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Poem by Ada Den Hollander

At the light of the bright full moon

the little girl is reading her book

on her lap in her bedroom upstairs.

She sits on her chair, she has covered her ears

blocking out her father’s drunken shouts

her mother’s screams

the breaking of glass

in the living room downstairs.

The words in her book are simple, the sentences short,

the pictures from another world, her world.

She nods off, the book falls from her lap

which wakes her up and with

her hands no longer covering her ears

she listens to the eery silence from

the room downstairs.

Shivering now, with tears in her eyes and fearful

she climbs into her bed and before she falls asleep

she looks up at the light of the bright full moon

hoping it was just a bad dream.

Disillusionment and Hope

written by Elsabe Smit

We are living in the strangest, most lonely, most exciting time that God could have created for us.

All our role models have failed us. This is a time when dis-ease is at the forefront of most people globally – because a small group of evil being have created and let loose the most destructive dis-ease you can imagine, namely fear. Medical doctors that stand up to this farce put their lives in danger, and often experience not only the risk, but the reality of losing their livelihood. Imagine that you swore an oath to “first cause no harm”, only to then be instructed to not treat people for a condition that is 100% treatable and with a recovery rate of 99.9%? What would you do? I have friends who are some of the most brilliant medical professionals that you can imagine, and they voluntarily took a poisonous injection – because that is what the god of medical science instructed them to do. I now have the prospect of losing them to premature death.

Can we take the culprits to court? We can try – in my country an advocate did just that. He took the government to court for falsely imposing regulations that cannot be justified from any angle in maritime law, and he won the case. On top of that, the government did not even bother to appeal, and therefore solidly lost the case. It is a year later, and the main-stream media as well as the entire government are still ignoring the findings of the court. There are still court battles and appeal upon appeal, but this is now a game of monopoly – we will fight to the bitter end, because we don’t yet understand that we can simply walk away and that is the end of the game. If you follow the legal rules of those who created and use those rules to their advantage, you might as well spend the money on going to the casino and playing one-armed bandits. You will have the same chance of winning and you will have a lot more fun.

The next option is to go to church and pray to God. I discovered that the religious leaders are doing nothing to have their churches reopened, because part of their training requires them to not challenge earthly authority (the government). That government is in fact a corporation that has been allowed for decades and even centuries to over-extend their reach in their favour.

And praying to God without the middleman? Is that not for bunny huggers who have a God-complex? I am afraid I proudly fall in this category. Most of my life has been an uphill battle of proving that God did not make a mistake when He created this psychic and let her reincarnate into a Christian protestant cult. I had to work hard to find my way out, and I left many loved ones behind because they firmly believe that I do not believe in God. They could not be more wrong.

My God is a God of Love, and that is why the current purging and cleansing of evil is happening.

Over years I made many friends and came to know my spiritual brothers and sisters who in dark times helped me retain my sanity and helped me understand that I am part of a global tribe of people who understand their spiritual connection to God.

Imagine how I feel nowadays when these members of my spiritual family fall by the wayside one after the other, because they simply do not listen to the Voice of God when then accept the poisonous prick. I had to make peace with the fact that they are following their own paths, and it is not for me to judge or convince them otherwise. For a long time I have been quite vocal about the dark forces behind the instructions that so-called religious people are following to the letter. I had to part ways with organisers of holistic events who were more scared of the (illegal and unlawful) retribution of the law than of the Love of God when they arranged events. I saw spiritual friends fall by the wayside when they were overwhelmed with fear and gave in to the pressure on them to conform.

I am still standing. Why? God showed me a vision earlier this year that I can only describe as “a new dawn” where people did an etheric dance in the most beautiful scene that was only slightly marred by the black blobs of robots that had fallen over. At various times over the past few years God gave me clear instructions and promises that made no sense to me at the time, but now they are coming to fruition one after the other.

God is Love, and God has won this war. I must deal with the heartache of losing people and seeing people’s true colours. I must live with knowing that following my heart and communing with God with every thought, word and deed is the only way for me. And I am one of thousands of trailblazers – in this world and the next. Namaste.


Written by Ada den Hollander

Authority comes in many forms. In general, we can say that authority is a body or person with authority. For example, we can think of politicians, the police, the municipality, a professor, your GP or any other person to whom we attribute expertise that we do not have ourselves. When we were young, our parents, educators, and teachers played that role, shaping our beliefs and values ​​later in life —getting ready for the big world, society. Obedience was seen as essential because the authority has the upper hand; who knows what they are talking about. As we grow older, we often question what these people taught us as the truth, valuable, right and wrong, and so we form our views, which often differ from what our influencers told us as children. We like to associate our opinions with being good and conscientious person who does not intentionally harm another.

On the contrary, we want to help and adhere to the rules as much as possible. Unless, of course, those rules go against your feelings in your opinion, you disobey and obstinate. That is personal, so not the same for everyone. One person is simply more docile than the other. In general, we can say that our conscience is the most important factor driving our behaviour. Some people have absolutely no conscience; those are the sociopaths in our midst, who make up no less than 4% of humanity. A shocking percentage, I would say. These people are not all criminals, serial killers or child molesters. Through extreme manipulation and the constant telling of blatant lies, they often manage to reach high positions. The following experiment shows that we can easily set our conscience aside when an authority prompts us to do so.

In 1961 and 1962, Professor Stanley Milgram conducted a psychological study with astounding results. Two men who do not know each other arrive at a laboratory under the guise that it is about memory and learning. Milgram tells the participants that the experiment is about the effects of punishment on learning. One of the two is the learner, the other the teacher. The learner is placed on a chair, and his arms are tied to the armrests. An electrode is then attached to his wrist. He is told to learn word pairs. For example, the colour blue belongs to the word bird. If he makes a mistake, he gets an electric shock.

The more mistakes, the stronger the shock. After the teacher sees that the learner is chained to his chair, the professor explains that he, the teacher, must inflict the shocks. He takes him to another room with a machine with buttons he can press to deliver the shocks, ranging from 15 volts to 450 volts to the learner. It should be clear that 450 volts through your body put your life in grave danger. Soon the learner has a hard time and screams that the shocks must stop, that he wants to be freed from his chair. However, in the same room as the teacher, the professor gently encourages him to continue. The teacher doesn’t know that the learner is the professor’s colleague and doesn’t get any shocks at all. He is only pretending in the context of the experiment. The experiment is performed 40 times, with people of different levels of education, all with the same result. You can already feel the mood. 34 out of 40 Participants continue to shock the learner, that’s 62.5%, even up to 450 volts. They sweat, complain and hold their heads in despair, but they carry on because the authoritative professor says they must. The only difference between the male and female participants was that the obedient females reported more stress than the males.

Then Milgram experimented with an ‘ordinary’ man giving the instructions, i.e. no authority, with the result that the percentage of those who obeyed fell from 62.5% to 20%.

The participants’ consciences were turned off by coûte que coûte obeying the authority, with the result that they didn’t care that they inflicted ‘the other’ enormous damage. The fact that the ‘ordinary’ man still scored 20% is perhaps since we want to do something well? Don’t want to disappoint the researcher? Those are my interpretations, by the way.

You can also extend the results of this experiment to the soldier. Their authoritative superior tells them that an enemy is an evil person, does not deserve the light in their eyes, in short, should be killed for the great good of the country for which they are fighting. With that mindset, the soldier leaves for the battlefield. Thoroughly indoctrinated and unable to think for themselves and with their conscience gone. When they come home, there is a damaged person, often with PTSD.

What about the conscience of the authority itself? Or your conscience? Is it sometimes gone for a while or on the back burner? Because you obey an authority which, in your opinion, knows better than you? Because your self-esteem is not optimal? Because you don’t take the effort to find the truth yourself but are lazy?

Do I need to go into the moral, or is this clear enough? I think so…

Source: The sociopath next door, Dr Martha Stout.

The Craziness of Fear by Elsabe Smit

Let me start off by reminding you that fear is an acronym for False Expectations Appearing Real.

Look around you. What is your current reality? Why do you allow this to be your current reality? We both know the answer: fear. Fear of the future – which doesn’t even exist yet, because we are here and now, and this is the only place where we can be. Fear of being arrested for living a normal life – and because so many people have this fear, everyone is convincing themselves and their neighbours that it is OK to have fear.

Judgment has gone out of the window. People are all too willing to believe that a mask – of any kind – can prevent a virus that is not even airborne from being spread. How can you spread a virus by breathing out what your body no longer needs? How can you breathe out a virus that can only spread by touch?

Or maybe you can spread this virus by breathing out what your body no longer needs. If that is the case, how far should you be from another person to prevent the spread? Is it 1.5 metres or 2 metres? Based on what research?

I can cite here so many examples of the most nonsensical behaviour that is accepted and practised based on fear.

What is behind all this? Nope – I will not write about politics and that unnamed threat and broken systems and what else.

Let me tell you about the immense power of what happens between your ears daily.

We are all energy, right? Of course. Energy is in the form of a wave until we add consciousness and then the energy becomes a particle – and many particles become a thing, and that thing materialises.

So what we have here is a few billion people who tuned into the same reality that is fear-based, because they don’t understand the power of their thoughts and how they are creators every day of their lives. And if you don’t create your future, there is always someone who is willing to do it on your behalf.

I see every day how people cross red robots or stop signs – because they are not afraid of the consequences. Show me one person that has never broken any law anywhere or at any time in their life, and I will show you a saint.

Show me one person who is not complaining about the laughable restrictions – not in one country, but across the world, and I will show you a person who understands the power of thought.

We are living with broken legal and governance systems. We complain about our broken world every day. We focus our thoughts on making things around us more broken.

What if we take those same thoughts and we allow ourselves to think about a future where we create what we need for the greater good, and we don’t spend any time, money or energy on fear?

Search on the internet for this book: The Science of Getting Rich.

It is over 100 years old, and it is easy to read. It will blow your mind, and it will help you understand that our future depends not on how many rules we follow, but on how we use our thoughts to create a future.

Speaking a Truth that Hurts by Karin Kelly Lawrenz (Transformation Coach)

Mustering the Courage to Give Direct Feedback

Is it helpful?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?

Whether you are typically cautious or assertive when it comes to stating your opinions without being asked, it is likely you shy away from telling a friend, colleague or family member something that you fear could hurt.

We are humans who depend on relationships to survive. As adults, we rarely choose to deliberately do something that will hurt people we know. We especially avoid sharing a truth face-to-face that could embarrass, offend or wound someone we like.

The next time you are anxious about sharing an observation that could hurt, first ask yourself if what you are about to share will help the person in the future or not. Consider that you might have been judging the person out of your own need to be noticed or right. Then, if you believe your intent is truly to help the person, contemplate these suggestions:

  1. Trust your inner voice. Your brain is masterful at talking you out of creating uncomfortable situations. Yet your nagging inner voice wants you to speak up. Quiet your brain to hear your voice.
  2. Question your fear. What is the worst that could happen? Consider the level of angst you feel now. Could living with the consequences of speaking up be easier than living with your fear? Is it your own embarrassment you are avoiding more than theirs? If you can, choose to be brave. Then keep your intent of helping in mind as you speak.
  3. Be strategic. Unless you are simply informing someone about a clothing, food or make-up slip, consider logistics as well as your words. Look for a comfortable and quiet place to talk. Limiting the distractions will help you express care and compassion as you speak. When you share your observation, be clear about the desired outcome now and in the future. Let the person know you are sharing your thoughts because you desire to help them to have something you know is important to them such as their professional future, collegial respect, friendship and love.
  4. Ask permission. Before you launch into your speech, you might ask the person if they would be interested and open to some observations you have had. If you sense their reluctance, you could ask if they would prefer a different time. Don’t use their rebuff as an excuse to back down. Agree on a time in the near future to talk.
  5. Clearly describe the impact of their specific oversight or behaviour. A person might disagree with your interpretation of their behaviour, but it will be harder for them to dispute the impact they are having on you or other people.

If appropriate, share your intent. Let the person know why you care they have a more positive impact or outcome. Why are you sharing? What do you want for them as a result?

Don’t question your value. If you are being honest and helpful, don’t beat yourself up if the person responds negatively. In the long run, you are developing your personal power as you become more comfortable with giving direct feedback.

I end off by saying again:

Is it helpful?
Is it necessary?
Is it kind?

The Gift of Fear by Karin Kelly Lawrenz

The gift of Fear image 1Our culture vilifies fear. But like any emotion, fear is neither bad nor good. Each emotion has an evolutionary purpose. They all have vital messages for us if we dare to listen. What matters, what makes the difference is what we do with each emotion, how we react to it.

Fear, after all, has allowed humans and the rest of our mammalian family to survive eons, to survive unspeakable dangers. At its core, fear protects life. It fights for life. Many think it is a life-stopping emotion, but think of the many times fear has kept you or those you love safe. Think of the times it has warned you. Sent you brilliant intuitions. Kicked in your instincts, your highest most ingenious response. Protected that which needed protecting. Fear keeps us alive. It is vital. But when in shadow, when unconscious or when wounded, fear can harm in a misguided attempt to protect.

But fear itself is not, as so many teach, the opposite of love. In fact, we can use our fear to love better, love more, love deeper. We can use fear to care for ourselves and others, in ways that benefit all, beyond our immediate circle, beyond our town, our nation, our species.

We can use fear to innovate, to collaborate, to intuit the future and create solutions, to unify instead of polarize, to pay attention to and prioritize who and what needs our care, to prepare for change, to get to the bottom of issues instead of pointing fingers in blame. Yes, fear even has the ability to lessen our hate and our blame *if* we use fear wisely, if we use it consciously.

The Gift of Fear image 2But few emotions we find more uncomfortable than fear. Few emotions we blame so many of our personal and societal woes on. Yet, as long as we condemn fear, keep it at arms length, react to it with minimal awareness or demand to replace it with easier emotions, it will incapacitate us. Instead of having fear, it will have us. As long as it is misunderstood and disparaged it will remain unconscious. And the more unconscious it is, the more invisible power it will have over us.

Fear itself is not the problem. It is our fear of fear. Our hatred of fear. Our desire to get as far away from fear that becomes a problem. It is our inability to sit with anxiety that leads to the inability to sit with others different than ourselves. It is our hatred of fear that leads to unjustified hatred of others, to othering, to violence, to greed. It is our inability to be intimate with what we are afraid of that squanders away our lives, that keeps us from living, that attempts to keep us and those around us small. Not fear itself.

Now more than ever our personal and collective fear is demanding our attention, our care, our healing, our consciousness. Now more than ever fear is asking for its redemption. If instead we were to listen to fear’s calls, loud as they are now, urgent as they are now…If instead we were to move with compassion into our bodies and our minds and our hearts where our anxiety dwells and get intimate with what is there, we could use fear to heal and protect not just our own life, but all of life.

So during this time of fear, when it grips you in the night or follows you quietly through the day, instead of compulsively reacting to it, why not move gently towards it. What does it feel like, look like, sound like? How old does it feel? Is it you at 5 years old, or 10 or 30? What is it asking of you? What is the deeper fear? What of it is founded? What of it is not? Is part of it coming from an old script, an old wound? What does this part of you truly need? To know you won’t abandon yourself, even if things got hard? To hold tenderly the uncertainty of all things? To find your true center? To find something more secure and real to stand upon? Who in you can sit with this fear, can tolerate it? Who in you cannot?

woman in green and white stripe shirt covering her face with white mask

Photo by Nandhu Kumar on Pexels.com

It is, however, absolutely understandable that we are so afraid of this particular emotion. Because as many who venture into their fears discover, underneath all the anxiety is often a fear of the unknown, and beneath the fear of the unknown, is a fear of death. Being with fear then is an act of the utmost bravery. It means facing some of the most difficult and uncomfortable aspects of being human. Being with fear means being with that delicate and difficult dance between the fight for life and the honouring of death…Our desire to live and an acceptance that we do not live forever, and the great mystery that follows there. But it is in this tension, in the discomfort of our fears that the potential of life can finally fully expand and extend its reach. With no restrictions placed upon it, life can finally breathe and flower and grow. Life can finally live.

While it is true that sometimes our unconscious reaction to fear cuts off life, it is also true then, that a more conscious reaction can do just the opposite. It can bring more life, to not just ourselves but the world as well.

We Have Lockdown. So? by Elsabe Smit

Millions of people all over the globe are house-bound and only allowed to go out for essential trips. Of course, I could write a book about the reasons for this, and whether the lockdown is justified or not. However, it is what is.

debbie-nov-1The more important question is what to do about it.

In a way this is better than experiencing a full moon. An adult body consists of around 60% water. If you know what the moon can do to the ocean in terms of tides, imagine what the moon does with the water in your body during full moon! When this happens, many people feel as if they are being attacked by an invisible power, and they “fight back” with anger and aggression.

With the lockdown, we cognitively understand what is happening. However, many people still struggle with fear and anxiety, and if they don’t get help, they feel overwhelmed very quickly.

What can you do about it?

Firstly, go inside – no, not inside your house, because you should already be inside the house unless you have a garden to enjoy. I mean meditate. Just experience the silence in and around you, with no expectations.

This is a time where you can assess your faith. There is this silly belief that spiritual people who don’t go to church or follow organised religion also don’t believe in God – or whatever you choose to call this higher power. We know that is not true. We do believe in a Higher Power, and we know better than to blame this Higher Power for a man-made situation. If you have any doubts, you can fall into the trap of doubting or blaming yourself for not believing “enough”, or you can do something far more constructive: put your doubts into words, and find the reason for the doubts, and deal with them. There are always people who are willing to be used as a sounding board, and who can help you strengthen your faith.

One of the big issues for many people is the fear of dying. A truly spiritual understanding is that life and death cannot be separated, and that dying is really like changing into invisible clothes. You never cease to exist. If it is your time based on your life script, then that is how it is. Do you really want to leave this world in fear? Not me, thanks.

The second thing you can do is assess what is happening in the world. You can focus on the fearmongering and misinformation in social media, but I for one do my best to avoid that like the plague. I choose to delete anything that remotely looks like chainmail or that is meant to instil fear, and rather focus on all the good that is already happening in the world. Fear lowers your body vibration and compromises your immune system, whereas gratitude has the opposite effect.

Find the opposite of anything that you feel instils fear in you and find the gratitude for a unique experience. You will say this is easier said than done, but I have read about a way to do this that is so simple and powerful that it is mind-blowing.

When the emotions overwhelm you and you feel that there is no way out, ask yourself a simple question: “So?” and see what happens.

so...For example, a client told me she is in a total panic about her aged mother’s health and immune system. I asked “So?” and the client said: “she is in lock-down in a nursing home”. I asked “So?” and the client said: “Nobody can get to her – not even me”. I asked “So?” and the client said “That means her chances of getting infected are miniscule”.

The exchange may sound simple, but you should have seen the effect on the client. Suddenly she radiated and her whole demeanour changed. She smiled broadly and I could feel only relief from her.

When you feel overwhelmed, use this simple word and ask yourself “So?” and see and feel what happens to you. When someone else radiates fear to you, ask the same question, and ask it until you see the change in the person.

One simple word can help us through this wonderful opportunity to turn the world around, and it can start with one person at a time.


Afraid? Remember the Law of Attraction by Elsabe Smit

We live in times of change on a scale that few of us can imagine. We know where we come from, but in a very short time the world has changed, and it will never return to what it was.

elsabe - attraction 1Whose fault is it? Depends on which social media you allow into your consciousness. Did the virus originate from an animal in a dirty Chinese market? Or was it planted in the market – or even in a few places – by the US government? Does the virus follow the footprint of 5G? Is it in fact not a virus, but rather your body’s reaction to 5G radiation?

And I am sure you can add to the list.

My question is: What can you do about any of those possible causes?

And the answer is simple: Nothing.

Does that leave you powerless?

On the contrary. It leaves every single one of us in a position of power that is mind-blowing.

Have you noticed that? Or are you inadvertently adding to fearmongering by spreading anything that relates to the situation, whether it is true or relevant or appropriate or not? If you are too quick on the Send or Forward button, here is a suggestion. You could spend time on doing your research on the internet and getting facts. Or even better, get off the internet as far as you can, and claim your power.

elsabe - attraction

What does that mean: claim your power?

Remember how the Law of Attraction became everyone’s bible a few years ago? Even today there are still prophets around who sell expensive courses so that you can get rich/find the perfect partner/find your soulmate/do anything your heart desires overnight by just following what the course tells you – once you have made the financial dreams of the course creator come true.
Here is a but of truth that I will give you for free: The Law of Attraction works – but only together with a lot of elbow grease and focus.

There is a simple mantra that encompasses the Law of Attraction: What you think about and thank about, you bring about. It is that simple.

Think about what you want – and do it in detail and with an action plan. Say thank you and feel the gratitude for what you are about to receive. Then see how it materialises based on your action. Try it – dream your dreams, and then do what is needed to make those dreams reality. The more you do that, the more the Universe adds to the scale of your dreams, and the more materialises for you.
What does that have to do with the pandemic?

What are you thinking about? What do you allow to fill your mind? What do you focus on? That is what you bring about.
And the only way to get the future we all want, is to focus on that future rather than on the myriad of distractions that the media feed us.

I run a WhatsApp group that is meant to focus on gratitude and give people hope. I want everyone to focus on the purpose of the group. You have no idea how I have my hands full sending fear and fearful posts and fearful attitudes away from the group – I spend a lot of time explaining what the group is about, and next another post jumps out (just like a virus) and I have to start again.
And no, I am not like an ostrich with my head in the sand. My view is that there are hundreds of groups and sites where there is a place for everything related to the pandemic, but my group is there to provide balance, by focusing on the amazing new world that is unfolding right under our noses.

What you think about and thank about, you bring about.

I choose to think about spiritual awakening, recognising the truth, and spreading Unconditional Love. That is the Law of Attraction in action.

What is your version of the Law of Attraction? What do you think about and thank about?


We have all watched those movies, you know the one where disaster strikes and the world as we know it changes overnight. We’ve watched in disbelief as people carry on their daily routine, catching the bus, eating the ice cream while behind them a wall of water is crashing into the city, wiping out buildings and sweeping cars aside like dust balls from beneath the sofa. We sat and silently wondered how they could not see that coming. But the truth of it is, we know what’s coming because the movie title gave it away.

The ShedAs I walk through the streets of town on my way back to the office after getting my morning coffee, it struck me, the irony of the scene playing in my head – I was the ‘seemingly’ nonchalant thespian staggering across this global stage we all are now reluctantly finding ourselves in.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a quiet that is unsettling, there is a stillness that does not compute on what should be a bustling cityscape. People are distancing themselves from work, from friends, from each other on the streets and ‘normal’ social behaviour is being reshaped, redefined. An invisible wall of water is closing in around us and we are all trying desperately not to let it envelop our psyche.

Here is the thing, and it’s a big one so hear me out.

The nature of the human experience in its essence is to put a face to an experience, a visual impact that drives home the message or the lesson to be learnt. Poverty has a face, HIV Aids, has a face, greed has a face, we are all familiar with what these things look like. The coronavirus, COVID-19 does not! Those that are being shown to people are all seemingly healthy looking individuals. Despite testing positive, they look just like you and me, like your neighbour, like your colleagues – and therein, I believe is the greatest danger of all.

I have started to see it creep across the face of the person standing next to me in the lift, or when the lovely lady who normally greets me at the bus station looked for another seat instead of sitting next to me. I sense that as many of you read this you may feel the same sense of foreboding that I did when this came to me. But here is the thing, and it is equally, if not greater than the last thing.

I am, you are, your neighbour is, and so is your colleague – the face of COVID-19. Not because we fear it, or have it or may have been exposed to it, but because the image that will drive home the greatest message, or lesson learnt during this, and I will use the term on everyone’s lips – unprecedented – time we find ourselves in should be one that reveals our truest capability as humanity. It is our ability to care about the well-being others. It is our ability to look past the possible, the probable and even the likely and still reach out to the next person, because when someone looks at me in fear, I don’t want to be their mirror.

Within these, the deepest depths of foreboding I am convinced that time has slowed down, not the proverbial tic-toking of the clock, but in the quietness within. It feels as if the earth has held its breath and we are all waiting to exhale. We are being gifted time, to reconnect to self and others and to remember. It is when we remember that we will recognise that the facelessness of this experience was not there to create fear, but was meant to reconnect us.

Vanessa Anderson