Healer, Heal Yourself?

Written by Elsabe Smit

Many people who will read this are probably either practising healers or people who enjoy receiving healing.

If you are practising healing, then you may want to stop reading now, because I can be perceived as quite blunt.

Let me ask you this: would you buy a car from a car salesman who does not own a car or whose car is full of dents? Would you accept electrical repairs from an electrician who has caused a fire in a customer’s house due to shoddy workmanship? Would you enjoy a meal prepared by a cook in a dirty kitchen? Would you accept advice from an obese seller of diet drinks?

Why am I asking this?

Because I often come across people who call themselves healers, with a cigarette in one hand and a walking stick in the other hand. When they are obese, they blame hormones rather than eating habits. When they give up cigarettes, they take up vaping without ever having done any research – if they did, they would know about popcorn lung.

Over the years I have become disillusioned with the “spiritual healing” that I have experienced, and also with the healing, I did myself, which was all about balancing auras and chakras. Straightening out auras and chakras is quite relaxing, and that state of relaxation may result in some healing.

But relaxation is not healing. Diagnosing where the body is not functioning 100% by using modalities such as reflexology or iridology or even Reiki is not healing – it is the diagnosis, which is often conveyed to the client in the same way that doctors convey their doom and gloom to patients because that was what they have been taught to do.

I am not perfect – I have my aches and pains, but I have learnt so much about healing that I know where to get help. I also know that I am the best advertisement for the healing that I help clients with.

Let us take a step back and discuss where healing comes from – and yes, it does come from Spirit, but when you understand the glimpse of the mechanics that is available to us, you will become a better healer yourself, and your clients will thank you.

Imagine three levels of consciousness. Of course, consciousness is consciousness, and there are not three levels. However, we live in human bodies, and we have a limited understanding of consciousness, which we can enhance by making these things as tangible as our minds can manage.

So imagine these three levels of consciousness. I will use the example of weight loss, but the same principles apply to any physical and mental health issue.

The first level is ethereal. This is where everything and anything exists. This is where you get “good” health as well as “bad” health from. This is where you connect with the greatest healer in this and any other Universe.

Now the question is: what do you take from that ethereal level of consciousness when you go there? Do you take the concept of “just being human” so that you can ignore the healing that your body needs? Or do you take the concept of perfect health, which is 100% possible? Remember, this ethereal level is the biggest shopping mall you can ever imagine, and you can take from there anything and everything you can conceive, without paying anything.

Once you have decided what you want, you move down to the astral level, where you give a clear definition to what “perfect health” means to you. For example, does it mean manageable blood pressure or smooth movements in your limbs or a weight that you feel comfortable with? Be as clear as possible on this point.

Ensure that your definition of “perfect health” is broad enough to be achievable. When you say “I want to lose five kilograms within the next two weeks” that is a goal that you can achieve, but a cost that is determined by the ego. When you say “I want to lose five kilograms so that I can feel comfortable in my body” that is a statement that is broad enough to be achievable.

Your definition of perfect health must be logical. For example, if you wear a size 24 dress, then wanting to wear a size 8 within a month is not logical. You will not achieve it unless you starve yourself to the point of death, and you will regain that weight very quickly because your body will go on the defensive and store food.

Your definition of perfect health must be lawful. Here we are referring to natural law and the laws of the Universe. For example, if you decide on a weight that you want to achieve and feel comfortable with, but you continue to live on fast foods and still get no exercise, your desire goes against natural law. Don’t fool yourself. Change your habits so that you can make your definition become reality.

Your definition of perfect health must be positive. Saying that “I don’t want to be overweight” is negative. The emphasis is on what you don’t want rather than on what you do want. Saying “I am already imagining my body at my ideal weight” is positive.

Once you have taken the concept of perfect health from the ethereal and defined your image of perfect health, it is time to throw away and override any previous concept of perfect health. If you went to the store and bought soft drinks laced with sugar as part of your definition of perfect health, it is now time to throw away the belief that soft drinks are good for you. You have gone to the ethereal shop and you passed the soft drink shelf, and you chose to select lovely herbal tea instead.

This approach to healing provides concrete results. What concrete results do you want to achieve for yourself before you try and apply spiritual healing to anyone else?

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