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A Moment of Inspiration …

Written by Kim Hewitt

Trusting your gut or intuition sounds like the right thing to do, then why is it we don’t listen sometimes?

There may be times when we don’t trust ourselves or times, we give the person or situation the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes we are connected to the situation for a reason, to find the gift, the blessing or lesson in the situation and change or shift accordingly.

As energies intensify over this period of time you may need to find clarity in situations. Sometimes clarity does not ask for actual change or action, but just a shift in perspective.

Trust your feelings, this is your navigations system.

It’s a time for purging, releasing and understanding. Clear space, declutter, open the doorways of your heart space. Allow green clear energy to flow, through you and from you to others and to your situations.

Set those intentions before you leave your home or before you enter a situation. Let loving green and white energy flow from your heart space and go before you.

When making decisions, notice again how it makes you feel. Travel more lightly through this 2022. You can do it by thinking beyond your comfort zone, knowing that you came here to co-create and see your own manifestations.

Be brave, be bold, put on your armour of courage but most of all be who you are.

Add your uniqueness to the world.

Your Higher Self is always calling, asking you to step graceful into you full role and into you power.

It’s asking you gently, to be true to you, to find what makes you joyful and to live life as an adventure.

Will you answer the call?

Time is what you have been given, it is an asset, it is your gift.

There are times when we wish it away hoping a situation will pass by quickly. There are times when we wish it would never pass.

Think about your time and how you are using it to your best advantage.

Looking back over time, always reminds us to stay as present as we can, to really do take so much notice of all the good times and bring each of your moments to life. As you concentrate on the good times, you offer this desire to the universe and if you politely step out of your own way, the universe will deliver.

All things in the manifested reality, first come from imagination, thought, attention, intention and so on. Make time for that step to be clear and precise.

Make it a daily practice to be present with yourself. Be kind to yourself, offer yourself words of kindness and speak gently and lovingly to yourself and about yourself to others. From this ‘better feeling place’ you can act with more understanding and clarity. You are able to offer value and feel valued.

How are you spending your gift of time?

Take time. Notice how you feel. Trust your gut, your intuition. Be kind to yourself. Learn to be your own best friend. Act with grace. One step at a time.

You are always loved.

Be blessed

Kim Hewitt


Written by Vanessa Anderson

I am overdue on a few articles – this seems to be how I roll on any number of things these days. On this one, in particular, though I have a valid reason (so they all say!).

I wanted it to be light and positive and truth be told, I just wasn’t feeling any of those things. This probably echoes true for many people these days. If it resonates with you, then I want to reassure you and encourage you to honour your feelings, they have a message or a lesson to share. Sometimes the journey they take us on is painful and hard to bear, remember to breathe.

When the world outside our consciousness feels too heavy to bear, from pain or anxiety and even through anger, we tend to hold our breath as if awaiting on external forces to reset the situation. In that moment, without conscious thought we are actually holding on, holding in, and holding fast to the very thing that is holding us back.

Our connection has been brutally severed over time, sped up through recent events and I am convinced that the heavy feeling we are experiencing has its root cause wrapped tightly around the disconnect, isolation and dissent that has been allowed to flourish lately.

In a time before…I won’t set the date but let’s put it at the time before humanity cultivated crops and settled cattle. A great civilization is under construction. There are many hands and innovation is in its infancy. It falls on the backs of many to lift, carry and with great care place the cornerstones of humanity’s future. Under that care, a hand slips and the bedrock breaks, a crumbling remnant falls on the shoulders of one person and they struggle to keep their balance and hold the line. They become separated, disconnected and for a fleeting moment they feel alone – the weight of eternity on their shoulders. Under that weight they cannot see the impact of the disaster on the others, they are unaware that others too have faltered, broken apart still cradling their burdens – weighted further by their sense of responsibility to the whole.

This is where we are now at – seemingly alone – still trying to cradle the greater share of the burden because of our responsibility to the whole. This is why the world seems heavy, too much to bear and why the light feels so dim.

I believe… in helping hands.

If you are a fan of fantasy, then perhaps you know of the movie The Labyrinth. If so, you know all about helping hands – they are found in some of the least likely of places – all you have to do is ask and believe.

I implore you to believe.

Underneath the masks and the fear is isolation and disconnection.

We are a whole in disconnect, particles of light slowly dimming in the swirling outer whorls of a momentum not of our creation. We still feel the responsibility to carry the burden of the whole, feeling isolated. But and it’s a big BUT – there are others, there always have been, we have independently grown resilient and stronger.

It is no wonder, no fault and no mistake that we are who we are and where we are right now. We must simply decide and move forward with clarity and confidence.

I believe, like neurons rewiring and reconnecting, we are reaching out, finding help in unlikely places. We are made of light, we sparkle and shine, we glow when we are loved, connected and in balance, our foothold may have been shaken but in unity we find a sure grasp.

It is time to grow our humanity.