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The Phoenix will Rise!

Written by Nina Ganci

Load Shedding.

The word or event that nobody wants to hear that has become part of our daily lives. Yes, we as South Africans have once again adapted and adjusted to what life has thrown at us. We are resilient and known to overcome all obstacles.

South Africa is a courageous country. South Africa is a strong nation. South Africa is a proud nation. South Africa is a nation that is capable of leading the world.

Powerful words! True words!

Which nation in history has risen from the ashes with smiles and laughter? Which nation in the world has come together and supported each other? Which nation on earth has found workable solutions?

South Africa answers it all!

Think about it? A man works for Eskom. The one that draws up the load shedding schedule. What does he tell his family and friends he does for a living? Would you want him as a friend or do you want to tell him how to do his job?

The most hated person ever in South Africa is the Switch Guy. Yes, the man who switches off and on the electricity. He alone has the courage and power to switch off large areas and leave them in the dark! This happens often when you are trying to cook supper. Wonder what his mother has to say?

Communities are uniting. Small businesses are mushrooming.
Support a small business, you are keeping money in your local economy. Your money gets spent and circulated right in the community you call home.

Your community values relationship and will often go above and beyond.

You do not build a business, you build people, and then people build the business; then the business builds the country.

South Africa is in a corner, and I have full trust and faith, that we will rise from these ashes to build a stronger, powerful country. No other community, no other country, no other nation have experienced what South Africans do.

Failure is not to be feared. It is from failure that most growth comes.”
-Dee Hock

When South Africans have their backs in the corner, they come up with a plan, a good plan!

The phoenix will rise from the ashes!

Listen and Do by Elsabe Smit

This is a time to get straight to the point. The world – not just South Africa – is dithering precariously on the precipice, and it is up to each one of us how we deal with this situation.

We are heading for a showdown between good and evil. Who will win? I saw a video not so long ago where a participant in a debate stated that the outcome of the current madness is predestined by God, and God never loses. That truly hit me between the eyes and in my heart.

God never loses.

Does that mean we need to simply sit back and wait for God to do His thing, so that we can go back to our convenient old routines again? Clearly not – we cannot return to division and hatred and “my religion is better than yours” and “let’s pray for all the people of one skin colour at the exclusion of another”. None of that is valid any longer. All of that belongs to the Age of Pisces, and we have left all of it behind us.

We are now in the Age of Aquarius. We are waking up to a new world – a world of looking after each other and sharing our future. We are entering a world where it is always clear who will win the race between good and evil. We are also understanding more and more that it is not for us to decide what is good and what is evil.

If it is not for us to decide

what is good and what is evil,

then how will we know the difference?

We will know when we allow God (or whatever you want to call your Maker) to talk straight into our hearts. We will know when we look a person in the eyes and see the goodness there. Our eyes never lie, and remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Not the skin colour. The eyes.

We need to take care of each other, and we need to stand together.
How should we stand together? There is only one answer to this. We need to stand together in prayer and in meditation – not because God needs any help, but because we need to be willing to receive clear instructions from God – and those instructions will be founded in Love.

This is not the time to take up arms – leave that for the people who need most of our prayers, no matter the reason why they feel that the solution is to take up arms against their fellow citizens. In this country we have been there and done that, and we all know where it got us. What we should rather do is pray that those who believe in an eye for an eye, or those who are instructed to take the lives of other people in the name of duty, must feel a stirring in their hearts to put down their arms and stand with the rest of humanity in prayer against evil.

This is not about helping an Almighty God – it is rather about helping ourselves and our loved ones to listen to the instructions from a loving God. The more we are willing to listen, the clearer the instructions will be.

Am I writing this on behalf of any religion? Definitely not – I am not religious at all. Am I trying to convince anyone to leave their religion? Definitely not – who am I to tell anyone what to believe? Am I writing this for the people of one country? Definitely not – this situation touches everyone in the world – both the perpetrators and those who want to see Love win this situation.

I am writing this to say pray to God in whichever way and pledge your faith, and then meditate so that you can get clear instructions from God, no matter what the basis of your faith or religious beliefs are. These are our strongest weapons. Let us use them.