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Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to our loyal readers out there. This week I want to talk about the different challenges we face every day. We all think ours is worse than someone else’s but it’s the levels that differ.

Some are mental challenges and mental health has a stigma.

The challenges today’s children face in their daily lives at school and in their peer groups are harrowing for children. Peer pressure is extreme at times and the children get to the point of suicide and other toxic substances.

In my opinion, there isn’t enough help out there at the school level to help their mental minds. Also with the health system splitting at the seams their social workers are so swamped with cases they can’t get to everyone.

PTSD is also so severe in all people and a lot of adults. Army veterans suffer terribly and the help that is available for them is also very scarce.

They fight for our country and the things they experienced don’t get addressed when they leave the army, they turn to alcohol and other substances and also affect the relationships they are in. They are carrying too many different feelings of anger and resentment toward humanity in a sense. The wives and partners don’t understand them then relationships go awry.

Cheating in relationships is a challenge on its own.

Let’s look at why do men cheat?

Maybe he married the wrong woman who is self-absorbed and selfish. Boredom is a contributing factor to the wife, once she is married and the honeymoon stage is over he wakes one day to find “Shrek “ next to him.

She stops taking care of herself because her excuse is she has children now plus ten cats and one dog. Women sometimes make work for themselves to avoid intimacy.

Then you wonder why is your husband out the door at nine at night playing dominoes with his friends?

The women do get caught up in daily life and you as a woman might have a douchebag of a husband that wants you looking like Michelle Pfeiffer all day, what the hell? She is tired. Why can’t he cook and see to the children at night?

Physically disabled people also have so many challenges that their daily lives are affected in so many ways.

We as normal people take for granted all the things like going to the bathroom, taking something out of a cupboard and many others. When we complain we are too tired we don’t want to walk; we must realise the paraplegic in a wheelchair cant just get up and walk around the garden.

The physically disabled would love to do what we can do yet we are ungrateful for the things we can do and take for granted.

To normal people, it’s part of our daily lives to do physical activities but they need an able-bodied person to do their daily chores. That person assisting the disabled person also has challenges they face and they can’t just go to the doctor as they might be the only one taking care of the said person.

The person assisting the physically disabled person faces mental and physical challenges, no one asks them how they are doing or if they need assistance!

My parting words will be, be thankful and stay blessed. May the universe shower you with abundance.

Macro vs Micro – Global Dust Bunnies

written by Vanessa Anderson

While I was vacuuming dust bunnies, fur and lost hairs from the corners of my in my home – it suddenly struck me. I was contemplating a particular situation the details of which are both secular and complex, an inner turmoil with roots grounded in exclusion and isolation and something I have been researching bubbled to the surface. It is the concept of the micro and the macro. In the natural order of things there is an organisation of things, a sacred geometry that appears in the micro and mirrored in the macro. (There is a fantastic series called “What on Earth Happened” that offers some great examples of this in our world today – still on Youtube).

For example – and it is a very literal example for a reason. The hexagonal compound eye structure of bees (micro) mirrored in the honeycomb structures (macro) within their hives.

Does the how of how they see, impact the how of how they build?

Interesting thought – but I digress.

Micro and macro, the small and the big of it. Very often the world we live in mirrors the world within. Which brings me back on point.

The world (macro) we are living in now is a hive (see what I did there?) of activity that in recent years has been driven to almost a frenzy. Panic, fear, dissent, confusion, chaos…

Inside us all (micro) we find ourselves recently alone, distrustful and confused.

So in my contemplation around narcissism and abusive relationships, it occurred to me that what we are currently witnessing around the world at the moment is an absorption of the macro sphere (the global reactions and game plans that have been set in motion) into our micro sphere (our personal relationships and belief systems). In my experience, this is where I fear many people are currently, unknowingly, victims of narcissistic relationships both in personal relationships, friendships etc and likewise with their organisations and yes, even their governments.

So what exactly led me to this conclusion, well here are some typical manipulation tactics that can affect our belief systems. I am leading you on a though trail directed at our current situation, simply because I believe many may not even be aware of the parallels. It remains yours to dissect.

• In an attempt to persuade you to a particular position, the manipulator will bring in a mutually supportive participant. This person agrees with me, therefore I must be right. (Triangulation)

Examples: Trust the Science (Science is universally accepted, – no argument there – if I speak for Science you cannot question me, to question me is to question Science)

• Also known as the Mandela effect, we tend to remember things in a slightly different way. This leads us to doubt what actually happened and therefore accept a different truth.

Example: They never said that it would stop transmission or prevent serious illness…….

Yes, yes in fact they did. There are countless documented interviews and even marketing information stating these very promises. (Gaslighting)

• As the world sat in terror, awaiting an apocalyptic wave of disease, we got offered a life raft, a solution. A solution that proved inadequate and when its failure was apparent and it started to lose its following as fast as it was losing its efficacy, we were introduced to;

For example: Boosters. Come back, let us try again, we promise it will be different this time. (Hoovering)

• In a world of disconnect, where wars are rife and hatred feeds like an impoverished famine, the world awakens and scores of people rise to reclaim their sovereignty. United for humanity, there is a humble surge of love, a fever broken that should render us all in awe.

Yet is it met with silence. A calculated, methodical and deafening silence that is meant to perpetuate your feelings of isolation. (The silent treatment)

• Don’t look up, I am your friend not your enemy, look around you to the others, the ones who don’t comply, the ones who question. They are dangerous, they spread dis ease for the common goal. (Scapegoating)

• Hesitancy, a slow uptake, riddled with scepticism for a golden solution. Your reluctance to embrace the Science will result in the failure of our efforts. (Passive aggression)

Do any of these things feel familiar to you?

Like a dull aching sensation you have grown accustomed to, a security blanket you cannot shake and yet you are starting to feel confronted with at every turn.

Make no mistake the impact of the macro on our micro and vice versa.

In our designed isolation grew the seeds that have driven dissent into our conversations. Let us break that silence.

The best of us, the empathic, trusting, honest people became ardent supporters of the macro, reinforcing its message, watering the seeds, nurturing the dissent and internalised the war – unknowing victims.

Let us break that silence. What are we afraid of, if we have been wrong I pray it is not too late to take a different path.

I never anticipated the weighty task of housekeeping. A dust bunny in a corner of my mind drawn into the tubular vacuum. Discard it as you will or offer it a place to mull in a dark void for a while until it makes sense to you.

Is the Time Right Yet?

Written by Elsabe Smit

I am sure everyone who is reading this article cannot wait for the new dawn to arrive.

Of course, we all are ready – aren’t we? We are looking forward to a world of peace and harmony where there is food and shelter for everyone, and where there are no wars.

Nobody will argue that it is time for humanity to enter this beautiful new world, and the sooner the better.

I will argue that – based on numerous psychic readings where my clients have done everything they needed to do to prepare for a beautiful relationship/new job/peace in the family and many other things. I have stopped counting the number of times where I told them that it is not about time, but about timing.

Let me explain what that means, with an extract from my book Following a Spiritual Path: Recovering from Religion Vol 1.

“So, what is time? Is it a frozen moment on the clock?

Is it something between the start and end of an experience, which will make time linear?

Compare a minute of meditation to a minute of someone yelling at you – which minute is the longest?

Such an experience will create the impression of linear time, but that is because you add the person’s experience to the definition.

Or is time circular, like the seasons, or a clock? This would imply that time is circular and therefore unending. However, there is an end to one season which is the beginning of the next season (even if you cannot pinpoint the exact moment where one season turns into the next).

Or maybe time is the measurement between the start and the end of change. If this is the case, then if we cannot see any change, there is no time. But what if one person can see change, and another says there was no change? And when do things ever completely stop changing? Does that sound right?

It makes more and more sense to say that time is NOT separate from space. The time-space continuum consists of length, width, height, and time. If you look at your life, then some experiences stand out more in your memory than other times – which makes this continuum credible.

There is a beautiful Arab proverb from the 12th century: Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids.

Let me explain this proverb. Time – especially linear time – is a construct that makes this life and this world easier for us to understand. It gives us a frame of reference and helps us to understand cause and effect.

However, life is not about getting the past, present, and future into neat little rows. Life is about having experiences and about gaining wisdom. Time is one tool that helps us create experiences.

We spend too much time pondering on the past. We experience guilt, regret, and other emotions about things we cannot change. We are concerned about the future which has not happened yet, and which always turns out to be quite manageable once we get to the future we feared. We spend too much time panicking about what is still coming when the future is a combination of destiny (which you cannot do anything about) and creation (you consciously create with your thoughts and are in charge of those thoughts all the time). All this focus on the past and future prevents us from enjoying the moment.

The pyramids that are referred to in the proverb represent what is far bigger, deeper, and more powerful than anything on earth, including time. The pyramids represent extraordinarily strong energy and reminders of the presence of another civilisation. The origin of the pyramids is a mystery that we will probably not resolve in this life. The proverb reminds us that we need to spend more time respecting what is represented by the pyramids, and less time panicking about time and the future.

The pyramids are older than human memory. They represent a history that is part of who we are today. They contain miracles – how were they built and why? The pyramids represent magic and remind us that we are specks in the history of this planet.”

If we cannot even have a single definition of time, we fool ourselves into waiting for the perfect time for things to happen. This is why I prefer not to give timelines in my psychic readings. It is not about time.

Then what is all this about? When will things really start to happen for us?

It is all about timing – when everyone is ready for what needs to happen.

Are you sure that all your family and friends are ready for our beautiful new world? I am fairly sure the answer is “no – and there is nothing I can do about it”.

Yes, there is something you can do about it.

Live your life every day as if you are already in this beautiful new world of peace and abundance. If you have emotional issues to deal with, now is a good time. If you are one of those people baying for the blood of the culprits that got us into this mess, you are not ready, and the timing is not right. You still need to learn that it is not for us to judge, but for us to go inside every day and deal with our own issues.

If you are waiting for the promised abundance to come your way while you still have a poverty mindset, then the timing is not right. You need to get to think abundance every moment of your day – and that does not mean maxing out your credit card hoping that it will be wiped clean by miracle. Abundance is not only about money. Abundance is about appreciating and being grateful for every single person and item in our lives. Are you there yet?

Some people will spend another lifetime working towards the perfect timing for our beautiful new world. However, many people who have become aware of the evil in this world, have also discovered a massive resource of empathy and righteousness inside of themselves. Are you also aware of how “awake” people help their neighbours more than ever before? Are you one of them? Or are you still waiting for a saviour to come and help you, or for politicians to do what we expect them to do? Which time will be the longest – waiting for that pothole to be filled, or galvanizing your neighbours to fill not only that pothole but every other pothole insight?

And all this is only on an individual level.

Now imagine getting groups of people to be ready for our beautiful new world. Will religious or political groups simply agree to put the division aside? Will the medical or legal or educational fraternity accept overnight that just about everything they believe in is built on clay and crumbling more and more every day?

No matter how ready you are, we live in a world where most people need to be ready for the change – that is timing rather than time.

Once we have reached that majority, it is not simply a matter of having had a change of heart. We also need a change of mind – which includes taking responsibility for everything in our new world, rather than only for my little patch, so that I can blame you for not looking after your patch.

We are moving into a new world with more individual responsibility than we have ever had before. Now, are you ready? It is all about timing, not about time.