Behind the Scenes

Written by Deborah Jordaan

Good day everyone. Hope you are well and that you are blessed abundantly by the universe. Today I am writing about all the hard-working people that make a system work and get no recognition for it. The praise always goes to the senior person who just walks in after all the hard work is done.

I got my inspiration from a documentary on Egypt I was watching, where the workers work in the heat all day digging and shovelling. The labourers come from many generations of families that had been working in the dig sites. They dig up artefacts at the archaeological sites.

They have their younger children with them at the sites to see what they are doing so that their children can one day continue when their parents no longer can. They work so hard and when they reach the actual treasure the archaeologist comes and has a look at the treasure and gets the credit for it from the Egyptology society. These workers are in the background but they deserve the glory as without them no treasure will be found.

The next example of this scenario is medical staff. I do realise the senior staff of a hospital or any medical institution studied hard to get there. To me, the office staff and nursing staff are the ones that should be applauded as they do so much of the work yet the doctor comes in, checks the reports written by the ward staff and go. Yes, they work hard as well as they operate and save lives but post-op is just as important.

I have seen some doctors treat nursing staff badly as if they are mere ant in a big pool of spiders. These nurses have to take care of the patients post-op, make sure they stay alive and that their wounds are tended to.

Appreciate even the cleaners and kitchen staff as they all make the hospital system work. Feeling unappreciated causes problems in any workplace then the patients in the case of hospitals suffer as the medical staff is unhappy.

In the retail sector, the shelf packers matter just as much as a manager because they make sure that the shelves look tidy and the shop is neat. Yes, the manager has a challenging job but if the staff are treated right they will do their work properly.

It all comes down to how you get treated. An unhappy team causes problems which in turn makes the shopping experience unpleasant for the consumer and that eventually gets brought to the manager’s attention by the owner. There is always a person higher up but without the general workers, any workplace will not function properly.

Labourers on farms and plots are another example. People are so proud if their yard or garden looks immaculate. Yes, they have reason to be proud but treat your worker with respect as without that worker it will not look that neat.

While the worker is out there working the owner might be inside all warm and comfortable, which is obviously right but make the worker a warm coffee or cup of soup. A small gesture like that can put a smile on the worker’s face and earn you respect and loyalty. They are also human and if they respect you then they earn the right to be treated humanely.

In conclusion to this story, I am saying- no matter if you sweep pavements or you are Elon Musk we all contribute toward a system that keeps the world turning. Be blessed and be loved.

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