equality as important, if not more so, the people I allowed in my social life and the treatment from them I allowed and brushed off.

I’ve learned much during the long period of thoroughly attending to getting my health back on track, lessons that have changed my life (and health) for the better and it is these lessons I want to share with the aim of preventing others from going through the same experiences as I by providing insight to others. I have processed the information in a manner that enables effortless application.

  1. The majority of communication you have is the internal dialogue you have with yourself. Therefor, it is of great importance to pay attention to the thoughts you allow in your mind. The relationship/communication you have with yourself can be just as abusive as an abusive relationship with another person. Moreover, the treatment you allow your internal dialogue to have with yourself is subconsciously the type of treatment you are likely to allow from others.
  2. Time management. By planning your day you can set time aside for essential tasks including snack breaks (ensuring you have a sufficient eating and hydration routine), time to give your mind and body a break (maybe go for a quick jog instead of continuously sitting behind your desktop) and allow for sufficient time to unwind before going to bed, which may improve the quality and quantity of sleep you get.
  3. Failure to plan is planning to fail. Keeping a daily journal and planner will allow you to allocate time more effectively, keep track of time and allow for proper breaks and identify longer term habits: you can only effectively address habits that is sub-optimal for your health, wellness and wealth if you properly identify and track your true habits. Plan your snacks for the say instead of grabbing anything that is in the fridge when you are beside yourself with hunger and risk overeating, eating too little or having an unbalanced diet. By setting a particular diet that is best suited for you which can improve your mental and physical health and energy, support you in reaching a healthy weight (if that is a goal of yours).
  4. Be reasonable with yourself. Rome wasn’t build in a single day and expecting yourself to move mountains is unreasonable. Putting yourself under a tremendous amount of pressure to perform won’t only affect your work progress and quality negatively, but it will harm you in a physical and emotional aspect. Setting out a reasonable amount of work to be completed daily will not only improve your self-esteem, but it will also enable you to make consistent progress instead of spending hours stressing and bullying yourself about the work you haven’t done and experiencing the consequences of the stress.
  5. Upon countering a challenging situation or a situation prevoking strong emotions I have a ten second rule. First, I turn around close my eyes and count to ten while taking deep, focused breaths. Then, I compile facts about the situation. If there are other people involved ask them for their perspective first, before reaching a conclusion. Put all emotions aside (I know it seems difficult, but you’ll improve with practice) and establish your priorities regarding the situation. I operate better by writing my thought process down in a notebook and often list the pro’s and con’s of the situation. Identify the best plan of action in order to achieve your priority.

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Creating Gratitude by Elsabe Smit

SAMSUNG CSCIs it possible to create gratitude rather than just feel it momentarily? Yes, it is. Let me explain.

The Universe is in complete balance – from the largest global pandemic to the smallest sub-atomic particle. That is how everything was created. We tend to forget about this incredibly beautiful balance when we get stuck in emotions.

There is a difference between emotions and feelings. Did you know there are over 3000 words in the English language that describe emotions? Emotions are energy in motion, and they get us into trouble all the time because when we have emotions, we have knee-jerk reactions.

Try this. Express anger as you read this. It doesn’t matter what you are angry at. Just express anger. Notice how your body and your face instinctively know what to do. You know exactly which of the muscles in your face to use, and how to use them, so that nobody will be in any doubt that you are angry. See what happens to your breathing and your body. Your body knows the difference between angry and happy and will follow your command.

You can do the same for any other emotion, such as sad, excited, lonely and so on.

All those are emotions. Then what is a feeling? Think back to the most amazing time in your life. Was it your first kiss? Or the first time you held your child in your arms? Wat is when you got married? You know when what you felt was beyond words.

Now tell your body to go back to that moment and express that moment in your face, breathing and muscles. Not that easy, huh? In fact, I would be surprised if you can mimic even 1% of what you felt at that moment. Describing it as “happy” would be like describing the ocean as “wet” – it just wouldn’t work. Those are moments that you cannot express in words, and your body cannot enter that state on command. Those are feelings. They lasted anywhere from a few minutes to maybe a week – where you felt that you were walking on clouds and it was out of this world. You experienced heaven.

You need to grasp this before you can understand how to work towards creating gratitude.

Gratitude is not just another emotion on the list. Gratitude is a process that happens in your body, and when you have experienced gratitude, you cannot go back to any other past state of mind or body.

SAMSUNG CSC​Now is a wonderful time to practice working on gratitude. Identify the one issue or experience around you right now that causes you the most emotional discomfort whether it is fear, anxiety, depression or whatever you are feeling but don’t want to feel. Experience that feeling in every cell of your body. Write down something that is bad or intolerable in the situation. For example, you cannot shake hands with people. Then find the opposite of that experience that you can observe – if not in yourself, then in other people. For example, whenever you cannot shake hands, you find yourself looking the person in the eyes, and you suddenly realise how much you have not observed before in other people.

It is important to take one item at a time – in other words, don’t rush down a list of negatives, and then go back to the first one and try to think of a positive to counterbalance it. You take one item at a time and find the balance.

Then you observe the magic that happens in you as you go through the exercise. One thing is that you break down your fears as you built them up – one brick at a time.

The second thing is that the more you do this, the more you find balance in every cell of your body – even if you think you only apply your mind while doing the exercise. There will come a moment when you reach the end of the exercise – not when you decide you have had enough, but when you feel the effect in your body. It is difficult to put into words but think of a magic explosion of light in every cell of your body. Suddenly you get that floating feeling, and you have complete perspective on the situation – more than ever before – and not a shred of the original emotion remains.

The physical effect is that a quantum of light is created in every cell of your body. As a result, your body vibration goes up – and that is permanent – it never goes down to a previous level again.

So yes, you can create gratitude, but gratitude is not just another emotion – it is a feeling that you can work towards, until you feel it.

Will this gratitude last? Yes – for anything from a few minutes to a week. And then you start again – because you are still in this life, and that is how life works. However, every time you do this, it becomes easier, it expands your consciousness, and your body vibration increases. Is that something you can look forward to and work towards?


awakening banner

Hello everyone. Thank you for allowing me to write about my on-going adventure called awakening.

I’ve recently been experiencing smells. No matter where I go I’m always smelling perfumes and men’s fragrances and it happens randomly in people’s houses.

So besides the fact that I feel the pain and struggles going on in people’s lives I’m now smelling the people that are roaming around in their spaces from another realm.

Its been a hectic few months. I’ve had friends becoming ill and obviously carrying their feelings and melancholy. I’m also going through some health issueawakenings but it gets me wondering if my friends’ illnesses haven’t just attached itself to me.

I’m having back pains- is it a spirit attached to me or just a health issue?

I’m going for a mammogram soon- is that just me feeling my friends pain and its causing me chest pain as its near my heart and I love them so much. They are like my sisters.

Family of mine is going through cancer and chemo so is it my imagination that my breasts are painful and I’m just feeling their pain or is my pain valid and it might be something bad I really can’t- say but my journey being an empath is teaching me so many things, that every day is a new experience.

That’s it for now. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my journey into the unknown world of the supernatural.

Deborah Jordaan

Angel Signs

Angels use signs (often seen in dreams or visions) as a method of communication the most common of which are listed below:

BUTTERFLY:  Symbolizes a message from a deceased loved one.

CAT:   The need for a change of direction in the work place.

DEER:  Symbolizes the end of a relationship.

DOLPHIN:  Symbolizes the desire for freedom.

FOX:  Symbolizes a warning.

HAWK:    Symbolizes the presence of guardian angels.

HORSE:   Symbolizes financial freedom.

LAMB:  Symbolizes a weakness.

LION:  Symbolizes a positive outcome.

MONKEY:   Symbolizes a happy event.

OWL:    Symbolizes wisdom.

PENGUIN:  Symbolizes insecurity.

POLAR BEAR:   Strength of character.

RAVEN:   Symbolizes deceit.

STAG:   Symbolizes a financial gain.

TORTOISE:  Symbolizes anxiety.

WHITE RABBIT:  A new addition to the family.

WHITE SNAKE:  A  positive change of circumstances.

WHITE SWAN:  A  new romance.

WOLF:    Symbolizes a death.