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My Religion Matters

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day, beautiful souls of this universe. Today I will write about how we are divided regarding religion. We all live on this planet, yet wars have started through faith – from the dark ages to now.

As we all know, I hug trees. I embrace Mother Nature and am grateful for the abundance she blesses me with every day. Yes, we are all entitled to our diverse religions but why do we feel we need to defend ourselves for our belief system.

The Christians can wear a cross and a fish in honour of their religion, but behold a pagan person walks around with a pentagram – Satan has arrived. Why is that?

Just like any religion are we not entitled to wear what signifies our belief and not get judged for it?

For instance, we must judge all catholic priests because a few have done injustices to children. No, we should not judge all. You will find rotten apples in every religion. When you are perfect and full of grace not even then can you judge another human?

Religion does not teach respect, moral values and kindness to the human race, those traits are human and should be instilled from birth if the parents are good humans.

You do not need religion to define you for who you are.

A good human stays a good human no matter what your religion.

You go sit in the church and for that period of time, you are so holy but when you come out those doors do you practice what you hear?

We all have a bit of each of the religions in our own religion, as from the time of the early religions there were only a few and from there stemmed the religions we see today.

I was watching an interesting program last night on youtube and it was all about religious symbols and how all religions have adopted these symbols. All religions are linked, even though closed-minded people might not agree with the statement. We should all just stand together and save our beautiful planet instead of proclaiming how significant our religious paths are.

At the end of the day, Mother Nature does not care who is what religion, when she destroys parts of the planet she does not ask questions of who is the holiest. She takes and gives lives and all the human has to do in turn is take care of what she has gifted us with.

In my parting words, I just want to say that I respect people for who they are and not for the religion they follow.

Me Time-Myth or Reality

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day to all our wonderful readers. I have been quiet for a while but back into the swing of things. This week Im exploring quiet time which I don‘t get enough of. I`m sure many of us have such hectic lives that to sit and do nothing is one of the scariest activities – to me almost priceless

As everyone knows I`m a nurse at an old age home and take care of my paraplegic partner. The highlight of my day is when I leave the back door and see my beautiful garden. I then start my work for the day and I hope that I can eventually just sit in my garden and smell the beautiful fragrances of my garden.

I also help the gardener to clean the garden I don`t get time enough to appreciate all our hard work. I help fix my partners’ car, clean the pool, do the household chores and am his constant companion wherever he wants to go. We have a good relationship but in turn, we have our own interests regarding hobbies.

I emotionally support my partner and all my other patients at the home. All I need sometimes is a breather and time to recharge. Even a few moments of silence is a luxury – as I start to worry if my partner is alright. His left leg is off under the knee so it gets a bit difficult at times.

My situation tests my confidence regarding the care of my partner and keeping him healthy and getting his left leg healed. I lose track of myself and I need to retreat and decide what is good for me to stay clear-minded.

Living on a plot and having nature on my doorstep should keep me grounded if I take the time to embrace what Mother Nature has blessed me with but life has decided that touching ground is a bit out of reach for me now. My happy times and spaces are the times when it is quite early in the morning and I have a cup of coffee at the pool and just breathe. It happens too little, these moments of euphoria.

We then get the people that have the luxury of quiet time in overload but all they do is complain how bad their lives are and moan about things most people would pay to have. These leeches aka humans that are ungrateful -don`t know how lucky they are to have precious quiet time to do what they love without a doorbell ringing or a phone ringing. The universe gives them what she knows they need to explore yet they shrug it off and just complain. These people are narcissistic and selfish. How nice would it be if we all had the opportunity to have downtime and find ourselves?

On a parting note – love yourself, take a breather and appreciate Mother Nature for the beauty she bestows upon us to appreciate and take care of.

Mother Nature by Debbie Jordaan

Good day to all our readers. Regular readers and new readers. Without you our thoughts would be exactly just what they are.

With the world being on lockdown we all try to stay sane by practicing our religions and try fill the time with things we never get the chance to do. We all have different religious views and values but I think we can all agree on the fact that Mother Nature has found a way to regenerate herself as the world is over populated and the damage done to her by humans is reprehensible. Mother Nature doesn’t ask to be praised – She asks to be respected.

deb mother natureEvery day we are destroying Earth and not noticing the extremities of our actions. Looking back at history one wonders how civilizations just got destroyed? I don’t think we need to wonder much – Mother Nature took control. Look at the damage being done to oceans, over fishing and pollution. That’s just the oceans not even to speak about the land. There are people trying to restore the Earth but it’s a drop in the bucket because as they are try to fix things the other people are destroying vegetation. Some people need to be educated on over population worldwide as their cultures say that the more children they have the more blessed they will be. This over population is causing famine and droughts leaving countries in extreme poverty. If they were properly educated on the levels of poverty caused by their cultures and think logically maybe they would opt for contraception as many don’t believe in that.

deb natureEducation is key to conservation of this beautiful Earth of ours. If every human did their part even the simple things like not littering Mother Nature would reward us with more abundance. We as humans are here to look after Earth so our children have a future but at the rate it’s going there will be no future as greed and uneducated humans destroy our beautiful planet. Nature doesn’t care. As civilizations die out vegetation keeps on growing, animals take over from where they came. Respect is earned and we as Humans has disappointed Mother Nature. She is showing us, her children – that we have failed her by natural disasters and disease.

Let’s become more respectful of one another and of Earth then there might just be a future for our next generations.