To Face the Issue or Cower Away

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Hello to all you gorgeous beings. Hope your festive season went well and that you are facing the New Year with gusto. Today I am questioning whether it makes a person a coward to cower away or if should we suck it up and face our challenge.

To be outspoken and straightforward is a good thing but sometimes words must be chosen so as not to hurt people’s feelings. One cannot always molly-coddle people and allow them to step all over you because you want people to like you.

Does that make you a coward not to confront the issue at hand?

A straightforward person will say you are a coward as that person faces their challenge and runs with it. Yes, sometimes even a straightforward person bites their tongue as they were taught respect by their parents. So you need a strategy in most situations whether you solve the problem in the background or bring the other person down to earth.

Some people born with a silver spoon in their mouth can be good humans or just keep on being self-sanctified snob and oh-so opinionated. They think they were put on this earth to be the new generation royal by self-appointment.

We are all human, either our own money or other people’s money makes us think we rule the world. This person says what they want and expects the person that doesn’t want a conflict to shut their mouth and keep on being abused in whatever way they are abusing the other person. Having money makes some people emotional bullies.

The good person then cowers away because they feel the argument will go nowhere, whereas the person who is not impressed by the person with money will voice their opinion on whatever subject they are having conflict over. There is a fine line between the self–sanctified royal and the genuine person being abused by them.

Why are we not allowed to ask questions or create a conflicting situation? My mom taught me to be straightforward in some situations it has awarded me but sometimes I have had to step back and say that the person I am confronting is definitely not worth my words as the only thing their money could buy is maybe some style but no manners.

Remember money cannot buy class or etiquette, the only difference is the wealthy person’s money can be used to cover up their mess. Be humble and when someone confronts you just respect them and have an open mind toward the situation, especially in situations where the parents have handed their little royals all decisions to make and control finances.

Behold the parent asks the child what is happening in the said situation if nothing is done. Be wary not to give the royal too much as they then think they rule the parent, this is where the abuse comes in as the parent has to accept whatever this royal child decides. If a child has manners and respect by all means give them responsibility as they will obviously respect whatever the parent’s opinions are. They are there to assist – not rule.

In my parting words, remember who brought you up and who is now relying on your common sense as a child to help make life easier for the parent. Don`t be an opportunistic douchebag.

Be blessed and be safe.

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