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What Molly Says: #27 by Heidi

I would like to welcome you, all my animal and human friends, to my Bark Room!

For a while my Throat Chakra was blocked with so much emotion, that I could not bark to you.

Today, I dedicate my Bark Room to the memory of my sibling, and most loving and caring sister, Christie.

As the hours and the days went by, I found my bark again, so I bark to you with a sadness I have never felt before. On the 25th of May 2020, Christie asked Mommy to release her from the pain she had. Mommy showed her respect to Christie’s wish and Christie entered Doggie Heaven at 12:42 that day.

As I bark to you, I can feel and sometimes see Christie’s spirit with me, cheering me on to overcome my grief. I would like you all to send love and light to me and my mommy to help us during this time of sadness.
After Mommy received Christie’s ashes, Mommy created a table of remembrence for Christie.

Each morning Mommy and I light a candle in remembrance of Christie’s life.

The pet crematorium sent my mommy such a beautiful poem with Christie’s ashes, which I would like to share with you. Mommy says that those words says everything that is in her heart and what she would want to say to Christie. I share with you these awesome words:

My eyes are filled with tears as I watch my mommy read the poem. I can see that my mommy’s heart is broken as she goes through her day. Even though Mommy struggles through the pain of grief, she will always find the time to hug me and tell me that she loves me. I am very proud of my mommy for showing me affection while she is hurting.

I am sure you have lost a sibling who have crossed the white bridge to the Spirit World. To help me and my mommy, I would like you to share with us how you managed your grief. This will give us so much strength and courage in releasing our heartache.

I will bark to you soon. I need to be with my mommy to comfort her.
Till I bark again, be safe and keep warm. Cuddle up with your mommy, my animal friends. Mommies are very special humans.

Bye for now.

What Molly Says  #14   

Bark, Bark!
Hallo my fellow furry, feathery, scaly friends! Oh yes, and humans!
I am so glad to have my breath back so that I can share my adventures with you. As I last told you that we were moving from Cape Town to Pretoria. What a difficult time it was for my siblings and me.Miss Mollie
Boxes, boxes and more boxes throughout the house. I did make sure that my box went safely on the truck. Early the morning a huge truck arrived and the human workers packed each item into the truck. I sat next to my toy box, just to make sure that the strong man carried it to the truck. I told him to pack it carefully so that when I came to Pretoria, all my toys will be intact. Poor Mommy, she was exhausted, but I sat next to her just to make her understand that everything is going to be OK.
The next morning came and it was time for us to drive to Pretoria. It was dark and I was still very tired from all the excitement of the previous day.
Mommy packed blankets on the back seat of the car so that we could be warm and comfortable. Before we left, Mommy, my siblings and I said a thank-you prayer to the house spirits for blessing us all the years we stayed there. We asked the house spirits to bless the new family in the home. Mommy asked the Universe to protect us on the road and that the angels guard over us.
Mommy drove for miles and miles, but stopped in-between to rest and fuel up. I slept of course, as I could not play in the car. That would only disturb Mommy while she is driving.

Every time Mommy stopped, she would give us water and snacks, then she would let us read letters from other animals in the park close by. They were strange letters, some were sad, some happy and others spoke of animals moaning about some thing or another.
I was so grateful to be with my mommy and no matter where in the world we went, my mommy was with me. I left a huge letter telling other dogs of my big move from Cape Town. I think whoever reads it, will be happy for me. At times, Mommy would allow me to put my head out the window. It was great to feel the wind in my hair and I felt so free.
We stopped at a guesthouse to sleep over for the night. This was a very nice place and the humans allowed all pets to stay there. Lots of preparation was made for my siblings and me to stay there. I enjoyed the fireplace, as it was very cold that night.
The next morning we had breakfast and I left more letters on the lawn for other dogs that would stay there. I definitely left my mark, as I was very impressed with the lodge, so that other dogs can feel at home there too.
Mommy placed us in the car and we drove further to Pretoria. I curled up in my blanket and went to sleep until the sun shone through the windows. It made me feel nice and warm.
I would continue to tell you the story but Mommy is calling me to help unpack boxes so I will bark to you soon.
Bye-bye for now!