A Purposeful Life Made Worth Living

Written by Chris De Flamingh

Since I can remember I was convinced that I had been born with a specific purpose in mind which God had planned for me to follow through and that was to help people in general, namely my parents, friends and even strangers to make a difference in peoples lives as I could not stand by and see people suffer.

To have made a difference in people’s lives has always been very rewarding for me as it gave me a sense of living for being needed and wanted in terms of reality and what goes on in this crazy world we live in and the number of people who don’t have it “easy” in life due to financial difficulties, health, disabilities, etc.

For example, the pandemic (COVID-19) has made everything worse since January 2020 when this virus started spreading all over the world, it has affected so many people’s lives, many losing their businesses, jobs, their homes and some even their loved ones to this pandemic.

The main thing is that we should not ask “Why God Why?” we have to trust in God at all times and not question why when and what? God is in control! Yes, it’s easy for me to say but that is just how it works because we are still around and should be grateful that we are still alive and so God’s Grace, Mercy & Love is always there to shine upon us. Just trust in Him and He will see to the rest.

I was present with my dad’s last visit /moments on earth except for before he passed away that night in hospital after a long and suffering sick bed in and out of hospital which was very emotionally and physically draining on the family. This was probably the most devastating event in my life. I always saw my dad as my rock to lean on for motivation, support, etc. For as long as he was around, life could never become difficult for me and my mom but then he fell ill after my mom and dad returned from the Transvaal (Gauteng) visiting my cousin in 1992.

Everything changed after that as I had to help with a lot of things in general. Both my brothers were out of the house and I had to pitch in and help when and where I could which I never regretted of course as it was my dad and would do anything to make life easier for my mom, playing nurse preparing his meds for each day and attending to his wounds when his legs would leak water due to water retention (cardiac failure).

After my dad’s passing, I had to help pay bills for the house as my dad’s pension fell away and my mom wasn’t earning much but we managed nevertheless. I was only 24 at the time and was still very immature because I was used to spending my income on petrol and takeaways etc.

My mom’s health wasn’t the best either at the time but nowhere near to what it had been the last few years of her life as she also suffered from numerous different conditions. I was never really close to my mom as a teenager, but things were very different in prior years.

After my dad passed away things changed over the years as time went by we grew closer due to living alone together and I was the only person available to had assured her of having some kind of independence as I could drive, had a car and lived with her in the same residence (our flat). There were many days she had to be taken/rushed to the hospital due to serious conditions that would occur and the same happened with my dad for the last three years of his life before he passed away on April 7th, 1995.

Over the years I would assist many people in need which gave me great satisfaction and is still very rewarding when I am able to help anyone in need.

This is and had always been my legacy in life set out by God as I personally believe wholeheartedly and with absolute confidence why I was born.

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