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Poem by Neshni Naidoo

Trudging through life with little motivation
Finding reasons for procrastination
I wonder what keeps me bound here
Complacency, laziness or perhaps fear

My inner voice urges, “From this slumber wake
Arise or your dreams you will one day forsake
Remember and honour your heart’s desire
Or your life experiences will be swathed in ire

Thwarted desires resentment breeds
Resentment that insatiably on love feeds
With love’s fragrant blossoms gone astray
Life becomes empty, dull and gray.”

I wrote this poem many years ago. It was a way for me to unpack and understand my debilitating habit of procrastination.

Since writing the poem I have improved by stepping out of my comfort zone and overcoming the fears and insecurities that plague me.

However, there are times, like now, when I regress. The reason is not anything that I’ve mentioned in the poem but overwhelm and mental exhaustion.

My remedy is getting more sleep, watching my diet (what I take in through my senses) and not putting pressure on myself. Doing a little everyday and celebrating those wins instead of criticising myself for doing too little.

As we end another year, reflect on what causes you to procrastinate, how that impacts you and what you can do to change this habit.

I Fall but Will Rise

Poem by Neshni Naidoo

Uncertain of what pushed me
Into a downward spiral I fall
No way of stopping
No way out
I bury my head under the blanket
Warm dark cozy
A cocoon of safety
Searching for a handhold
I grab onto a thought
A positive affirmation
And pull myself up
I am beautiful
I am intelligent
I am courageous
I am brave
I am amazing
I am incredible
Each thought lifts me higher
Until I can lift my head
And get out of bed
Self-doubt still lingers
Emptiness loneliness
Here in my heart
Tomorrow I will descend
Into the well I escaped
Face the demons that pulled me down
Slay them so that they trouble me no more
And pull myself as I did before
Reminding myself to fill my cup
With positive thoughts
So that the demons can’t survive

We are Divinity

Poem by Neshni Naidoo

Tall and proud we stand
On the shoulders of our motherland
We remember those who have passed
And the legacy that they left us
They taught us to be strong
To stand up when there’s wrong
That when it’s dark outside
God will be our Guide

I will strive to love
And always serve
In my heart I will see
All as a part of me
Peace it’s clear to see
Is within you and me
If we fill our thoughts with love
And speak and act with love

Love like the brilliant sun
Residing in the heart of everyone
For we are Divinity
This truth sets us free
We are Divinity
This truth will set us free

See Me

Poem by Neshni Naidoo

too afraid to speak
too impractical
that is what you see
when you look at me

but when I look in the mirror
what do I see

I see
a creator
a nurturer
a source of wisdom
a fountain of love

I see a Mother
who has sacrificed
her body
her time
her energy
her dreams
her life
for you to survive
for you to thrive

I see an Amazon
who has scaled mountains
slain demons
and walked through fire
while carrying you

I see a cheerleader
who has stood beside you
championed you
celebrated your victories
and comforted you in defeat

Confident Intelligent Resilient
Passionate Compassionate Perceptive
Capable Resourceful Powerful
that is what you should see
when you look at me


Poem written by Ada Den Hollander

The orchid just makes flowers
The Cycad just grows tall
The spider just builds a nest
The rabbit just nibbles on a carrot
A dog just nudges a toddler,
invitation to play
The lioness just hides in the bush,
watching her next meal to survive.
No second thougths, no egos, just knowing.
Nature our big teacher, always, all the time.
Focussed, content and wise.
The third part of nature, us humans,
shows a different picture.
We know better, we go to war,
we disagree, we manipulate, we lie,
I am right and you are wrong,
we say, always, all the time.
Not focussed, not content, not wise.
Where did we go wrong?
As soon as we became ego driven?
When did we forget that only
love is real?
When did we stop living from our hearts?
Where is our compassion?
Especially NOW we need to go back,
back to who we really are, aware and living life
as it should be: Love In Full Expression.
As loving teachers to others, accepting differences,
in harmony, stillness and with peace in our hearts.

Warrior Woman

Poem by Neshni Naidoo

A celebration of Women, who have demonstrated their strength, their courage and resilience through the ages

We salute you.
We honour you.
We celebrate you during Women’s Month.


Wind whistles through the air
Whispering wise words in my ear
Wake up and wipe away
the web of lies you’ve spun
That you are not worthy
you are weak
your words don’t matter
you don’t need to speak

The blows, the wounds, the falls
They could not stop you
You have emerged triumphant
Stronger, wiser and powerful

Walk tall Warrior Woman
Wear your scars with pride
Your future beckons
And it is beautiful and bright

Doubt Erased…

Poem by Ada Den Hollander

‘Did you take it?’, I ask

‘Of course, a few days ago’, you say

‘How do you feel?’, me

‘Muscles stiff, my left arm a bit sore’, you

‘It’s risky, some say’, me

‘Not at all, others say’, you

‘You believe them?’, me

‘Yes, I do’, you

‘Why would I do it?’, me

‘It’s the answer, they say’, you

‘To what?’, me

‘A strong and healthy body’, you

‘Shall I go for it too?’, me

‘Definitely’, you

‘Not sure…’, me

‘Especially recommended for the elderly’, you

‘That’s for me then?’, me

‘Yes and it’s on promotion’, you

‘Oh?’, me

‘ Five classes, half price’, you

‘Count me in’, me

‘Good girl’, you.


Poem by Ada Den Hollander

At the light of the bright full moon

the little girl is reading her book

on her lap in her bedroom upstairs.

She sits on her chair, she has covered her ears

blocking out her father’s drunken shouts

her mother’s screams

the breaking of glass

in the living room downstairs.

The words in her book are simple, the sentences short,

the pictures from another world, her world.

She nods off, the book falls from her lap

which wakes her up and with

her hands no longer covering her ears

she listens to the eery silence from

the room downstairs.

Shivering now, with tears in her eyes and fearful

she climbs into her bed and before she falls asleep

she looks up at the light of the bright full moon

hoping it was just a bad dream.

God Resides in Everyone

Poem by Neshni Naidoo

Where are the days of brotherhood
In God above the fatherhood
When we look around, we can see
War and disunity

The solution it is clear to see
Lies within you and me
If we open our hearts and free our minds
Of impurities that make us blind

Blind to the truth that we are one
That God resides in everyone
Now is the time to raise our hands
Reach out for the Promised Land

A land of peace and harmony
Of hope and tranquillity
With love in our heart and peace in our mind
Goodness all around we will find

And soon we will see a new age dawn
With God’s name on every tongue
Spreading the truth that we are one
That God resides in everyone


Poem by Neshni Naidoo

You walk alone
But you are not alone
He is everywhere
Ready to wipe away each tear

You stand alone
But you are not alone
He is right beside you
Ready to comfort and console

You feel alone
But you are not alone
He is in your soul
Illuminating your life path