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Poem written by Ada Den Hollander

The orchid just makes flowers
The Cycad just grows tall
The spider just builds a nest
The rabbit just nibbles on a carrot
A dog just nudges a toddler,
invitation to play
The lioness just hides in the bush,
watching her next meal to survive.
No second thougths, no egos, just knowing.
Nature our big teacher, always, all the time.
Focussed, content and wise.
The third part of nature, us humans,
shows a different picture.
We know better, we go to war,
we disagree, we manipulate, we lie,
I am right and you are wrong,
we say, always, all the time.
Not focussed, not content, not wise.
Where did we go wrong?
As soon as we became ego driven?
When did we forget that only
love is real?
When did we stop living from our hearts?
Where is our compassion?
Especially NOW we need to go back,
back to who we really are, aware and living life
as it should be: Love In Full Expression.
As loving teachers to others, accepting differences,
in harmony, stillness and with peace in our hearts.

God Resides in Everyone

Poem by Neshni Naidoo

Where are the days of brotherhood
In God above the fatherhood
When we look around, we can see
War and disunity

The solution it is clear to see
Lies within you and me
If we open our hearts and free our minds
Of impurities that make us blind

Blind to the truth that we are one
That God resides in everyone
Now is the time to raise our hands
Reach out for the Promised Land

A land of peace and harmony
Of hope and tranquillity
With love in our heart and peace in our mind
Goodness all around we will find

And soon we will see a new age dawn
With God’s name on every tongue
Spreading the truth that we are one
That God resides in everyone