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Your song, my song, our song… By Ada Den Hollander

Wandering in the forest
not knowing where to go
I hear soft sounds emerging.

Wondering who is playing
quickening my pace
I see you sitting there
singing, playing your guitar.

Watching you, I hear your tender voice
pulling me, inviting me
to join.

Branches rustling as I approach
you look up and sing
the last line of your song
I found my love
where have you been so long?

Hand me your guitar
let me play for you
my fingers touch the strings
soft sounds emerge
you smile a happy smile.

Let me sing for you
words from my heart
kept there too long
hear my song.
Somehow I know you
from somewhere far away
from sometime long ago
I smile a happy smile.

Together we sing
the last line of my song
I found my love
where have you been so long?

Come here…by Ada Den Hollander

You find yourself

wandering around

in a big forest.

Ancient trees around you,

birds chirping,

a squirrel running away.

Suddenly, you hear a voice,

soft words are spoken

come here, come here…

You turn around and see

nothing but a white light.

Then the light is

changing, slowly transforming

into the image of an angel,

sitting at the roots of one of

the ancient trees,

beckoning you, inviting you.

You slowly start walking and when

you come nearer, you hear:

I am your guardian,

I am here to protect you,

you usually don’t see me, but

I am always, always with you,

you are never alone.

Now that you are close,

you clearly see a beautiful face

with delicate features and loving eyes.

Come sit with me, my child,

let me embrace you.

You do sit down and feel

loving arms enveloping you.

Your hair gets stroked,

gently, gently.

You surrender to what is.

Tears of joy wet your cheeks

you’re overwhelmed, there’s so much love.

You look up,

you smile and hear:

keep this love in your heart, my child,

while you get on with your life,

and remember, remember

always remember…